New Novel Followed – Young God Divine Armaments

Title : Young God Divine Armaments

Author : 本堂ゆうき (Hondou Yuuki)
Synopsis :

Toujou Renya was kidnapped by a certain goddess then she gave him 2 choices. To go back to his own world, die in the next 3 days, and then reincarnated as a dog in his next life. Or try to become a god by training through a seemingly endless time. He choose the latter choice, train hard, and when he did achieve the power of the war god, he says:

“Let’s go to a different world, use this cheat like power, and create a harem there!”

Original Work at :

Translator : eroworkshop

Story : 7/10
Comedy : 6/10
Fluffyness : 6/10

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