New Novel Followed – Lazy Dungeon Master

Title : Lazy Dungeon Master

Author : 鬼影スパナ
Synopsis :

“I don’t want to work.”

Being summoned into another world, Kami-sama heard his only condition when Masuda Keima answered that.
… However, it still seemed that his offer wasn’t tempting. Amazed, Kami-sama saw him off saying, “I’ll hope for the next person,” and Keima was summoned as he was.

A blonde-haired loli calling herself Dungeon Core No. 695 summoned him. Though he then became the dungeon master by going with the flow, wait, this dungeon only has one room and is occupied by bandits…?
Can Keima overcome this sudden checkmate situation and obtain a life where he can indulge in his laziness while not working at all!?

Original Work at :

Translator : pirateyoshi

Story : 7/10
Comedy : 7/10
Fluffyness : 6/10

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