New Novel Followed – Sex-Changed in an Alternate World ~Dragon’s Bloodline~

Title : Sex-Changed in an Alternate World ~Dragon’s Bloodline~

Author : 彦猫
Synopsis :

A martial artist (42 years old, single) devoted himself and trained his skill with the sword and martial arts, but was involved in a large scale disaster, and saved many people before his life ended. Who would have thought that when he went to the world of the dead, a beautiful woman who introduced herself to be General Administrator would appear? He was told that it was possible to reincarnate into a world of swords and magic, and the man gained the powerful Gift [Dragon’s Bloodline]. However, he reincarnated as a woman. Furthermore, a beautiful woman. In order for him to walk down the warrior’s road to recover his symbol of being a man, he made a fresh start as a woman. Shall we go on an adventure? Let’s begin!

Original Work at :

Translator : pirateyoshi

Story : 7/10
Comedy : 5/10
Fluffyness : 3/10
Darkness : 1/10

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