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LOTCH 13 South Kingdom Lost Paradise

Carlsberg [Karusubado] Republic.

A neighbor nation to the south of Silezia Kingdom which population have somewhat decent economy. It’s located in a place called Czech Republic in my previous life.

As the name have republic in it, it’s a democratic nation and the current president is Wichef-Kriger [Wuoichefu-Kurigeru].
President Kriger is known as moderate person, he aim to make Calsberg a peace loving nation.

“Overthrow the government who trample the weak!”
“Don’t permit President Krigers injustice!”
“MAke Calsberg Republic strong again!”

Capital city Sokolov [Sokorofu]. A large scale demonstration continues around the Presidential Office.
It was caused by the wave of famine that occurred in “East Continental Empire” also hits Carlsberg.

Although the source of information is unknown, the illegal action of President Kirger has been made public.
It says that part of the government tax was given to the mistress and the said mistress also influenced the presidents decisions…. or something like that.

Though the degree of truth is unclear, the peoples’ anger exploded by prolonged recession.
The president has denied the rumor. However the people said “He’s trying to run away from responsibility!” so it’s useless even if he denied it desperately.

All the people in the nation is interested in what will happen to the president.

But President Kriger which is in the maelstrom now immerse himself with his work in the office as if it was an unrelated matter. He is someone that can concentrate with noised instead so he welcome the large scale demonstration instead.

However, when he was working, the presidential office got a sudden visitor.

“….What is it? Have you known no courtesy soldier?”
“I don’t want to be taught courtesy by you. I’m here simply for business.”

The name of the visitor is Edward-Haaha [Edowuarudo-Ha-ha] the Strategic General of the Calsberg Republican Army. (TL : Dat last name…. Suggestion please) Several guards behind Haaha stands with a sword in hand.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

The President asked.

“It’s this thing.”

Haaha Answered shortly.
At that moment, blodd spurted from President Krigers’ neck.
His Carotid artery has been cut and whenever his heart beat blood came out dying the office red. After a while President Kriger became a corpse.

“….. All of you, the President Kriger has committed suicide. Until the situation settles down I will temporarily become the president.”
“Yes your highness”

8th day 1st month 632nd year of continental calendar, the collapse of Carlsberg Republic started.

“President Kriger has died!”

The history of the continent keeps moving forward without waiting for the people.

LOTCH 12 “Sibling”

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After another episode of me being taught and beaten without mercy and talking.
I won’t say by who.

I returned to the dormitory and took of my clothes, as expected it was full of bruises. I’m still only 10 year old, isn’t this a child abuse or at least bullying?
If the partner isn’t a girl I would have sued him.

“What’s with those bruises?”

When I was counting the number of bruises, my roommate talked to me.
His name is Rasdwav-Novak [Rasudowafu-Nowuaku]. Nickname Radek. 16 year old good looking guy (ikemen). That’s all.

“It’s from a supplementary lesson you know.”
“What kind of survival class did you do?”

Don’t look at it too much. Even if a man looking at me I’m not happy. ….Don’t touch! It’s hurt when the bruises touched you know!?

“It was a swordsmanship class. It became like this because of it.”
“Hoho~. Miss Malinowska is merciless isn’t she…..”
“Wait, I never said it was Sa….. Malinowska-san.”

“I never told anyone about what we do after school. Perhaps it was her. After all she’s like that?

“Ah? Isn’t it famous?”
“Eh, is that so?”
“Isn’t that obvious. Day after day, flirting with each other.”
“Seriously?… Wait, we didn’t flirting with each other you know?”

I don’t know bruises count as aftermath of flirting.

“Is that so? Aren’t you 2 quite close?”
“Not really.”
“Liar. You called each other nickname. What are you saying [Malinowska-san] now for. You called her [Sarah] loudly in class right, I’m so jealous!”

So that was it. Tehe. (TL: Note like Tehepero it’s Japanese expression ps: if you didn’t know just google it)
Un, it was such a simple thing, but I’m a bit embarrassed now.

“Well, Be relieved cause I won’t obstruct you love path. I wonder if i should introduce myself.”
“That’s wasn’t necessary at all”

Damn, I wonder if I can change room if I go to students affairs office now. I don’t want to be involved with this guy.
….With that said, I don’t have male friends so, I can’t get free from him.

He’s 6 year older than me so Radek gives some good advices. However, if my previous live added I would win by double that score.

“On a side note, Radek which department are you going for in the 2nd year?”
“nn~? I’m… fine with going wherever. Besides the Warfare Strategy department.”
“Why leave only that?”
“Strategy is difficult so it’s better to leave it to you.”
“Thanks for that”

The military academy is divided into 10 department in total. Though usually students can choose the field where they are interested or good at, sometimes the teacher referred them to one.

Swordsmanship is Swords Army Department.
Bowmanship is Bow Army Department.
Horsemanship is Cavalry Department
Magic is Magic Army Department or Magic Research Department. And then there is also Healing Magic Department which exist independently.
Strategy-Tactics is Warfare Strategy Research Department.
Math, logistic, communication, military engineering and logistical support is Military Supplies Department.
Law is Police Department. It’s the so called Military Police.
And then the Intelligence Department which train professional spies.

If you can graduate from one department safely, basically you’ll be assigner to corresponding military unit.

Sarah is Swords Army Department.
I’m Warfare Strategy Research Department.

Radek doesn’t care which. I wonder if i should go to the most unpopular Military Supply Department.

“Where’s miss Malinowska going? Because she’s got a good horsemanship is the the Cavalry Department?”
“She’s going for Sword Army Department.”
“Hoo, Sword Army. That sounds tough.”

Although no matter which department it’s difficult, the Sword Army Department is especially difficult. After all, it’s very popular as the most honorable weapon in military.

“Well, what’s happened. Suddenly talking about departments.”

I kind of wanted his advice so it’s alright i guess. I’m sure it will be good communication.

“N? Aah, the truth is….”

I told Radek about when we talked about graduation exam a while ago. Because there is some embarrassing parts, it will be left out a bit here and there.
He listened seriously….I think? Not just nodding right?

“I generally understand”
“Hohou? about what?”
“That you’re unexpectedly popular.”

Uwah, this guy absolutely didn’t hear the story at all.

“Well, because it’s inelegant to say it, I will only say one thing.

Yes yes I’m listening you know~.

“You and miss Malinowska is, like a big sister and little brother.”

Although I tried to pursue the meaning, he didn’t answer anything at all.
Shouldn’t it be master student relationship? Well she taught men many things but, I also taught her many thing so it’s not?


Uu~. Come to think of I wasn’t wearing my clothes. Naked upper body is hard in the winter even though it’s inside a room.

LOTCH 11 Meaning Of The Sword

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“Don’t stand like a girl! Your right foot is bent too much! Don’t stand bowlegged!”
“A, ano~, Sarah-san? Please go easier on me.”
“Don’t attach -san to my name!”

Whenever I made a mistake (Also then I put -san in the name) Sarah strike with a wooden sword in her hand.
It’s alright if its just that but, sometimes fireball also fly by. Scary.

If I took off my clothes now, you can see my body that is full of bruises. Should I think she’s being gentle for not using metal sword?

“Good grief, you can’t even win against common soldier with this you know. Really, you are so weak.”

Gununu. Even though you are behind the class in history and warfare strategy that you panicked… Yoshi I’ve decided.
I won’t go easy on tomorrows warfare strategy study meeting. I will also use the whip.

“Oh well. 15 minutes break. Then we will practice the basic again.”

Finally a break. Even though it’s been one hour, it feels like its only been 10 minutes.
Now muscle pain has occurred here and there already. I wonder if could take a 15 hours break instead of 15 minutes.

“…So, what are we doing now?”

Sarah and I sat on the edge of the practice ground resting. Side by side. What is this… This throbbing in my heart…? could it be, heart failure!? (TL Note : Face palmed)

I don’t understand. I’m feeling nervous. Sarah-san is so close.

“What do you mean what. It’s practice.”
“No, that’s not what I mean, what is this practice for?”

Even though I’ve been taught the basic strictly just now, what is this useful for.
No, I understand the basic is important… but what’s with the awfully ancient stance. I don’t understand swordsmanship so I can say nothing though.

“Aah, So it was that. ….Didn’t I told you about it?”
“For the time being I never heard about it”

I never heard so it was never talked about.

“Currently, the swordsmanship we practiced is the type that’s used on one on one duel.”

…How old fashioned. I was so surprised that my mouth was hanging down.

“Well, I understand what you want to say. A duel doesn’t occurs on battlefield so it’s useless right?”

So you understand. If a commander accepted a challenge in battlefield a lot of thing will be finished.

“But, there is no problem. Believe in me”
“I believe you however I will be thankful if you explained it…”

Well I do believer her. It’s not a wrong.

“Explanation… un, explanation is it……. I’m not good at explaining though….”
“I know. I will decipher it so it’s alright.”
“What do you mean decipher… well its alright. I’ll do my best to explain.”

I will also work hard to decipher it. By the way, because the other languages except Imperial Language died out, the word “Decipher” is almost dead to.

“Eeto, now we are practicing duel.”
“And the point is?”
“The end of term exam of swordsmanship is a duel.”

Fummu. I understand.
The mid term exam is the type where we have a light bout to show the teacher.

“Is we win the duel then it’s a pass?”
“Well. If you build the foundation you can get more than 60 points.”

I see, so it was for the sake of that.

“And also. The 5th grade end of term examination for swordsmanship graduation test is a duel with 3 person you know”

Swordsmanship branch is one of the department of this military school. The students may choose the one they like at the 2nd year.
I will talk about it later, now it’s about the graduation exam.

“3 person? 1 is the teacher, and the other 2?”
“1 person is a drunk teacher.”


“Was that a joke?”
“I hate lying.”

In other word it’s the truth? Eh, really? The teacher will drink as they like while examining? I wonder if he’s addicted.

Please, explanation please! I try to appeal with my eyes.

“I will explain even if you didn’t look at me like that you know…. Eetone, he is surely drunk, it was to stimulate excited soldiers in the battlefield that is hard to predict.
“Fumu? In other word?”
“There are only few humans who can keep their sanity in the battlefield.” Especially drafted farmers.”
“Then the examination is to defeat a soldier that lost their sanity and in the state of confusion?”
“That’s right. The confused soldier will attack wholeheartedly and charge without fearing death. Only first class swordsman can deal with a person like that… or so Father said.”
“By the way was your father a first class swordsman?”
“Father is a second class” (TL Note : Ouch daddy)

is that so?
Sarah throat is tired and she cough. If I remember correctly, this is the first time she talk this long.
Furthermore it was a serious talk. Is this person really Sarah? I won’t be surprised if it’s actually another person.

“And, the 3rd person is?”
“Death row prisoner.”


“Death row prisoners to kill.”


“Eh, wai, um, eeh? Really?”
“I told you. I don’t like to joke.”

….That is, what to say, pretty extreme.

“When I heard it first I was also surprised you know. However, I understand at once.”
“Because, here is military school right? It’s a facility to train to murder you know?”

I think it’s misleading to say facility to train to murder …. however I understand what she’s trying to say.

“When we graduate we will be a soldier. Stand in the battlefield as commander. At that time, we can’t hesitate to kill enemy soldiers. Because, it might lead to the dead of your subordinate.”

Returning with even 1 more soldier to their hometown alive is the job of the commander. For this reason, you can’t hesitate.
Also sometimes you need to kill with your own hand.

“Of course there is only few students that can actually kill a death row prisoners in the test. Most students can’t kill because of their conscience. Even though the opponent is nefarious dead row prisoner. After all they never killed a human before.”

Though her tone is calm i felt sadness at the same time. I don’t know why she’s sad now.

“What happen if you can’t kill?”
“There is no problem. The 3rd exam is not actually examined, it can’t be learned from text book anyway. It’s just mental training.”

I don’t think killing a death row prisoner is just a mental training though.
However, a guy who can not bear killing someone and got mental breakdown is useless in battlefield.

In other word it might be such thing.

“I’m going to the swordsmanship department.”

I understand. I’ve heard about it a few times already.
But it can be done now.

“Yusep, what do you want to do?”

I want to go to Warfare Strategy Graduate school.
But I won’t say that.
Instead I will say this.

“I will work hard so Sarah won’t die”

I deceived her. When I heard about the current graduation exam I can’t say such thing.
But this is also the truth. The cheat hero entered Military School without looking at the reality. I though it was impossible before but now, I’ve made a friend.

Then, I will work hard for that very few friends. ….We’re friends right? It’s not my misunderstanding only right? it’s alright right?

“… that so”

She looks away from me and gaze at the front.
In that direction the setting sun in the horizon was seen.
She stands up and walk away. Then she face me again.

“Thank you.”

She said that while smiling.

“…wait, it passed 15 minutes already! Quickly return to practice! How long are you going to rest!”

She turns into the usual Sarah immediately.
Shouldn’t we enjoy the moment more…..

“Come on, stand up! Take your stance”
“Yes ,yes.”
“One yes is enough! Also your voice is small!”

For now let’s make an effort to protect her.

LOTCH 10 Continent History -Part 2

This chapter was twice as long as previous one at the very least….

A study meet with a girl in marriageable age alone. It makes my heart excited.
But there is no sight of ero at all.

“So, after all that, what happened to the siblings quarrel?”

Sarah and I routinely meet after school to study voluntarily.
Alternating each day, Sarah taught me horsemanship yesterday.

Today it’s my turn teaching war history. However, because Sarah doesn’t even know basic continent history, I taught her from there. What did she learn at elementary school.

Today we are reviewing the history of “Continental Empire” which was an era before Silezia Kingdom era. The late age of “Continental Empire” have a significant impact on historical and cultural.

“Nnn~, First we have 3 nation that claimed the [Continental Empire] name. Also, everyone called themselves the legitimate 33rd Emperor! Or so the story goes.”
“That was ambiguous to all 3 country isn’t it.”
“That’s right Therefore, they are divided into [West Continental Empire] , [East Continental Empire] and [South Continental Empire] at the time.”

“West Continental Empire” is located at Iberian Peninsula + France, “South Continental Empire” is Anatolian Peninsula + Middle East. And the rest is “East Continental Empire”. So huge.

“Did those 3 country at war with each other?”
“I wonder if we can say that.”

There is a bit of a complex situation here. It’s hard to explain it easily so Sarah can understand it.

“First of all. all three emperor accused of each other right?”
“Ee~. If i remember correctly… the daughter accused their brother [You’re trying to assassinate us!] or something… and the youngest accused her of injustice was it?”
“That’s right. But afterwards, the youngest child retract his statement to his sister.”
“…Did they reconciled?”
“Nope. They are still on a bad terms.”

Don’t you understand?
Well she doesn’t seem to understand. I don’t understand why either at the first time.

George-Romanov governance over “South Continental Empire” was extremity short.
The 3 emperors accused of each other at 8th month year 300th of Continental Calendar. Assuming “South Continent Empire” was born at that time, it was annihilated half a year later at 2nd month year 301 of Continental Calendar.

“George abandoned the seat of the Emperor of the Continental Empire and declared its independence.”
“…What does that mean?”
“…A united front with the [West Continental Empire].”

In other word, the 3 of them compromised that none of them can call themselves “Continental Emperor”. However, at the time of division, the “East Continental Empire” had an overwhelming financial and military strength than South or West Continental Empire so it’s necessary to join hands… or so George thought.

After all, George didn’t want to be an Emperor to begin with. He seems to put emphasis on magic research, perhaps he wanted to be a researcher. In the end, it’s just a guess.

Even so, Empress Olga of the “West Continental Empire” approved of the alliance and the declaration of independence.

With a condition.

“And the condition is?”
“A renaming.”
“The nation name and Georges’ first name.”

Until when will you call yourself “Continental Empire” also you’re not my brother anymore! Or so it implies.

George accepted the condition and changed the name.
It was the birth of a new nation, “Kils The 2nd Empire”. The name of the first Emperor is Georgios-Anatolicon [Geoergiosu-Anatorikon] (TL Note : Really tempted to write it as An・lol・con)

“I’ve heard of him!”
“There will be a lot of problem if you never heard of him.”

“They are still in this nation after all.”

“or rather, why the [The 2nd] thing? What’s the first?]
“Of course. the first existed before [Continental Empire] united the continent.”

Although its territory was so small it was only on the level of a city.
By the way, Georgios is an ancient Kilsian way of reading George, and Anatolicon was a region name.

“Then, war occurred?”
“Un. [Kils The 2nd Empire] was the one that started it.”

Sometimes in the year 302nd of the Continental Calendar, Kils prepared to attack the [East Continental Empire].
As the result of Georgios magical research, Kils soldiers are more refined that [East Continental Empire]s Soldier.

In this attack, the [West Continental Empire] supplied Kils with personnel and supplies. At the same time, a maneuver was started.

“The [East Continental Empire] incited a rebellion in various place in [West Continental Empire] ”

Thanks to domestic reformation and economic poly of Olga, the “West Continetal Empire] had a considerable financial strength. The [East Continental Empire] spread various anti-government organization there.
This is quite a cruel strategy.

“What do you mean?”
“First, there is no choice but to gather the army to suppress the rebellion throughout the nation. It was all over the land.”

It was a nightmare for the Kils army who advanced while enduring guerilla attacks from the “East Continental Army” from behind.
Because they need to suppress the guerilla attacks, it becomes impossible to continue supporting the front line of the army. And then the suppression force raised a revolt.

When the suppression force is sent to handle the guerilla attacks, the suppression force revolted instead and then more soldiers extracted from the front line to suppress them and so, the Kils army offense operation began to collapse. You can’t help but to laugh at such event.

And then, another confusion occured.

“Some noble territories declared their independence.”
“Could it be, Silezia Kindom is one of them?”
“Correct. But it was the last one to declare its independence from [East Continental Empire]”

Please remember it. “Kils The 2nd Empire” declared its independence at the year 302 but, Silezia Kindom became independent at the year 452.
In other word, for 150 years, “East Continental Empire” was engulfed in guerilla war, partisan, revolt and nations independence declaration.

It was a nightmare.

thanks to that, all the prosperity of golden age was all used up in 150 years of dark age. Far from it, there is also debts. The economic and military strength was shaved and the country was left in poverty.

More independence movement and people fleeing the poverty driven nation happened one after another.

“It became somehow pitiful…”

The”East Continental Empire” didn’t sympathize the people. The Emperor didn’t care.

“Don’t worry, the era of destruction of the [East continental Empire] has ended.”
“Eh? Is that so?”

I don’t know about the unhappiness but, the internal affair of “East Continental Empire” is stabilizing. Of course there is still some rebellion but, it wasn’t comparable to before.
This is because the 55th Emperor of the “East Continental Empire” Pavel the 3rd domestic reforms and diplomatic policy succeeded.

“What did he do?”
“Agricultural policy reform and industrial promotion and also, independence recognitions.”
“I think independence recognition is just a mere defeat declaration though…”
“Well, it’s natural to think like that. But there is a meaning to it.”

Because independence is recognized, the long civil war was ended.

The trade with the independence country started and the economic recovery was accomplished with that.
The Emperor before Pavel the 3rd was the one that thought the idea [I will recognize the independence so let’s do national trades.”
But, he didn’t have the courage to recognize the independence which is de facto declaration of defeat.

As the result, the economic strength of people strengthened by the trade and they didn’t starved. Even now they can’t be said to live in prosperity but if it was compared to the dark age of the empire, it was entirely better.

“What’s wrong?”
“My head hurts.”

Fumu, there is only just a bit more though. The limit of Sarahs’ brain seems to be reached, we should end it for today.

“Then, that’s all for today.”
“Is that so. Tomorrow is swordsmanship lesson. I will train you hard.”
“Don’t be too hard on me.”
“I won’t do that. I will have my revenge for today!”

…It seems better to lower the hurdle the day after tomorrow.

LOTCH 9 A day of life in capital city Tsargorod (Tsu-arigura-do)

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At the east of Silezia Kingdom is a superpower nation “East Continental Empire”.

It’s a nation that succeeds (self-proclaimed) the name of the “Continental Empire” and the current ruling king is “Ivan the 8th”.
It takes pride as the most populated nation in the continent, the military force also equivalent to it. If now is a war time, soldiers will come pouring out like a tsunami.

“East Continental Empire” is a great threat to the surrounding nations.



“Excuse me. Your excellency, The Chief of Cabinet Secretary had arrived.”
“Earl Benkendorf [Benkendorufu]? Did she have business with me?”
“No. She said [There is a story regarding that]”
“Fumu…. Understood, Let her pass.”
“Yes your excellency!”

This place is the Imperial Military Minister office. Sitting on the desk is the Military Minister Marquis Alexy-Rediger [Arekusei-Redigeru].
While Marquis Rediger is the Military Minister, he also have position as General of the Imperial Army.

“Your excellency Military Minister, good day to you”

The name of the visitor is Earl Modesto-Benkendorf [Modesuto-Benkendorufu]. She’s in direct control of the Emperor and work as the Chief of the Emperors’ Government Secretariat, and also…
“Don’t trouble yourself with greetings. What is it about Public Security Chief of the Emperors’ Government Secretariat……..dono”

The Public Security Bureau of Emperors’ Government Secretariat is the only secret politic police that exist in “East Continental Empire”.

“Understood. To be honest, there is a story that your excellency need to hear.”
“What is it?”

When Rediger asked, Benkendorf take out a letter from her breast.

“How is it?”

In that letter, some information of the neighboring nation is recorded.

“Certainly this is interesting information…. Is this info reliable?”
“First, there is no mistake there.”

Rediger think it over carefully. In truth, this information won’t be a small effect for the “East Continental Empire”. There is possibility that the effect will make a bad situation for the empire in the future.

“We have to take some measures.”
“Yes. However, military intervention is prohibited by His Highness.”

Currently, the “East Continental Empire” is in a bit of chaos. A famine occurred last year and because of that, rebellion happened in various places did a considerable damage to the nation. There is no room to do an expedition.

“But, we can’t leave it as it is right”
“Ee. Therefore your excellency, I have a proposal.”

Rediger approved of Benkendorf proposal after some deliberation. Of course it’s a secret from others. The only ones that know about it is only the Emperor, the Military Minister and the Chief of Public Security Bureau.

“Then, I will excuse myself.”
“Aa, thanks for the hard work Chief of the Emperors’ Government Secretariat-dono. Let’s meet again later.”

After Benkendorf left, Rediger stand up and looked outside the window.
The Military Minister office is build in the center of the capital Tsargorod . The place where only rich man in the empire can lives.

However, appearance of homeless still stands out.
He saw the appearance of a child begging as luxurious noble carriage passed by.


The Military Minister closed the curtain and resumed his duties.

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I’ve got some time about decoding properly name of capital from chapter title.
– this is capital of Eastern Continental Empire (ECE)
– territory of this Empire is like territory of Imperial Russia
So I utilize my knowledge about history and Russian language:
– Car (Tsar) was title used by Russian Emperors from Ivan the Terrible to Nicholas II Romanov (roughly about 400 years)
– gorod means city in Russian (город)
– Tsargorod would mean „City of Emperor”, also Polish version „Carogród” is one of old Polish names of Constantinople, which exactly means „City of Emperor” in Polish.

Capital of ECE should be called Tsargorod or Carogród in translation. I would use Tsargorod, beacause current emperor name is Ivan 8th (typical Russian name, also name of first Tsar – mentioned above).

Alexy-Rediger should be Alexei Rediger – properly Russian name.

LOTCH 8 Continent History – Part 1

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This continent used to be ruled by one empire.
The name of the empire is “Continental Empire”.
Isn’t that too simple? Wasn’t there a better name?

But, frankly this empire strength was enormous.

Before the empire appearance, the continent was divide among 100 countries that spent most of their time at war.

The founder of Continental Empire, Boris-Romanov had an extraordinary military power and destroyed all 100 countries personally. That’s amazing.

Furthermore, after destroying all countries with the cheat power, he’s njot satisfied yet.
He had all the languages and dialects of all the 100 countries annihilated. Absurd.

Of course there was rebellions.

However every time a rebellion broke out, it was rushed by the powerful military and economic power.
As a result of eradicating all languages and dialects of the other 100 nations, there is a unified language called “Imperial Language” which is official language of the Continental Empire. Of course today we also use this “Imperial Language”.
…However, a completer language eradication was not completed, a part of the language keeps being handed down and used a bit. For example, a person name and expressions.

At the time Continental Empire united the countries, the language was also united. He’s not satisfied with that extent and then various unification policies were also taken, such as unification of religion, unification of measurements as “Metric System”, unification of calendar system “Continental Calendar” and other various unification policies.

By the way, the first year of the continental calendar was not the year of the unification of the continent by the empire… Rather it was 20 years after the enthronement of the first emperor. It was because the emperor wanted to give a present to his child in his 19th year of being emperor.

Whether it’s because the unification policies or not, the Continental Empire was stable. It was the arrival of a golden age. There was no war, no natural disasters, no famine and people lived peacefully.

But, in such golden age a shadow was born. It was the child of the 32nd emperor.

The 32nd emperor Alexander-Romanov, had 3 children. A triplet. The 3 Children in order of their births are, first daughter Olga [Origa], first son Maryuuta [Maryu-ta ] and second son George [Georugi].

And then, the throne succession become problematic. Although succession usually given to the first born, there was a faction battle in the court.

The reason was, there was no precedent Empress in the Continent Empire up to now.
There was no rule that the emperor must b a boy. But there was never an empress before.

Of course the was girl being first born before. However because the dominance idea that man is better than woman in this world,the girl who was the first born ceded to the surrounding concept and “ceded the throne”. The throne right is transferred to the younger brother and the girl married to another nobleman and threw the Romanov name.

But the eldest daughter Olga was different. She didn’t want to transfer the succession right to her younger brother Maryuta and studied desperately to become suitable as emperor. And because of her effort, the number of nobles that though “Olga is suitable as the first empress of the empire” increase.

However there are also people that think otherwise. The first on the list was Maryuuta. Therefore the first daughter Olga and the first son Maryuuta doesn’t get along.

The Emperor Alexander wrried about the situation and though to resolve it.

First of all he deprived his children of the succession right and said.

“From now on I will give you an official position. Then the succession right will be given to the person judged to be excellent. The period will be from 1st day 1st month of the year 290 to the 31st day of the 12th month year 299. I don’t permit any complains.”

Or so it was roughly. The word seems to be longer and old fashioned in reality though.

The first daughter Olga, was entrusted to govern a remote region of the westernmost continent.
The first son Maryuuta, was appointed as the State Minister of the empire.
And the 2nd son George who don’t feel like inheriting the throne was entrusted to govern the southern part of the continent.

It’s not understood why only one person became a minister instead of a governor. Their father doesn’t allow any complains.

And so.
The three people reformed domestic affairs here and there to compete for the succession right.

The first daughter Olga pioneered the western area of the continent and made it the best economic power in the empire.
The first son Maryuuta, carried military reform that was corrupted because of the era of peace and rejuvenated the imperial army into a strong army like the time of the first emperor Boris-Romanov.
Thee second son George, put his effort studying magic that is now used as the foundation of magic study today.

Thanks to the 3 children, the Empire enter a new golden age… or so it seems.

Continental calendar 9th day 12th month 299th year.
A minor accident occured at the imperial capital Shallgreat[Sha-riguredo]. A certain old man died after falling of riding a horse. A horse riding accident itself is an everyday experience at the continent. Nothing strange.

The name of the person who died was Alexander-Romanov.

Emperor Alexander died without settling the succession problem.
As a result, the succession problem spouted again.
Moreover, the person who had a succession right was not present at the time of the death of the emperor.

The court gotten chaotic quickly. The leading nobles suddenly suffered diseases from unknown cause and died of misterious accident one after the other. Since the emperor absent for a long time, the state affairs became a chaos.

Then the bad relationship between the 3 prince and princess spurred another tragedies.
Continental calendar 8th month 300th year, the State Minister Maryuuta-Romanov deprived Olga-Romanov and George-Romanov their position as governor and summon them back to the imperial capital immediately.

Naturally, Maryuuta plan to assassinated Olga and George, there was so one stupid enough to went back without countermeasure.

Olga accused Maryuuta that he is the mastermind behind assassination that often occure in the court.
George declare that because of Olgas’ unfair accussation “She doesn’t have character qualification as an empress”.

At every chance, the 3 criticized each other. It was the start of a quarrel that involved the whole Continental Empire. What a troublesome story.

Of course I don’t know if such story is true. It all might’ve been true, it all might’ve been lies also.

In this way, the segregation of the three prince and princess faction intensified and it became the first civil war of the Continental Empire.



“And so the black history of our neighborhood country in the east, do you understand?”
“It was long and I don’t understand it well.”
“…That is so like Sarah.”

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200 visitors and only 2 comments, I feel a bit sad.

LOTCH 7 To bait

[Fishing bandits] or so the strategy called. It’s a strategy that’s used by Shimazu Yoshihiro in warring era in Japan.

First of all appear before the enemy and attacks then, pretends to be defeated to retreat.
The enemy who won will began to pursue. Finally circle the opponent that feels superior with a hidden units and annihilate them… or so the strategy goes.

We use this strategy this time.

First, provoke them with the water ball. Then Malinowska-san temporarily hide while I ran away will all my might.

By doing this, the enemy will mistakenly think “Those 2 ran away together”.
Because they are seriously angry, they didn’t mind their surrounding much and didn’t notice her… I think.

Afterwards, Malinowska-san and I made a surprise attack together and 3 people rendered unconcious. There was no damage to us. You can say it’s a complete victory.

Or so I explained to her on the way back to the girls dorm.

“Fuun… It’s a pretty simple strategy if you explained it that way.”

I totally agree. It’s a childish strategy that’s even stupid if you think about it

This strategy is easy to explain but hard to executes.

For example, what if they put someone as a scout? What if there is someone that can calmly judged the situation? What if there is someone that can run faster than me?

If any of those condition met, this strategy is a failure. My hair root will die out if I got hit 20 times.
This time we unexpectedly “caught a bear!” with such bait also because there is a trusted comrade we can bait them.

“Well, there is another thing I want to know the reason of”
“What is it?”
“Why we carrying this”

By this she mean the fainted baldy that we are currently dragging along.

“Well, this for the sake of the future.”

What will happen if we leave a person with such temper at that place? He will definitely try to take revenge. Furthermore, he may gather more companion than before.
He may put a troublesome pressure as the son of the Chief Executive of the Derpartment of Justice.

Thus, we will take a measure before such thing happened.

We arrived in front of the girls dorm while we were talking. A man can only come up to here. Only a woman can advance from here as per school regulation.

Ah, however I’m a ten year old boy who just entered today so I don’t know that~

“Wa-wait! Why are you entering without permision! Are you a pervert!?”

Malinowska-san desperately tried to stop me. Couldn’t you tell me before you stop carrying the baldy? As expected it’s impossible to carry it alone.

“I’m not a pervert. Even if i am, I am a gentleman pervert.”
” I don’t understand the meaning of that!”

It’s useless huh. No there is a bit of guilty feeling of invading to the girls dorm. I would love to night crawl into the girls dorm later.

“Malinowska-san, is there a rope or something? I want to restrain this person for a while.”
“…Eh? Is that your hobby as a pervert?”
“Please lay of the pervert accusation already.”

I am neither gay or S.
Malinowska-san cast a dubious glance at me and took out a rope from somewhere. (TL : Girls got a lot of hiding place.)

“Then, what is it for?”
“Well, I’m thinking of leaving this person in the girls dorm for a while.”

Un, you didn’t undesrtanda huh.

“To make it easier to understand, this guy will be turned into a pervert.”
“You can transform him into a pervert?” (TL Note: Mari-chan so stupid TwT)

Can I do it? Well such thing is common development in thin books.
Well, such thing aside.

“Can you explain more clearly?”
” Aa, that is. This person! Had invade the girls dorm to attack the weak girls! What a pervert!”

In other word, it’s this thing.

This baldy is a troublesome existence if we leave him alone. For revenge, he will try to attack and crush us. Then, we should crush him before we’re crushed right.

And so this person will be rumored as a pervert that violate the school rule and broke into the girls dorm. If it goes well, he will be dropped out of school.
His father is the Chief Executive of the Department of Justice so he probably won’t be punished as a criminal but it will be difficult to dissipate a rumor.

…Un, as expected it will hurt my conscience. But there is no other way i can think of. Besides, it’s not as if this fellow didn’t no a wrong thing.
He cornered a weak (violent) girl with multiple men to the wall and bullied her. I also thought to do the same thing with the other 2 people fainted in the square but as expected carrying this baldy is the limit of what 2 people can do.

Best case scenario, because the leader became a pervert, the other will back away.


Malinowska-san made a complicated face. She seems like she want to say something. Ah, that’s right.

“I will leave the rest to Malinowska-san and I will see you in the classroom tomorrow.”

Are? Whats wrong? Well that’s alright.
Then, since he’s been bounded with the rope, I will go back to my dorm before being misunderstood as a pervert.

:Then I’ll leave the rest to you Malinowska-san. See you tomorrow in the classroom.”

Why there is no answer from her. Could it be she got angry? her face is kind of red.

“Name? What’s wrong with it?”
“That’s not it, I forbid you to use [Malinowska-san]!”
I don’t like it!

Haaa…. I don’t understand this girl.

“Then what should I called you?”
“Please call me Sarah(Sara) normally. Honorifics are banned too”
“There is so much that is banned”
“Ano…, Marino”

It hurts, hurts hurts hurts when you grab my shoulder that strongly!

“I understand…Sarah-san please let go! It’s hard to breath!”
“San is also banned!”
“Another one banned!?”
“Just do it!”

When I said that she finally released her grip on my shoulders. Perhaps my bones cracked a bit….

“Then, I will call you Yusep.”
“Please do what you like…”

She’s going to destroy me if I complain here.

“Then see you tomorrow. Yusep.”
“Yes… Please take care of me, Sarah.”



“O~i, Saarah~? Sarah-sa~n? Are you awake~?

….Hah. Not good, not good. What was I doing?


Well, for now I will hit this boy who isn’t good at riding horse.

“I told you, san is prohibited right!”

Boko, a good punch sound rang.


In two meaning, I was saved by Yusep.

First I was rescued from a situation where I was assaulted by senior students.
Then I was rescued from my own frustration by the vague anxiety.


Perhaps this is the first time that I want to fight for my precious person.


LOTCH 6 Sarah Malinowska retreat strategy- main battle

“Un… that was surprisingly flashy huh…”

While hiding in the bushes and holding my breath i look dumbfounded at them childishly searching while mowing down the trees around.

…It’s not necessary to hold my breath though the situation will be getting serious soon over there.

There is chance that Yusep somethings hair root might die soon from anger.
I don’t really care in life or death of his hair root but i might got injured, it’s troubling.

Therefore, I will stay here quietly.
I will act as planned and carefully move without noise.



“Aah? You’re alone?”
“Do I looks like 2 person?”
“Chi. You are a decoy huh. The girl is now in the girls dorm.”

Un, the bald man looks around. Although he got a quick temper, as expected of a 5th grader.

“In light of your courage”
“Gonna let me escape?”

Oh, so kind. What a gentleman.

“No, I’ll just beat you 20 times.”
“Ah, as expected.”

They are going to kill me, I wonder if he doesn’t care about bad rumor. Although its just the 4th son, as a son of an Earl it will be a disaster.

Let’s see, it seems Malinowska-san has gone smoothly.
On the other hand, this baldy—what’s his name again? Tar-tar sauce-san was it? Approaching while making sounds with their fingers.
Umu, I have seen the exact same scene in a yakuza movie.

….Fumu. The distance is about 20 meters left huh.

“It’s your defeat. Repent as much as you can in the netherworld.”

The air is filled with killing intent.

“I’ll take your word but senpai, I have not admit defeat, Ofcourse I won’t be dead too.”

15 meters.

“Aa? What are you saying.”

10 meters

“Senpai should go back to the dorm and do a refection meeting.”

5 meters

“What the hell are you talking about? What should I reflect on?”

Following Tar-abbreviated senpai question, they all laugh.

“That’s of course.”

1 meter.

“To trust on comrades.”

Before Tar-something senpai can say something happened.



-15 minutes ago.

“I’ll explain the plan.”
“Eee, let’s hear it”

It’s like he got a good plan and his eyes sparkle. Somehow his face also become lively perhaps he’s fond of the plan.

“First, Malinowska-san and I fire a water ball simultaneously from 150 meters distance.”


“But it won’t from that distance don’t you think?”
“It’s not necessary to hit. They should notice us and ran after us.”

What is he talking about? Could it be I’m not trusted?

“Aa… Well, it’s reasonable to react like that. I will explain step by step.”
“Ee, make sure it’s easy to understand please.”

Otherwise I can’t remember it.

“Eeto, first after the fireball fired, i want Malinowska-san to hide in a suitable place…Hide in the bushes on the side of the road.”
“How about you?”
“I’ll be the decoy and run away from the girls dorm””

Something snap inside my head.

“In other word, as long as you run as a decoy, I can escape into the girls dorm, was that it?”

Haa, what the hell did you propose. This is why men are troublesome. Thinking that protecting woman by sacrificing himself is the highest degree of justice.

Certainly there are easy women who fall for such men but, I don’t want to be protected. For what did you think i enroll in this school for.

I’m getting irritated. Yoshi, lets hit him a few times…

“No that’s not the case”

My hand that started to move stop in mid air.
Eh? What does it mean?

“If you run away, the chance of winning will be gone.”

Aren’t you saying a good thing?

“What should we do then?”
“It’s simple. I want you to get to their back stealthily.”

Eeto, that mean….?

“That means, we will change position from before.”



I don’t know where she got it but behind Taru senpai stood a red haired girl with a wood stick the size of a wooden sword.

She hit senpais neck as hard as possible from the back. Un, that sounds hurt.
Taru senpai staggered and looks back verifying her appearance.

“Bas, tard…!”

I do not know what kind of face he made from behind, but it is probably 60% anger and 40% puzzlement from the tone.
The others got surprised at her sudden appearance and turned back. In other word, facing away from me.

She doesn’t say anything and start attacking again.

While senpai still staggering, she stab him in the stomach. When he incline forward from the force she hit them behind their head again. While he’s wobbling she kick him in the crotch will all her power.

….Why. I’m not the one kicked but it shrank.

In just a few seconds, the leader Taru senpai has been knocked out. He crouched on the spot and stopped moving.
I don’t think he’s dead but he will feel like dying.

The surroundings followers can’t seem to grasp the situation. They probably didn’t remember about me.

That’s not good senpais. Let me remind you.

I shot a water ball to the back of the head of the lackey to the right of the baldy.
The moment it hits, a beautiful [Dogon] sound was heard. When it’s point blank the power is high and he seems to black out from the concussion. At worst, his skull might be cracked but, that extent can be healed with healing magic probably. I don’t know the extent of the healing magic in this world.

“You should pay attention to the back you know!”

When i said so, all their attention are focused here. They might be confused but , they are so easy.

“Pay attention here too!”

Then Malinowska-san raised her voice. Reacting to that, the ikemen turned around to face Malinowska-san…not.

She swung the stick like a baseball bat at the same time he turned around. The man received the attack to the face.
Look, it’s that. The face might be safe.

In about ten seconds or so the battle is concluded. The leader and 2 person has been rendered unconscious and the remaining 2 has ran away somewhere.

Though Malinowska-san tried to pursue I stopped her. It won;t be self defense if we go further and there is possibility that it will bite back.
When I stopped her, she express a dissatisfied expression momentarily but it was gone after toppling the man crouching on the ground whose grin had been kicked. That was merciless.


Anyway we have won. I’m glad that it goes well.


LOTCH 5 Sarah Malinowska retreat strategy- Pre-Battle

This is one of the novels I read long ago.
Keep in mind that this is machine assisted translation.
earlier chapter can be found here snowtranslations.



“Enemy units discovered, direction at one o’clock direction, distance 100 ……”
“There are five people together”
“It was fortunate that they did not placed one or two people around to search for us.”

As a result of reconnaissance at the tree-lined street that lead to the girls ‘dorm, the enemies are now at the middle point between our place and the girls’ dorm.

Because there are plenty curves, it is difficult to see from the outside and it is an exquisite positioning that is invisible even from the girls’ dormitory. But it is not easy to see from the enemy point of view, they seems to be careless.

Well that should be normal. A guy looking around girls dorm with a serious face will be given strange look. This much should be alright for their pride right?

Even though there should be an injury, there is none. Did they quickly extinguish the fire or did they have someone who can use healing magic?

“So, what should we do? Burn them?”
“… I think it’s better to stop”

As i said before this street is lined up with trees. If a stray fire bullet hit a tree there will be a big fire. As expected, we will probably expelled if that happened.

If it’s water ball it will only break a tree branch at most but, since there is about 100 meters distance it probably won’t hit them.
Since it can’t even be used as a threat in this case, there is no meaning in using it. Ah, yes yes. I forgot to say it but the measurements in this world follow the “Metric System” too. It’s nice that it’s easy to understand. (TL : Looking at you muricans)

“For now withdraw and think of a plan. There is still time until nightfall.”

With that said, we go back to open space on other end of the road where the son of the count(baldy) can’t see us.

“Then, what to do?”

The girl holding the wooden box on the side ask with oppressive attitude. She can’t hide her irritation.

“What can Malinowska-san do”
“Eh? I can use sword, bow and riding you know. As for magic, only what elementary school taught.”

Umu. It seems to be impossible to run and break through the front with this. If she has cheat ability the story will be different but as expected 2 vs 5 is hard with only melee fighting ability.
Furthermore, since the opponents are upperclassmen, there will be gap in swordsmanship.

Both quality and quantity of the opponents….This is pretty hard isn’t it?

…..umm~, it might goes well if we do that… but there is a high risk.
But there is no other choice. Should we do it?

“I though of a plan. Please do as I say.”

She looks at me with a sharp gaze. Well it’s pretty weird to trust someone who they just met.

“Understood. Explain quickly.”

Do you trust me? That’s fast.
When i was puzzled, she got a slightly irritated. That face says, “Why don’t you quickly explain?”.

“What’s with that strange reaction”
“Ah-, no-…. Do you trust me? Someone you just met?”
“That’s right, is there a problem?”
“I think its good but…”

After all its someone you just met? You can say you know nothing other than the name. Even then she easily trust me.

Malinowska-san face me as if saying “It’s normal to trust right?”.
On the other hand, her eye look as if she’s saying “Why don’t you understand such thing?”.

Then she let out a sigh and talked about her reason to trust me.

“I trust you. Surely at a glance, you seems to be poor, have a strange speech and behaviour but, if I don’t trust you, I won’t follow you up to here don’t you agree?”
“Is…. that so?”

I may suddenly betray you and hand over you, you know?

“Besides, trusting you is the best thing to do for now. For me as well for you. Right?”
“Be clear”

So you trust me. Un, I’m somewhat happy.
Such thing maybe the first time other than my parents. including my previous life.

Yoshi, shall we go then.

“I will explain the plan.”
“Yes, I’m in your care!”



“Not coming at all huh… Perhaps it’s not the girls dorm?”

One of my attendant said that while yawning.
This fellow doesn’t have any tension as usual. This is the reason why no matter how long his swordsmanship grade won’t improve.

“I told the boss earlier right. Those guys ran away the opposite direction of the girls dorm. They can’t be in the girls dorm yet. They should come here sooner or later.(not sure of the last sentence[どうせそこらへんで油売ってんだろ])”

The guys in charge of small errands argue it. This fellow is also incompetent. But he always flatter me. also, don’t call me boss(like crime boss).
Its like I’m the villain right?

“Maa, they will come back here on their own and we will take care of them. we can rape them right?
“don’t do that. It will be troublesome if words get out.”

Contrary to this guy have a graceful appearance, he said such a dark thing. We are completely like a villain.
Even if you do such thing, since my father is the Chief Executive of the Department of Justice I won’t be punished. Father will somehow be able to smooth it out.
However, there is a possibility that there will be various inconvenient if rumor spread in noble community. there will be various problem for my father and I names.

“Well, some punishment should be given. It’s an obligation as a senior student.”
“It’s as Tarno(Taruno) said. I will properly teach that lass.”

Tarno is my nickname. In this country, there is a lot of people with “OOski” and “OOska” as their last name so its troublesome.

Well. I won’t be satisfied with giving just 2 or 3 kicks. I will also teach courtesy to that little boy and not just the girl…

“Tarno! Front right!”

I look at the direction he said. That is….

“Water ball! There is 2!”

Although it got some speed, apparently its been shot from afar. There is plenty of time to dodge.
There is 2 water ball. It can be shot with elementary magic but it can only be shot one at a time.

In other word, there is 2 enemies. Perhaps its the red hair girl and the boy pretending to be knight.

“It seemed they shot it in panic. Such attack won’t hit us!”
“It’s a rabbit hunt. Let’s cut the distance and gang them!”



“That baldy is unexpectedly good!”

I was deceived by the appearance! The clothes makes me think he’s fat, but what’s with that pro wrestler like body! Scary!

While alternately dodging the water balls, the wrestler and the lackeys dash here with all their might like in some poorly made horror movie.

He-help me~~!(said in English not japanese)

But there is no help. I ran while praying to god that it won’t hit.

“O god of mother ocean! Give him a glimpse of your power!”

I heard a chant from behind. ….chant? ah could it be!

“Die! Aqua canon!”

Intermediate magic? Bad! He’s so angry!

Intermediate magic [Water canon]

The evolution of elementary magic [Water ball]. Water ball shot a water bomb as large as a basketball while water canon show a mass of water about 1 meter size with a high speed… it seems.
This is the first time i see the real thing.

Well to be easy to understand, imagine a mini truck made of water aiming at you. The opponent going to die.

I lie down at the spot immediately. Since the magic is shot centered at the palm of the hand, there is an opening near the ground.

My judgment is correct, the water passed over me and destroy a few trees on the side of the road.
Amazing power. If you become an officer candidate can anyone use intermediate magic of that degree?

However thanks to lying down, the distance to the enemies has been shortened. there is only another 30 meters. It’s a distance where you can clearly see the expression of the enemies.

For now, I sometimes shot water ball behind to hinder them while running away with all my power. I’m not confident with my feet but, just 1 more minute until i arrive at my destination.

After bending a few curves, the field of view suddenly expand. I went through the street and reached the square where i had a strategy meeting until a while ago.

The bald men who chased me from behind also arrived in the square one after another. Five enemies in total.

Alright. It went well.


It’s our win.