LOTCH 5 Sarah Malinowska retreat strategy- Pre-Battle

This is one of the novels I read long ago.
Keep in mind that this is machine assisted translation.
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“Enemy units discovered, direction at one o’clock direction, distance 100 ……”
“There are five people together”
“It was fortunate that they did not placed one or two people around to search for us.”

As a result of reconnaissance at the tree-lined street that lead to the girls ‘dorm, the enemies are now at the middle point between our place and the girls’ dorm.

Because there are plenty curves, it is difficult to see from the outside and it is an exquisite positioning that is invisible even from the girls’ dormitory. But it is not easy to see from the enemy point of view, they seems to be careless.

Well that should be normal. A guy looking around girls dorm with a serious face will be given strange look. This much should be alright for their pride right?

Even though there should be an injury, there is none. Did they quickly extinguish the fire or did they have someone who can use healing magic?

“So, what should we do? Burn them?”
“… I think it’s better to stop”

As i said before this street is lined up with trees. If a stray fire bullet hit a tree there will be a big fire. As expected, we will probably expelled if that happened.

If it’s water ball it will only break a tree branch at most but, since there is about 100 meters distance it probably won’t hit them.
Since it can’t even be used as a threat in this case, there is no meaning in using it. Ah, yes yes. I forgot to say it but the measurements in this world follow the “Metric System” too. It’s nice that it’s easy to understand. (TL : Looking at you muricans)

“For now withdraw and think of a plan. There is still time until nightfall.”

With that said, we go back to open space on other end of the road where the son of the count(baldy) can’t see us.

“Then, what to do?”

The girl holding the wooden box on the side ask with oppressive attitude. She can’t hide her irritation.

“What can Malinowska-san do”
“Eh? I can use sword, bow and riding you know. As for magic, only what elementary school taught.”

Umu. It seems to be impossible to run and break through the front with this. If she has cheat ability the story will be different but as expected 2 vs 5 is hard with only melee fighting ability.
Furthermore, since the opponents are upperclassmen, there will be gap in swordsmanship.

Both quality and quantity of the opponents….This is pretty hard isn’t it?

…..umm~, it might goes well if we do that… but there is a high risk.
But there is no other choice. Should we do it?

“I though of a plan. Please do as I say.”

She looks at me with a sharp gaze. Well it’s pretty weird to trust someone who they just met.

“Understood. Explain quickly.”

Do you trust me? That’s fast.
When i was puzzled, she got a slightly irritated. That face says, “Why don’t you quickly explain?”.

“What’s with that strange reaction”
“Ah-, no-…. Do you trust me? Someone you just met?”
“That’s right, is there a problem?”
“I think its good but…”

After all its someone you just met? You can say you know nothing other than the name. Even then she easily trust me.

Malinowska-san face me as if saying “It’s normal to trust right?”.
On the other hand, her eye look as if she’s saying “Why don’t you understand such thing?”.

Then she let out a sigh and talked about her reason to trust me.

“I trust you. Surely at a glance, you seems to be poor, have a strange speech and behaviour but, if I don’t trust you, I won’t follow you up to here don’t you agree?”
“Is…. that so?”

I may suddenly betray you and hand over you, you know?

“Besides, trusting you is the best thing to do for now. For me as well for you. Right?”
“Be clear”

So you trust me. Un, I’m somewhat happy.
Such thing maybe the first time other than my parents. including my previous life.

Yoshi, shall we go then.

“I will explain the plan.”
“Yes, I’m in your care!”



“Not coming at all huh… Perhaps it’s not the girls dorm?”

One of my attendant said that while yawning.
This fellow doesn’t have any tension as usual. This is the reason why no matter how long his swordsmanship grade won’t improve.

“I told the boss earlier right. Those guys ran away the opposite direction of the girls dorm. They can’t be in the girls dorm yet. They should come here sooner or later.(not sure of the last sentence[どうせそこらへんで油売ってんだろ])”

The guys in charge of small errands argue it. This fellow is also incompetent. But he always flatter me. also, don’t call me boss(like crime boss).
Its like I’m the villain right?

“Maa, they will come back here on their own and we will take care of them. we can rape them right?
“don’t do that. It will be troublesome if words get out.”

Contrary to this guy have a graceful appearance, he said such a dark thing. We are completely like a villain.
Even if you do such thing, since my father is the Chief Executive of the Department of Justice I won’t be punished. Father will somehow be able to smooth it out.
However, there is a possibility that there will be various inconvenient if rumor spread in noble community. there will be various problem for my father and I names.

“Well, some punishment should be given. It’s an obligation as a senior student.”
“It’s as Tarno(Taruno) said. I will properly teach that lass.”

Tarno is my nickname. In this country, there is a lot of people with “OOski” and “OOska” as their last name so its troublesome.

Well. I won’t be satisfied with giving just 2 or 3 kicks. I will also teach courtesy to that little boy and not just the girl…

“Tarno! Front right!”

I look at the direction he said. That is….

“Water ball! There is 2!”

Although it got some speed, apparently its been shot from afar. There is plenty of time to dodge.
There is 2 water ball. It can be shot with elementary magic but it can only be shot one at a time.

In other word, there is 2 enemies. Perhaps its the red hair girl and the boy pretending to be knight.

“It seemed they shot it in panic. Such attack won’t hit us!”
“It’s a rabbit hunt. Let’s cut the distance and gang them!”



“That baldy is unexpectedly good!”

I was deceived by the appearance! The clothes makes me think he’s fat, but what’s with that pro wrestler like body! Scary!

While alternately dodging the water balls, the wrestler and the lackeys dash here with all their might like in some poorly made horror movie.

He-help me~~!(said in English not japanese)

But there is no help. I ran while praying to god that it won’t hit.

“O god of mother ocean! Give him a glimpse of your power!”

I heard a chant from behind. ….chant? ah could it be!

“Die! Aqua canon!”

Intermediate magic? Bad! He’s so angry!

Intermediate magic [Water canon]

The evolution of elementary magic [Water ball]. Water ball shot a water bomb as large as a basketball while water canon show a mass of water about 1 meter size with a high speed… it seems.
This is the first time i see the real thing.

Well to be easy to understand, imagine a mini truck made of water aiming at you. The opponent going to die.

I lie down at the spot immediately. Since the magic is shot centered at the palm of the hand, there is an opening near the ground.

My judgment is correct, the water passed over me and destroy a few trees on the side of the road.
Amazing power. If you become an officer candidate can anyone use intermediate magic of that degree?

However thanks to lying down, the distance to the enemies has been shortened. there is only another 30 meters. It’s a distance where you can clearly see the expression of the enemies.

For now, I sometimes shot water ball behind to hinder them while running away with all my power. I’m not confident with my feet but, just 1 more minute until i arrive at my destination.

After bending a few curves, the field of view suddenly expand. I went through the street and reached the square where i had a strategy meeting until a while ago.

The bald men who chased me from behind also arrived in the square one after another. Five enemies in total.

Alright. It went well.


It’s our win.

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