LOTCH 6 Sarah Malinowska retreat strategy- main battle

“Un… that was surprisingly flashy huh…”

While hiding in the bushes and holding my breath i look dumbfounded at them childishly searching while mowing down the trees around.

…It’s not necessary to hold my breath though the situation will be getting serious soon over there.

There is chance that Yusep somethings hair root might die soon from anger.
I don’t really care in life or death of his hair root but i might got injured, it’s troubling.

Therefore, I will stay here quietly.
I will act as planned and carefully move without noise.



“Aah? You’re alone?”
“Do I looks like 2 person?”
“Chi. You are a decoy huh. The girl is now in the girls dorm.”

Un, the bald man looks around. Although he got a quick temper, as expected of a 5th grader.

“In light of your courage”
“Gonna let me escape?”

Oh, so kind. What a gentleman.

“No, I’ll just beat you 20 times.”
“Ah, as expected.”

They are going to kill me, I wonder if he doesn’t care about bad rumor. Although its just the 4th son, as a son of an Earl it will be a disaster.

Let’s see, it seems Malinowska-san has gone smoothly.
On the other hand, this baldy—what’s his name again? Tar-tar sauce-san was it? Approaching while making sounds with their fingers.
Umu, I have seen the exact same scene in a yakuza movie.

….Fumu. The distance is about 20 meters left huh.

“It’s your defeat. Repent as much as you can in the netherworld.”

The air is filled with killing intent.

“I’ll take your word but senpai, I have not admit defeat, Ofcourse I won’t be dead too.”

15 meters.

“Aa? What are you saying.”

10 meters

“Senpai should go back to the dorm and do a refection meeting.”

5 meters

“What the hell are you talking about? What should I reflect on?”

Following Tar-abbreviated senpai question, they all laugh.

“That’s of course.”

1 meter.

“To trust on comrades.”

Before Tar-something senpai can say something happened.



-15 minutes ago.

“I’ll explain the plan.”
“Eee, let’s hear it”

It’s like he got a good plan and his eyes sparkle. Somehow his face also become lively perhaps he’s fond of the plan.

“First, Malinowska-san and I fire a water ball simultaneously from 150 meters distance.”


“But it won’t from that distance don’t you think?”
“It’s not necessary to hit. They should notice us and ran after us.”

What is he talking about? Could it be I’m not trusted?

“Aa… Well, it’s reasonable to react like that. I will explain step by step.”
“Ee, make sure it’s easy to understand please.”

Otherwise I can’t remember it.

“Eeto, first after the fireball fired, i want Malinowska-san to hide in a suitable place…Hide in the bushes on the side of the road.”
“How about you?”
“I’ll be the decoy and run away from the girls dorm””

Something snap inside my head.

“In other word, as long as you run as a decoy, I can escape into the girls dorm, was that it?”

Haa, what the hell did you propose. This is why men are troublesome. Thinking that protecting woman by sacrificing himself is the highest degree of justice.

Certainly there are easy women who fall for such men but, I don’t want to be protected. For what did you think i enroll in this school for.

I’m getting irritated. Yoshi, lets hit him a few times…

“No that’s not the case”

My hand that started to move stop in mid air.
Eh? What does it mean?

“If you run away, the chance of winning will be gone.”

Aren’t you saying a good thing?

“What should we do then?”
“It’s simple. I want you to get to their back stealthily.”

Eeto, that mean….?

“That means, we will change position from before.”



I don’t know where she got it but behind Taru senpai stood a red haired girl with a wood stick the size of a wooden sword.

She hit senpais neck as hard as possible from the back. Un, that sounds hurt.
Taru senpai staggered and looks back verifying her appearance.

“Bas, tard…!”

I do not know what kind of face he made from behind, but it is probably 60% anger and 40% puzzlement from the tone.
The others got surprised at her sudden appearance and turned back. In other word, facing away from me.

She doesn’t say anything and start attacking again.

While senpai still staggering, she stab him in the stomach. When he incline forward from the force she hit them behind their head again. While he’s wobbling she kick him in the crotch will all her power.

….Why. I’m not the one kicked but it shrank.

In just a few seconds, the leader Taru senpai has been knocked out. He crouched on the spot and stopped moving.
I don’t think he’s dead but he will feel like dying.

The surroundings followers can’t seem to grasp the situation. They probably didn’t remember about me.

That’s not good senpais. Let me remind you.

I shot a water ball to the back of the head of the lackey to the right of the baldy.
The moment it hits, a beautiful [Dogon] sound was heard. When it’s point blank the power is high and he seems to black out from the concussion. At worst, his skull might be cracked but, that extent can be healed with healing magic probably. I don’t know the extent of the healing magic in this world.

“You should pay attention to the back you know!”

When i said so, all their attention are focused here. They might be confused but , they are so easy.

“Pay attention here too!”

Then Malinowska-san raised her voice. Reacting to that, the ikemen turned around to face Malinowska-san…not.

She swung the stick like a baseball bat at the same time he turned around. The man received the attack to the face.
Look, it’s that. The face might be safe.

In about ten seconds or so the battle is concluded. The leader and 2 person has been rendered unconscious and the remaining 2 has ran away somewhere.

Though Malinowska-san tried to pursue I stopped her. It won;t be self defense if we go further and there is possibility that it will bite back.
When I stopped her, she express a dissatisfied expression momentarily but it was gone after toppling the man crouching on the ground whose grin had been kicked. That was merciless.


Anyway we have won. I’m glad that it goes well.


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