LOTCH 8 Continent History – Part 1

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This continent used to be ruled by one empire.
The name of the empire is “Continental Empire”.
Isn’t that too simple? Wasn’t there a better name?

But, frankly this empire strength was enormous.

Before the empire appearance, the continent was divide among 100 countries that spent most of their time at war.

The founder of Continental Empire, Boris-Romanov had an extraordinary military power and destroyed all 100 countries personally. That’s amazing.

Furthermore, after destroying all countries with the cheat power, he’s njot satisfied yet.
He had all the languages and dialects of all the 100 countries annihilated. Absurd.

Of course there was rebellions.

However every time a rebellion broke out, it was rushed by the powerful military and economic power.
As a result of eradicating all languages and dialects of the other 100 nations, there is a unified language called “Imperial Language” which is official language of the Continental Empire. Of course today we also use this “Imperial Language”.
…However, a completer language eradication was not completed, a part of the language keeps being handed down and used a bit. For example, a person name and expressions.

At the time Continental Empire united the countries, the language was also united. He’s not satisfied with that extent and then various unification policies were also taken, such as unification of religion, unification of measurements as “Metric System”, unification of calendar system “Continental Calendar” and other various unification policies.

By the way, the first year of the continental calendar was not the year of the unification of the continent by the empire… Rather it was 20 years after the enthronement of the first emperor. It was because the emperor wanted to give a present to his child in his 19th year of being emperor.

Whether it’s because the unification policies or not, the Continental Empire was stable. It was the arrival of a golden age. There was no war, no natural disasters, no famine and people lived peacefully.

But, in such golden age a shadow was born. It was the child of the 32nd emperor.

The 32nd emperor Alexander-Romanov, had 3 children. A triplet. The 3 Children in order of their births are, first daughter Olga [Origa], first son Maryuuta [Maryu-ta ] and second son George [Georugi].

And then, the throne succession become problematic. Although succession usually given to the first born, there was a faction battle in the court.

The reason was, there was no precedent Empress in the Continent Empire up to now.
There was no rule that the emperor must b a boy. But there was never an empress before.

Of course the was girl being first born before. However because the dominance idea that man is better than woman in this world,the girl who was the first born ceded to the surrounding concept and “ceded the throne”. The throne right is transferred to the younger brother and the girl married to another nobleman and threw the Romanov name.

But the eldest daughter Olga was different. She didn’t want to transfer the succession right to her younger brother Maryuta and studied desperately to become suitable as emperor. And because of her effort, the number of nobles that though “Olga is suitable as the first empress of the empire” increase.

However there are also people that think otherwise. The first on the list was Maryuuta. Therefore the first daughter Olga and the first son Maryuuta doesn’t get along.

The Emperor Alexander wrried about the situation and though to resolve it.

First of all he deprived his children of the succession right and said.

“From now on I will give you an official position. Then the succession right will be given to the person judged to be excellent. The period will be from 1st day 1st month of the year 290 to the 31st day of the 12th month year 299. I don’t permit any complains.”

Or so it was roughly. The word seems to be longer and old fashioned in reality though.

The first daughter Olga, was entrusted to govern a remote region of the westernmost continent.
The first son Maryuuta, was appointed as the State Minister of the empire.
And the 2nd son George who don’t feel like inheriting the throne was entrusted to govern the southern part of the continent.

It’s not understood why only one person became a minister instead of a governor. Their father doesn’t allow any complains.

And so.
The three people reformed domestic affairs here and there to compete for the succession right.

The first daughter Olga pioneered the western area of the continent and made it the best economic power in the empire.
The first son Maryuuta, carried military reform that was corrupted because of the era of peace and rejuvenated the imperial army into a strong army like the time of the first emperor Boris-Romanov.
Thee second son George, put his effort studying magic that is now used as the foundation of magic study today.

Thanks to the 3 children, the Empire enter a new golden age… or so it seems.

Continental calendar 9th day 12th month 299th year.
A minor accident occured at the imperial capital Shallgreat[Sha-riguredo]. A certain old man died after falling of riding a horse. A horse riding accident itself is an everyday experience at the continent. Nothing strange.

The name of the person who died was Alexander-Romanov.

Emperor Alexander died without settling the succession problem.
As a result, the succession problem spouted again.
Moreover, the person who had a succession right was not present at the time of the death of the emperor.

The court gotten chaotic quickly. The leading nobles suddenly suffered diseases from unknown cause and died of misterious accident one after the other. Since the emperor absent for a long time, the state affairs became a chaos.

Then the bad relationship between the 3 prince and princess spurred another tragedies.
Continental calendar 8th month 300th year, the State Minister Maryuuta-Romanov deprived Olga-Romanov and George-Romanov their position as governor and summon them back to the imperial capital immediately.

Naturally, Maryuuta plan to assassinated Olga and George, there was so one stupid enough to went back without countermeasure.

Olga accused Maryuuta that he is the mastermind behind assassination that often occure in the court.
George declare that because of Olgas’ unfair accussation “She doesn’t have character qualification as an empress”.

At every chance, the 3 criticized each other. It was the start of a quarrel that involved the whole Continental Empire. What a troublesome story.

Of course I don’t know if such story is true. It all might’ve been true, it all might’ve been lies also.

In this way, the segregation of the three prince and princess faction intensified and it became the first civil war of the Continental Empire.



“And so the black history of our neighborhood country in the east, do you understand?”
“It was long and I don’t understand it well.”
“…That is so like Sarah.”

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    About Russians names.
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