LOTCH 7 To bait

[Fishing bandits] or so the strategy called. It’s a strategy that’s used by Shimazu Yoshihiro in warring era in Japan.

First of all appear before the enemy and attacks then, pretends to be defeated to retreat.
The enemy who won will began to pursue. Finally circle the opponent that feels superior with a hidden units and annihilate them… or so the strategy goes.

We use this strategy this time.

First, provoke them with the water ball. Then Malinowska-san temporarily hide while I ran away will all my might.

By doing this, the enemy will mistakenly think “Those 2 ran away together”.
Because they are seriously angry, they didn’t mind their surrounding much and didn’t notice her… I think.

Afterwards, Malinowska-san and I made a surprise attack together and 3 people rendered unconcious. There was no damage to us. You can say it’s a complete victory.

Or so I explained to her on the way back to the girls dorm.

“Fuun… It’s a pretty simple strategy if you explained it that way.”

I totally agree. It’s a childish strategy that’s even stupid if you think about it

This strategy is easy to explain but hard to executes.

For example, what if they put someone as a scout? What if there is someone that can calmly judged the situation? What if there is someone that can run faster than me?

If any of those condition met, this strategy is a failure. My hair root will die out if I got hit 20 times.
This time we unexpectedly “caught a bear!” with such bait also because there is a trusted comrade we can bait them.

“Well, there is another thing I want to know the reason of”
“What is it?”
“Why we carrying this”

By this she mean the fainted baldy that we are currently dragging along.

“Well, this for the sake of the future.”

What will happen if we leave a person with such temper at that place? He will definitely try to take revenge. Furthermore, he may gather more companion than before.
He may put a troublesome pressure as the son of the Chief Executive of the Derpartment of Justice.

Thus, we will take a measure before such thing happened.

We arrived in front of the girls dorm while we were talking. A man can only come up to here. Only a woman can advance from here as per school regulation.

Ah, however I’m a ten year old boy who just entered today so I don’t know that~

“Wa-wait! Why are you entering without permision! Are you a pervert!?”

Malinowska-san desperately tried to stop me. Couldn’t you tell me before you stop carrying the baldy? As expected it’s impossible to carry it alone.

“I’m not a pervert. Even if i am, I am a gentleman pervert.”
” I don’t understand the meaning of that!”

It’s useless huh. No there is a bit of guilty feeling of invading to the girls dorm. I would love to night crawl into the girls dorm later.

“Malinowska-san, is there a rope or something? I want to restrain this person for a while.”
“…Eh? Is that your hobby as a pervert?”
“Please lay of the pervert accusation already.”

I am neither gay or S.
Malinowska-san cast a dubious glance at me and took out a rope from somewhere. (TL : Girls got a lot of hiding place.)

“Then, what is it for?”
“Well, I’m thinking of leaving this person in the girls dorm for a while.”

Un, you didn’t undesrtanda huh.

“To make it easier to understand, this guy will be turned into a pervert.”
“You can transform him into a pervert?” (TL Note: Mari-chan so stupid TwT)

Can I do it? Well such thing is common development in thin books.
Well, such thing aside.

“Can you explain more clearly?”
” Aa, that is. This person! Had invade the girls dorm to attack the weak girls! What a pervert!”

In other word, it’s this thing.

This baldy is a troublesome existence if we leave him alone. For revenge, he will try to attack and crush us. Then, we should crush him before we’re crushed right.

And so this person will be rumored as a pervert that violate the school rule and broke into the girls dorm. If it goes well, he will be dropped out of school.
His father is the Chief Executive of the Department of Justice so he probably won’t be punished as a criminal but it will be difficult to dissipate a rumor.

…Un, as expected it will hurt my conscience. But there is no other way i can think of. Besides, it’s not as if this fellow didn’t no a wrong thing.
He cornered a weak (violent) girl with multiple men to the wall and bullied her. I also thought to do the same thing with the other 2 people fainted in the square but as expected carrying this baldy is the limit of what 2 people can do.

Best case scenario, because the leader became a pervert, the other will back away.


Malinowska-san made a complicated face. She seems like she want to say something. Ah, that’s right.

“I will leave the rest to Malinowska-san and I will see you in the classroom tomorrow.”

Are? Whats wrong? Well that’s alright.
Then, since he’s been bounded with the rope, I will go back to my dorm before being misunderstood as a pervert.

:Then I’ll leave the rest to you Malinowska-san. See you tomorrow in the classroom.”

Why there is no answer from her. Could it be she got angry? her face is kind of red.

“Name? What’s wrong with it?”
“That’s not it, I forbid you to use [Malinowska-san]!”
I don’t like it!

Haaa…. I don’t understand this girl.

“Then what should I called you?”
“Please call me Sarah(Sara) normally. Honorifics are banned too”
“There is so much that is banned”
“Ano…, Marino”

It hurts, hurts hurts hurts when you grab my shoulder that strongly!

“I understand…Sarah-san please let go! It’s hard to breath!”
“San is also banned!”
“Another one banned!?”
“Just do it!”

When I said that she finally released her grip on my shoulders. Perhaps my bones cracked a bit….

“Then, I will call you Yusep.”
“Please do what you like…”

She’s going to destroy me if I complain here.

“Then see you tomorrow. Yusep.”
“Yes… Please take care of me, Sarah.”



“O~i, Saarah~? Sarah-sa~n? Are you awake~?

….Hah. Not good, not good. What was I doing?


Well, for now I will hit this boy who isn’t good at riding horse.

“I told you, san is prohibited right!”

Boko, a good punch sound rang.


In two meaning, I was saved by Yusep.

First I was rescued from a situation where I was assaulted by senior students.
Then I was rescued from my own frustration by the vague anxiety.


Perhaps this is the first time that I want to fight for my precious person.


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