LOTCH 10 Continent History -Part 2

This chapter was twice as long as previous one at the very least….

A study meet with a girl in marriageable age alone. It makes my heart excited.
But there is no sight of ero at all.

“So, after all that, what happened to the siblings quarrel?”

Sarah and I routinely meet after school to study voluntarily.
Alternating each day, Sarah taught me horsemanship yesterday.

Today it’s my turn teaching war history. However, because Sarah doesn’t even know basic continent history, I taught her from there. What did she learn at elementary school.

Today we are reviewing the history of “Continental Empire” which was an era before Silezia Kingdom era. The late age of “Continental Empire” have a significant impact on historical and cultural.

“Nnn~, First we have 3 nation that claimed the [Continental Empire] name. Also, everyone called themselves the legitimate 33rd Emperor! Or so the story goes.”
“That was ambiguous to all 3 country isn’t it.”
“That’s right Therefore, they are divided into [West Continental Empire] , [East Continental Empire] and [South Continental Empire] at the time.”

“West Continental Empire” is located at Iberian Peninsula + France, “South Continental Empire” is Anatolian Peninsula + Middle East. And the rest is “East Continental Empire”. So huge.

“Did those 3 country at war with each other?”
“I wonder if we can say that.”

There is a bit of a complex situation here. It’s hard to explain it easily so Sarah can understand it.

“First of all. all three emperor accused of each other right?”
“Ee~. If i remember correctly… the daughter accused their brother [You’re trying to assassinate us!] or something… and the youngest accused her of injustice was it?”
“That’s right. But afterwards, the youngest child retract his statement to his sister.”
“…Did they reconciled?”
“Nope. They are still on a bad terms.”

Don’t you understand?
Well she doesn’t seem to understand. I don’t understand why either at the first time.

George-Romanov governance over “South Continental Empire” was extremity short.
The 3 emperors accused of each other at 8th month year 300th of Continental Calendar. Assuming “South Continent Empire” was born at that time, it was annihilated half a year later at 2nd month year 301 of Continental Calendar.

“George abandoned the seat of the Emperor of the Continental Empire and declared its independence.”
“…What does that mean?”
“…A united front with the [West Continental Empire].”

In other word, the 3 of them compromised that none of them can call themselves “Continental Emperor”. However, at the time of division, the “East Continental Empire” had an overwhelming financial and military strength than South or West Continental Empire so it’s necessary to join hands… or so George thought.

After all, George didn’t want to be an Emperor to begin with. He seems to put emphasis on magic research, perhaps he wanted to be a researcher. In the end, it’s just a guess.

Even so, Empress Olga of the “West Continental Empire” approved of the alliance and the declaration of independence.

With a condition.

“And the condition is?”
“A renaming.”
“The nation name and Georges’ first name.”

Until when will you call yourself “Continental Empire” also you’re not my brother anymore! Or so it implies.

George accepted the condition and changed the name.
It was the birth of a new nation, “Kils The 2nd Empire”. The name of the first Emperor is Georgios-Anatolicon [Geoergiosu-Anatorikon] (TL Note : Really tempted to write it as An・lol・con)

“I’ve heard of him!”
“There will be a lot of problem if you never heard of him.”

“They are still in this nation after all.”

“or rather, why the [The 2nd] thing? What’s the first?]
“Of course. the first existed before [Continental Empire] united the continent.”

Although its territory was so small it was only on the level of a city.
By the way, Georgios is an ancient Kilsian way of reading George, and Anatolicon was a region name.

“Then, war occurred?”
“Un. [Kils The 2nd Empire] was the one that started it.”

Sometimes in the year 302nd of the Continental Calendar, Kils prepared to attack the [East Continental Empire].
As the result of Georgios magical research, Kils soldiers are more refined that [East Continental Empire]s Soldier.

In this attack, the [West Continental Empire] supplied Kils with personnel and supplies. At the same time, a maneuver was started.

“The [East Continental Empire] incited a rebellion in various place in [West Continental Empire] ”

Thanks to domestic reformation and economic poly of Olga, the “West Continetal Empire] had a considerable financial strength. The [East Continental Empire] spread various anti-government organization there.
This is quite a cruel strategy.

“What do you mean?”
“First, there is no choice but to gather the army to suppress the rebellion throughout the nation. It was all over the land.”

It was a nightmare for the Kils army who advanced while enduring guerilla attacks from the “East Continental Army” from behind.
Because they need to suppress the guerilla attacks, it becomes impossible to continue supporting the front line of the army. And then the suppression force raised a revolt.

When the suppression force is sent to handle the guerilla attacks, the suppression force revolted instead and then more soldiers extracted from the front line to suppress them and so, the Kils army offense operation began to collapse. You can’t help but to laugh at such event.

And then, another confusion occured.

“Some noble territories declared their independence.”
“Could it be, Silezia Kindom is one of them?”
“Correct. But it was the last one to declare its independence from [East Continental Empire]”

Please remember it. “Kils The 2nd Empire” declared its independence at the year 302 but, Silezia Kindom became independent at the year 452.
In other word, for 150 years, “East Continental Empire” was engulfed in guerilla war, partisan, revolt and nations independence declaration.

It was a nightmare.

thanks to that, all the prosperity of golden age was all used up in 150 years of dark age. Far from it, there is also debts. The economic and military strength was shaved and the country was left in poverty.

More independence movement and people fleeing the poverty driven nation happened one after another.

“It became somehow pitiful…”

The”East Continental Empire” didn’t sympathize the people. The Emperor didn’t care.

“Don’t worry, the era of destruction of the [East continental Empire] has ended.”
“Eh? Is that so?”

I don’t know about the unhappiness but, the internal affair of “East Continental Empire” is stabilizing. Of course there is still some rebellion but, it wasn’t comparable to before.
This is because the 55th Emperor of the “East Continental Empire” Pavel the 3rd domestic reforms and diplomatic policy succeeded.

“What did he do?”
“Agricultural policy reform and industrial promotion and also, independence recognitions.”
“I think independence recognition is just a mere defeat declaration though…”
“Well, it’s natural to think like that. But there is a meaning to it.”

Because independence is recognized, the long civil war was ended.

The trade with the independence country started and the economic recovery was accomplished with that.
The Emperor before Pavel the 3rd was the one that thought the idea [I will recognize the independence so let’s do national trades.”
But, he didn’t have the courage to recognize the independence which is de facto declaration of defeat.

As the result, the economic strength of people strengthened by the trade and they didn’t starved. Even now they can’t be said to live in prosperity but if it was compared to the dark age of the empire, it was entirely better.

“What’s wrong?”
“My head hurts.”

Fumu, there is only just a bit more though. The limit of Sarahs’ brain seems to be reached, we should end it for today.

“Then, that’s all for today.”
“Is that so. Tomorrow is swordsmanship lesson. I will train you hard.”
“Don’t be too hard on me.”
“I won’t do that. I will have my revenge for today!”

…It seems better to lower the hurdle the day after tomorrow.

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    When the suppression force is sent to handle the guerilla attacks, the suppression force revolted instead and then more soldiers extracted from the front line to suppress them and so, the Kils army offense operation began to collapse. You can’t help but to laugh at such event.

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