LOTCH 12 “Sibling”

Almost didn’t make it for the 28th July 2017.
I was fitting a suit with a tailor then went to my parents home all day.
There won’t be any chapter tomorrow since it’s sang jit day tomorrow!
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After another episode of me being taught and beaten without mercy and talking.
I won’t say by who.

I returned to the dormitory and took of my clothes, as expected it was full of bruises. I’m still only 10 year old, isn’t this a child abuse or at least bullying?
If the partner isn’t a girl I would have sued him.

“What’s with those bruises?”

When I was counting the number of bruises, my roommate talked to me.
His name is Rasdwav-Novak [Rasudowafu-Nowuaku]. Nickname Radek. 16 year old good looking guy (ikemen). That’s all.

“It’s from a supplementary lesson you know.”
“What kind of survival class did you do?”

Don’t look at it too much. Even if a man looking at me I’m not happy. ….Don’t touch! It’s hurt when the bruises touched you know!?

“It was a swordsmanship class. It became like this because of it.”
“Hoho~. Miss Malinowska is merciless isn’t she…..”
“Wait, I never said it was Sa….. Malinowska-san.”

“I never told anyone about what we do after school. Perhaps it was her. After all she’s like that?

“Ah? Isn’t it famous?”
“Eh, is that so?”
“Isn’t that obvious. Day after day, flirting with each other.”
“Seriously?… Wait, we didn’t flirting with each other you know?”

I don’t know bruises count as aftermath of flirting.

“Is that so? Aren’t you 2 quite close?”
“Not really.”
“Liar. You called each other nickname. What are you saying [Malinowska-san] now for. You called her [Sarah] loudly in class right, I’m so jealous!”

So that was it. Tehe. (TL: Note like Tehepero it’s Japanese expression ps: if you didn’t know just google it)
Un, it was such a simple thing, but I’m a bit embarrassed now.

“Well, Be relieved cause I won’t obstruct you love path. I wonder if i should introduce myself.”
“That’s wasn’t necessary at all”

Damn, I wonder if I can change room if I go to students affairs office now. I don’t want to be involved with this guy.
….With that said, I don’t have male friends so, I can’t get free from him.

He’s 6 year older than me so Radek gives some good advices. However, if my previous live added I would win by double that score.

“On a side note, Radek which department are you going for in the 2nd year?”
“nn~? I’m… fine with going wherever. Besides the Warfare Strategy department.”
“Why leave only that?”
“Strategy is difficult so it’s better to leave it to you.”
“Thanks for that”

The military academy is divided into 10 department in total. Though usually students can choose the field where they are interested or good at, sometimes the teacher referred them to one.

Swordsmanship is Swords Army Department.
Bowmanship is Bow Army Department.
Horsemanship is Cavalry Department
Magic is Magic Army Department or Magic Research Department. And then there is also Healing Magic Department which exist independently.
Strategy-Tactics is Warfare Strategy Research Department.
Math, logistic, communication, military engineering and logistical support is Military Supplies Department.
Law is Police Department. It’s the so called Military Police.
And then the Intelligence Department which train professional spies.

If you can graduate from one department safely, basically you’ll be assigner to corresponding military unit.

Sarah is Swords Army Department.
I’m Warfare Strategy Research Department.

Radek doesn’t care which. I wonder if i should go to the most unpopular Military Supply Department.

“Where’s miss Malinowska going? Because she’s got a good horsemanship is the the Cavalry Department?”
“She’s going for Sword Army Department.”
“Hoo, Sword Army. That sounds tough.”

Although no matter which department it’s difficult, the Sword Army Department is especially difficult. After all, it’s very popular as the most honorable weapon in military.

“Well, what’s happened. Suddenly talking about departments.”

I kind of wanted his advice so it’s alright i guess. I’m sure it will be good communication.

“N? Aah, the truth is….”

I told Radek about when we talked about graduation exam a while ago. Because there is some embarrassing parts, it will be left out a bit here and there.
He listened seriously….I think? Not just nodding right?

“I generally understand”
“Hohou? about what?”
“That you’re unexpectedly popular.”

Uwah, this guy absolutely didn’t hear the story at all.

“Well, because it’s inelegant to say it, I will only say one thing.

Yes yes I’m listening you know~.

“You and miss Malinowska is, like a big sister and little brother.”

Although I tried to pursue the meaning, he didn’t answer anything at all.
Shouldn’t it be master student relationship? Well she taught men many things but, I also taught her many thing so it’s not?


Uu~. Come to think of I wasn’t wearing my clothes. Naked upper body is hard in the winter even though it’s inside a room.

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