LOTCH 13 South Kingdom Lost Paradise

Carlsberg [Karusubado] Republic.

A neighbor nation to the south of Silezia Kingdom which population have somewhat decent economy. It’s located in a place called Czech Republic in my previous life.

As the name have republic in it, it’s a democratic nation and the current president is Wichef-Kriger [Wuoichefu-Kurigeru].
President Kriger is known as moderate person, he aim to make Calsberg a peace loving nation.

“Overthrow the government who trample the weak!”
“Don’t permit President Krigers injustice!”
“MAke Calsberg Republic strong again!”

Capital city Sokolov [Sokorofu]. A large scale demonstration continues around the Presidential Office.
It was caused by the wave of famine that occurred in “East Continental Empire” also hits Carlsberg.

Although the source of information is unknown, the illegal action of President Kirger has been made public.
It says that part of the government tax was given to the mistress and the said mistress also influenced the presidents decisions…. or something like that.

Though the degree of truth is unclear, the peoples’ anger exploded by prolonged recession.
The president has denied the rumor. However the people said “He’s trying to run away from responsibility!” so it’s useless even if he denied it desperately.

All the people in the nation is interested in what will happen to the president.

But President Kriger which is in the maelstrom now immerse himself with his work in the office as if it was an unrelated matter. He is someone that can concentrate with noised instead so he welcome the large scale demonstration instead.

However, when he was working, the presidential office got a sudden visitor.

“….What is it? Have you known no courtesy soldier?”
“I don’t want to be taught courtesy by you. I’m here simply for business.”

The name of the visitor is Edward-Haaha [Edowuarudo-Ha-ha] the Strategic General of the Calsberg Republican Army. (TL : Dat last name…. Suggestion please) Several guards behind Haaha stands with a sword in hand.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

The President asked.

“It’s this thing.”

Haaha Answered shortly.
At that moment, blodd spurted from President Krigers’ neck.
His Carotid artery has been cut and whenever his heart beat blood came out dying the office red. After a while President Kriger became a corpse.

“….. All of you, the President Kriger has committed suicide. Until the situation settles down I will temporarily become the president.”
“Yes your highness”

8th day 1st month 632nd year of continental calendar, the collapse of Carlsberg Republic started.

“President Kriger has died!”

The history of the continent keeps moving forward without waiting for the people.

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