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LOTCH 23 Counter Attack 

If it’s hard to be defensive, we should then go attack them where the cavalrymen made their base. Or so my suggestion.

Although cavalrymen can do a guerilla attacks, they still need a base where the soldiers can rest.

I don’t think there are many places around here where they can set up a base, and since they are deep inside enemy territory, they can’t act careless during daytime when they are highly likely to be discovered.

“Platoon chief-dono, do you have a map around this place?”

“Aah, there is.”

Lieutenant Tarnowski brought out a slightly large map. The size cover the national border frontier town Kobari and an eastern provincial town called Wrocław.

Our current location is somewhere between Kobari and Wrocław, a plain called Legnica.

From the location of the highway and the time we walked from Kobari….. I marked our approximate location on the map.

“The enemy came from east-south-east.”

“That is so. However if you go to the east too much there is Wrocław. They will avoid town area where the possibility that they will be found is high even if they are not on the highway.”

I have also thought the possibility that they had abandon the base but, the possibility isn’t high.

There’s no way the base is in the west, there is Wrocław in the east, there is Świdnica town in the south.

Wrocław is the largest city around here and have a lot of people. There’s a lot of trade going so there should be a lot of traffic too.

Although Świdnica is a small town there’s also people there. It will be a problem if they are discovered.

In other word, the base for the enemy cavalry unit is the at the east from here, not around Wrocław and Świdnica, away from highway around those towns, a place where soldiers and horses can take a rest and if possible there’s a lot of blind spots…..

Around here, there is only one place that fit the bill.

Lt. Tarnowski also seemed to reach the same conclusion and nodded.

“The enemy base, I guess it’s around lake Mietkowskie. There’s forest around there too.”

The enemy location is found with this.

However, there’s one obstacle for us to attack the enemy camp. The princess.

We can’t leave her here alone but, we also can’t break the escort units into 2 and attack with one. Should we bring her together? I though of that but, her march speed is slow and there will be a lot of problem if she’s injured.


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Uuun…. There’s no other choice, we should go to the nearest village and hide her there. At the same time, we will carry the injured soldier with the wagon there. The princess looked terribly disgusted and hated it but since it’s an emergency it’s alright right? Besides we didn’t use the noble carriage to give ride to those who need medical attention it’s alright right?

The village is 5 km in the opposite direction of the lake. It’s good that we make some distance from the enemy, however, since we need to go to the lake later there will be another 10km of walk. Ugh.

…..I wonder if that princess can stay in such a poor village. I’m worried that she might make problem to the villagers.

“It will be hopeless if I’m alone so I will be saved if you leave some people.”

The princess unexpectedly can read the air. Perhaps she learnt that she must not be selfish with there chain of events. She’s surprisingly smart.

And so we decided to leave 2 cadet candidate girls for the princess as escort. Personally the princess wanted Sara to remain as her escort but….

“I will go with Jozef.”

“Eh, but Sara swordsmanship is good so you can guard the princess if something happened.”

“It’s because I’m good at swordsmanship that I can’t not participate in the attack right.”

“Aah, uuh…. But Sara if something happened.”

“If something happened to my disciple I will hate to remain here.”

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 After all Sara won’t listen at all and eventually Sara and I participate in the attack group. Radek? That guy is forced to participate. After all, he’s not injured at all, he’s a man and the person in question seemed to wanted to go.

The villagers gives an impression that they will protect her so that the nation will give some [sympathy] to them.

The princess identified herself as the daughter of an earl so it should be fine. Probably.

Incidentally, we left the wounded soldiers in the village. I though it will be troubling but the villagers nursed the wounded soldiers devotedly. They said,

“Because they worked hard to kept us safe.”

or something like that. Is it because it’s a nation surrounded by strong nations that such a small village have patriotism toward their home nation?

It’s very different that heard about the dark side of Silesia a while ago.

Regardless, we managed to resolve the wounded soldier problem somehow.

The only problem left is. Including the acquaintance cadets, the bodies of both friend and foe is left at that place. Because there’s no more room to carry it, I’m really sorry.

However, there’s no time to indulges in my though forever, there’s not time to apologize either.

“There won’t be much time to go to the lake at east-south-east where the enemy predicted to be. We need to discover the enemy base before the sunset, attack and destroy it.”

The time now is approximately 11.00 am. Because the sunset is about 5:00 pm, the time limit is about  hours. If we calculate the enemy base distance from the village…. it’s roughly 4 hours one way.

It will be hard.

“Then, let’s go!”


Our war potential is barely amateur 19 infantrymen.

“Captain, what should we do?”

It was planned to be successful on the first attack. That’s why accurate information was given and the escort is weak.

Nevertheless it’s failed. It was a terribly great blunder. The way this is going we won’t be able to return to our home country.


“I hear you.”

What should we do? If we retreat here, the white eagle, the young princess will be out of our reach.

Then should we attack again? the danger is great but there is no other choice.

The enemy is probably exhausted due to the raid. There is a high possibility of being in a nearby village to calm the princess.

I want to send scouts to confirm it….. but, the resistance of the enemy escort was more than I thought.

Group 2 and 3 which attacked the infantry together lost 4 people, group 1 that examines the carriage with me lost 3 people, in other word, everybody other than me was seriously injured. Although they are given emergency healing magic, they are not in the state to be able to fight anymore. In other word, we can’t afford to send scouts.

Including me, the remaining soldiers from group 2 and 3 and those that stayed in the base together is 9 cavalrymen.

It’s impossible to do a surprise attack in daytime with this. There’s no other choice but to do another night attack.

“Tonight, we will attack the village. Don’t neglect the preparations.”


This is our last chance.

If it fails….

“C-commander…. It’s the enemy!”


The enemy escort team is attacking us.

Around the lake, as Lt. Tarnowski said there’s a forest, it was difficult to see from the outside. Therefore it takes some time to find the enemy base.

However it’s also hard for the enemy to see. Apparently they have neglected the precautions. They didn’t aware that we come closer to the vicinity of the lake.

Perhaps they are exhausted from the last night raid…. Un, I guess so. They will be sleepy at daytime when they attack at night.

Assuming there is a group that stayed in base, there is probably not many so there will be holes in the defense.

“Sara, how many people there?”

“I can’t see clearly but… there’s only 2 people standing.”

2 people…. that means the rest are either sitting or sleeping. If we can aim at this opening…..

“Sara, let’s return and report back to the platoon chief-dono. Quietly ok.”


We who had finished scouting returned to the place where Lt. Tarnowski is waiting. So that the enemy doesn’t notice use, we weren’t equipped with anything and walked barefooted so that there’s not footsteps sound.

When the platoon chief-dono finished hearing our report, he immediately ordered.

“Yosh, divide the group into 3 and surround their base. Group on from east, group 2 from north, group 3 from west. Destroy the enemy or push them to the lake. Don’t let a single person alive.”


Sara, Radek and me also 3 farmer soldiers, a total of 6 person is group one. The lieutenants is at group 2 which attacking from north.

….is it finally time to kill someone? We received the graduation exam way ahead of time.

“Yosh, then each of you go to the designated place. Please don’t be discovered.”

In about 10 minutes a combat will begun on the banks of the quiet lake.


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LOTCH 22 The Princess and The Archduke

Currently, there are 2 people who have the right to the Silesia succession to the throne.

One is, the princess Emilia which is the escort target of this mission.
Another is, the brother of the current king, archduke Karol.

Even though princess Emilia who is the direct descendant of the current king Frans is first in line, she’s still just 10 years old. Furthermore, she seems to be selfish, her characteristic is famous among all chamberlains. There’s no special ability, you can say she’s an ordinary girl who doesn’t fit to be a royalty.

On the other hand, archduke Karol is 35 years old. As the kingdom prime minister, he’s well versed in literature and martial arts that he’s recognized as one of the wise ruler in the past 100 years. Officially for now at least.

……Now, such a different 2 person exist at the same time, the nobles have to consider which one is suitable to be the next king of Silesia.

Well there’s no need to say it. It’s archduke Karol.

The strife concerning the next king is carried out away from the public eye in the Silesia palace.
Or rather, King Frans is only 42 years old now. I don’t he will die for another 20 years so there’s no meaning to fight about it now.

One day, a ceremony is to be held in Carlsberg. The ceremony is, a memorial ceremony of the conclusion of the non-aggression pact between Silesia and Carlsberg. For that ceremony, on the behalf of the royal family, princess Emilia, archduke Karol and a part of the Minister of Foreign Affairs scribe were planned to attend it.
However, because the political change that occurs in Carlsberg, the ceremony is cancelled and the pact went up in smoke. Furthermore, even more unfortunate, the political change occurred immediately after princess Emilia entered the Carlsberg territory. It was very terrible.

Suchdetails were told to me who is just 10 years old by lieutenant Tarnowski.

“By the way, which faction is platoon chief-dono fathers at?”
“Father doesn’t like factional disputes but… if it’s forced, it’s princess Emilia faction. Because father is the Chief Executive of the Department of Justice and an upright person, if it’s about inheritance right the first in line should be the one that got to be the king.”

Fumu fumu. Then the lieutenant is my ally for the time being. Because to me, those who wanted to kill the selfish blond loli princess deserve to die.

Now then, the reason we’re talking about this is the idea I will talk about to the lieutenant. Of course I told him indirectly about the cooperator inside Silesia Kingdom.

As the result, the lieutenant has begun to grumble what he thought to himself. Furthermore, since I asked about his Father in the Department of Justice, he could combine the information together and deduce it himself what to grumble about.
Really what a careless person, it will be a big problem is someone heard it isn’t it, ha ha ha.

“This time mission, about the surprise attack. Do you think it’s related?”
“I think so. Don’t you think so?”

Un, I really think so. I kind of dislike the Silesia now.
There’s a few strange points in the mission.

– The fact that the political change occurs right after the princess entered within Carslberg territory.
– even as a joke princess, the escort is only 1 platoon of amateurs. Normally this is the job for Imperial Guards.
– The enemy cavalrymen invaded so deep into Silesia territory.
– The princess escort group that should’ve been strictly confidential is founded by the enemy at the first day.

And another one, is the interesting thing that the lieutenant told me.

“It’s just a rumor but, archduke Karol was supposed to go to Carlsberg too. However, along the way, he’s delayed for several days because of the malfunction of the carriage. But thanks to that several days, he seems to be still within Silesia Kingdom when the political change occurred.”


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If this rumor is true, archduke Karol is a pretty wicked villain.
While his niece is desperately trying to escape Carlsberg, he was totally relaxing within Silesia. And then with enough escorts, he returned to the royal capital.

Isn’t this a full fledged murder attempt?

“Well then, I was thinking out loud just now so just leave it at that. Otherwise, people will think that I have grown old.”
“I agree. I’m only 10 years old so I don’t want to be called grandpa yet.”

Un. I could hear various of interesting things. However there’s about 30% regret about hearing it.

“What should we do is not to search the true criminal. It’s to guard the princess.”
“I understand.”

This is without doubt the best course of action.
We’re located about 8 hours by carriage away from the town Kobari.
Even if I said 8 hours away we took a break every 2 hours for about 10 minutes or so and we didn’t advance in a straight line since we advance along the highway so we didn’t progress much.

If it’s just the carriage, it will be fast but since the escort is infantrymen and the problem of physical fitness of the princess, it can’t be helped that we will be slow. It’s also hard to use only the carriage to advance from here since there’s the danger of being attacked again….

the neares big town with military garrisoned is about half a day distance to the south. We might manage somehow if we go there but unfortunately, the enemy cavalry came from the east. Un…..

“Rather, we should give up on escorting isn’t it.”

Of course I had no intention of abandoning the mission.
Look, isn’t it been said so from a long time ago?

“Attack is the best defense you know.”


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LOTCH 21 Dawn

We greed the morning sun safely. Namu Namu.

“Report what happened.”

At this moment, lieutenant Tarnowski returned with the platoon.
Well, the surrounding is completely black. By the way, the commander of the enemy soldier seems to be able to escape since there’s no corpse. to be able to survive in that situation is amazing.

However we can’t just be impressed. It’s a pain to miss an enemy soldier.

For now let’s report. blah blah yadda yadda.
I omitted the conversation with the princess but and the fact that we know it’s the princess.

“….Because you protected the guard subject, I’ll overlook the fact that you wasted a high class liquor.”
“Is that really such a high class item?”
“Aah, 1 bottle of that liquor is about equal to my salary for a year.”

That’s scary. What should I do, we used a barrel of it.

“So captain, how’s the damage to the infantrymen?”
“…. 4 dead 7 injured. Among that, 1 cadet died and 3 was injured.”
“Is that so.”

It’s not a close friend but… it’s a bit painful. After all my acquaintance has died.

“Although I understand your feeling, we don’t have time to grief. The enemy cavalrymen will probably attack again.”
“….I understand.”

That’s right. The battle isn’t over yet.

Apparently Lieutenant Tarnowski had defeated an enemy soldier and captured 1 horse. The horse was used to go to the 3rd division headquarter to ask for escort reinforcement and to alert them.
There’s enemy within the country and they might try to cut our supply line with guerrilla tactic.

As for the battle around the border is still continuing. Since there’s a lack of trump card, they are wearing each other out.
This state is undesirable to continue for a long time. Whether it’s a win or lose, the casualty will be too high. So the enemy tried to cut off the supply line is it…..

But there’s several strange points.

The enemy main target is obviously not the destruction of supply line. In that case, it should be us.

Raid the supply unit using 10 cavalrymen, after they are annihilated, withdraw. Or so the theory is. Here is inside Silezia nation, reinforcement will come if they stay too long.

However the enemy commander said [Check the carriage]. In such situation where enemy reinforcement may come at anytime, can they leisurely check the carriage?
Are they trying to capture it? But it’s only 4 people that approach the carriage. There will be a limit of the supply they can seize.

Perhaps the enemy know from the beginning that the princess is inside this supply unit…..?
…..Thanks to that, I have a bad feeling. Rather, it’s a unpleasant guess.

“Captain-dono, there’s something I want to ask.”
“What is it?”
“About this task.”

I need to make it clear.


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“….. Let’s hear it. However there’s not much time so be brief.”
“I understood.”

It will be over shortly.

“What I wanted to ask is, why the escort subject tried to go to Carlsberg.”
“Last night, the escort subject revealed it. [The luggage in the wagon is a gift to be presented to Carlsberg] or so.
“….Lance corporal Walesa. How much do you know?”
“……That it’s a person with e very high status.”

I avoid saying it. there will be troublesome dispute in the noble community if a military secret is leaked.

“Is that so. Did you know that it’s Princess Emilia?”

Eh, we can say it?

“It’s okay, I disclose it at my own discretion. You don’t have to worry.”

Seriously? Was my consideration was unnecessary? That was slightly embarrassing.
W-well, anyway.

“E, etto. Her highness planned to go to Carlsberg. But the political change occurred, so she can’t. Is that right?”
“It’s not known what business she had at Carlsberg. But, the timing of the princess entry to Carlsberg and the political change is too good.”

When the Carlsberg politic changed, at that time the princess has left and just arrived at the vicinity of the border, thinking about it, the timing is too good.
Maybe the Carlsberg army tried to capture the princess.

However, a cooperator is necessary in Silezia side. If that’s the case, there’s something bad happening behind the scene. Or so I though.

I’m at lost whether I should tell Lt. Tarnowski.
He’s the son of the Earl Tarnowski of the Justice Department. I don’t know what’s the Earl position in the court but thoughlessly talking about it might be bad.

But even if I say so, this is all just a guess. There’s possibility that it’s just my paranoia. There’s no evidence.

“You don’t seems like a 10 year old. Even if you said you are 30 years old, I might believe it.”
“I’m undoubtedly 10 years old.”

To be more specific 10 years old and 249 months old.

“Lance corporal Walesa, I have a proposal for you.”
“Aah. I will answer your question as far as I know. However, tell me what you think about it.”
“….Are you sure?”
“Sure about what?”
“No, I wonder if you can tell me so easily….”

If I make a mistake it’s likely that it will be Captains liability right? The military secret included.

“It’s alright. You’ve played a heroic role. You found the enemy quickly as the patrol unit, also you saved her highness life. Don’t you think I can trust you with that much?”

Un… I wonder if its ok….. Also it was Sara who found the enemy.

“In addition”

The captain seems to adding more thing.

“I don’t like that division commander. It makes me want to talk when he told me it’s a secret.”

I see. I’m convinced.

“About that division commander, it seems like I won’t come to like him too.”
“Fuuh. We get along huh.”
“Ee, really.”

It seems I can get along well with Lt. Tarnowski.

…..I wonder when can I tell him about his little brother.

LOTCH 20 North Kobari Battle


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“Your highness Emilia. There are many things I want to say but this is emergency. Would you please follow my instruction?”

For us to survive, her highness obedience is necessary. However, our head will fly if something happened to her highness. Physically.

“Your highness?”

Are you alive? You are not sleeping while standing with open eyes right?

“You, what’s your noble rank?”

…..Uwa, this will be troublesome.

“No, I’m a commoner….”
“Then I don’t have to listen to you. Why a royalty must follow a soldiers instruction.”

This bitch….!
No, I can’t I can’t. “This bitch” is a dead flag.

“Your highness can do what you want. However if it’s as it is, we probably won’t be able to pray to the sun tomorrow. Please forgive me somehow but, would your highness follow my instruction?”

Right now life is more important than honor.

“I don’t want to.”

Can I hit her?

“Your highness.”

Suddenly Sara kneeled down to the ground.

“Her highness is an important existence for our country and people. Please will you hear this rude commoners’ advice?”

Is the rude commoner refers to me?

“You are a child of a knight… if I’m not mistaken.”
“Yes. I’m Sara Malinowska. Your highness.”
“Do you swear your loyalty to me?”
“Even though this body is immature, I’ll protect your highness even with my life.”

Amazing! Sara is an authentic knight! So cool!
Ah, Sorry Sara-san, please don’t glare at me so much I will cower from it.

“Then it’s alright. I trust your loyalty. Your advice will be heard.”
“Thank you for your highness consideration.”

Un. Well that’s that.
Royalty is troublesome.

“Then, what do you want me to do? Commoner-san.”
“My name is Jozef Walesa your highness.”
“I will remember it.”

To have your name remembered by a royalty is a great honor in politic world. However there’s no use for it now though so I’m not that happy.

“Before that, does your highness have knowledge of magic or martial arts?”
“None. If it’s magic it’s only to the extent of being able to use beginner magic.”

Fumu. Then as war potential it’s zero.
Well even if she said “Swordsmanship is possible! ” we can’t recklessly put her in that situation.

“In that covered wagon, is there something that seems useful?”
“No, it’s only parts of certain item from our homeland that was scheduled to be presented to Carlsberg.”

Un, I wonder if we can use it somehow……

“Oi Jozef. Looks like we don’t have time to relax.”
“What is it Radek.”
“Something is shining from the east. O think it’s probably fireball.”

Is the battle started?

“…..There’s no more time.”

I don’t have much confidence to survive.

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“Commander, the target is at the front!”
“Yosh! Team 2 and 3 attack the infantries , team 1 follow me!”

Our morale is at the peak.

From the information the enemy is a small army, moreover it’s amateur group that haven’t finished training. It’s impossible to be defeated. If it’s such enemy, it’s possible to confine them with only 8 horsemen.

The remainder escorts… probably just a few people. All that’s left is to disposed of the white eagle.
However the instruction from the homeland is to capture alive so let’s follow it.

“Commander, it’s strange!”
“What is it?”

Even though we have reached the carriage which was supposed to be the goal, there was no one there. There’s only 2 wagons.
Could it be everyone is at the east defense line? But we can’t neglect vigilance. There’s possibility of an ambush.

“Prohaska and Schulhoff check the carriage. Sook and I will check the surrounding.”
“I understand”

These men are elite soldiers in the Republic Army. Even if some soldiers are hiding in the carriage they have enough ability to subjugate them.

“But commander, do you smell something stinks?”
“What’s wrong?”

Is it a trap? Certainly it’s unnatural…..

“No, it’s not metaphor, it smells like liquor…..”

Certainly there’s smell of liquor. Were they drinking a little while ago?
….Could it be.

“Oi! Get away from the carriage!”

Even though I instructed them at once it was too late.
A fireball fly in from somewhere and burn everything around.

In previous world Poland. The special product of that country is a liquor [Spirytus] exist.
Another name is [World strongest liquor]. In various meaning.
The alcohol content is at marvelous 96%. There’s great difference with other diluted alcohol in the market, if anything the liquor have even higher alcohol concentration than ethanol used in spirit lamp.

Naturally it’s easy to ignite, it’s an article that need special treatment. Good kids shouldn’t smoke while drinking spirytus.

….Such thing was piled up in the wagon, the [Special item of the homeland] was in fact this [Spirytus]. The name is different but the merchant son said [This is an absurdly strong liquor!” or so he said.
I wonder if his highness wanted to set Carlsberg Reception Hall on fire.

In other word, we scatter the reincarnation of spirytus on the east side of the carriage, then we hide in the cavalrymen blind spots while waiting for the timing to ignite it.
I think this is a big gamble but, there’s no other idea I can think of. I’m sorry.

It seemed that the strategy went well and the ground suddenly covered in flame, the horse was surprised and shook off the soldiers to the fire. Since it’s winter, the surrounding is dry and dead leaves burnt one after another. Without noticing it 3 people already burnt.

…..It might be too much.
Un, well that’s can’t be helped.

“As always it’s showy!”

Lay off me, lay off me.

“We’ve done it right?”

Ah, yes. I’m sorry.

“Jozef-san. It’s alright to make fire but, have you think about how to put out the fire?”

We recklessly extinguished the fire after this.

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LOTCH 19 Strange Audience

“It’s here! Sword cavalrymen at the front! Prepare magic volleys!”

Lieutenant Tarnowski ordered calmly. He’s calm so he realized they are inferior.

The enemy cavalry unit is about 10 horsemen. Perhaps they are elite of Republic Army.
In contrast there’s 1 platoon of infantrymen consisted of 30 men. Furthermore, half of them are farmers who’ve just drafted and the other half are cades who’ve just entered military school.
Or so to say, a mish-mashed unit.

It’s clear that Tarnowski actually wanted to run away.

However it’s not possible to run away. There’s someone to protect in the rear, there’s also his subordinate in the surrounding.

And the partner is cavalrymen. If the formation is disrupted that will be the enemy advantage. They are deployed in a line and use magic volley to restrain and weaken the enemy. They fight with the same strategy in textbook so there’s only one choice.

“All member, shoot!”

A battle is opened in an open plain.



“Yusep, please explain the battle situation in easy to understand terms.”
“It’s bad.”
“It’s suicidal to attack cavalrymen with small amount of infantrymen. If it’s me I will quickly run away.”
“Then what should we do with the baggage?”

The baggage, in other word the escort subject. Well personally I’ll leave it…..

“We can’t say that right?”

As Radek said, if we flee we will be dropped out of the military academy.

“I think they will break through at this rate. We must prepare to intercept.”
“Only us?”
“Who else is there?”
“No one. Everyone went to east.”

Once the magic battle started, the escort subject may get involved. Therefore we intercept them at remote place. The judgement is correct but the enemy is bad.

The enemy is cavalrymen.
Literally soldier that ride a horse. After all the merit of horse is it’s charging power.

The weight of a horse is about 500 kilograms also the “Horsepower” is used as representative of power because horse is powerful. Ordinary people will be scared at the sound of a horse charging at them, the mish-mashed platoon won’t be able to compete with that attack power.
Above all they’re fast. It’s like a car or motorcycle charging at full speed. That sort of feels.

To defense against cavalrymen, the standard is to use a large amount of spearmen. Just like human, every animal is not good with sharp thing. Therefore wall of spear is used to make the horse afraid and slow them down. Then stab the flinched horse.
The other way is to shower them with arrows and magic but, if not all of them downed it will be hell.

Unfortunately there’s no spear here. Because after all, we didn’t predict cavalrymen attacks. Even if we do what could we do with 3 people.

“Staff officer, what should we do?”

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Before I realized suddenly I’m called staff officer. Well it’s alright. That’s my only merit after all.

“For now, Sarah, please report to the escort subject. We need her to get out of the carriage. She stands out too much like this.”
“It’s alright but, why me?”
“I won’t be able to respond if she bring that matter out.”
“That matter……… what’s it?”

It’s that you know, that.

“For now I’m counting on you.”
“I understood.”

When I said so, we return to the carriage to report. By the way I wonder if she understand noble manners. Well she’s a noble in name.

“So, what’s us the men going to do?”
“N~…. is there a place to hide near?”
“None. It’s a beautiful plain. There’s not even grass growing because it’s winter. Also it’s cold.”

Fumu. Then it’s impossible to hide in a shelters shadow.
Also Sarah returned from the carriage already. She finished the job unexpectedly fast.

“I brought her.”
“Aa, Sarah, Thank yo….”

Behind sarah, in this cold Silezia winter a blond loli wearing a thick clothing appeared.

“…..Forgive my impoliteness but it’s an emergency. Could we ask your name?”

I respond with maximum respect. I’m a bit worried if this is enough honorifics but please forgive me since I was a farmer. I also had my knee on the ground.

“It’s alright. This is an emergency, no need for such courtesy. Please raise your head.”

As I’ve been told so, I look at the girls face again.
No matter how I see it, it’s a loli. Blond short haired pretty loli. Probably 10 years old. Ah, the same age as me then?

“My name is Emilia-Silezia. The present king, Frans, is my father.”

LOTCH 18 Enemy Attack

“So, what kind of person is that noble guy?”

On our way to the capital Radek asked such thing.
Because there’s nothing to do it’s inevitable but, it will be a dead flag to relax during escort mission. Well we are inside our own nation.

“I don’t know. I think it’s someone with high status because it’s completely classified. Probably the duke?”
“It’s female.”

Sarah said suddenly. Why did you know?

“The lieutenant only told us girls. Probably he’s worried since the escort target is a woman isn’t it.”

If the energetic cadet made mistake and violates her it will be a problem. I wonder if he’s worried about that.


“Since we know that the escort target is a girl motivation came out isn’t it lance corporal Walesa-dono.”
“I agreed lance corporal Radek.”

By the way we seems to be treated as lance corporal. Well it’s just underling.


Ano, Sarah-san? Why are you glaring that hard?
When I thought so,




She stepped on my foot with full power. It hurts so much.

“There’s a woman here to Yusep.”
“Is she a nice girl?”

I think she’s manlier than any man around here.

2nd day 3rd month 22:00. It’s been 8 hours since we left Kobari.

The battlefield is already far, though occasionally lights are visible on the horizon.
The escort target is currently taking a break. Physical strength is consumed even in carriage, even more when it’s a narrow one, even mental fatigue is collected.

The military escort numbered at 30 people, it’s 1 platoon of infantry. Half is cadets swordsman and the rest is drafted spearman farmers.
Normally it should all be from 1 military department but, because of the sudden war the organization is in mess.

The noble target escort is riding the carriage also, there’s something carried in a wagon. We don’t know what it carried. Could it be golds and silvers treasure piled up there.

We the escorts patrolled the surrounding in turns.
Even though it’s inside our own nation it’s still near the battlefield and there is case of bandits. If the target got hurt, no, even if he lost a strand of hair there will be problem.


….Even though we got big responsibility, Radek is still relaxed without any tension.


On the other hand, Sarah the swordsmanship master is so quiet that it’s eerie.
In time like this she’s reliable but, please don’t hit me like this a bit more. Instead of hitting me she came over and whisper.

“Nee, do you hear it?”

Where’s the sound from? She can’t really express it which is so like her.

“Horse. It’s horse footstep.”

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Could it be cavalry? Probably it’s the reinforcement unit going to the border.

“…..Where’s the sound from?”
“It’s from there, east…. a bit to the south.”

So it’s from south east is it. But, it’s strange. The capital is at the north, the east is just plains and fields and there’s no highway. Because the come with horse then it’s….

“Sarah, are you sure?”
“I don’t like to lie you know.”
“Is that so. Then it’s the enemy.”
“Haah, enemy?”
“That’s right. Enemy. Enemy attack! Sarah please shoot fireball to the sky!”
“I don’t understand what is it but understood!”

A patrol unit shooting fireball functioned as signal to tell emergency.
Is it bandits? Or could it be the Republican Army? In any case we must finish the escort mission.

Sarah shoot fireball to the sky. It’s night time so it’s noticeable. Lieutenant Tarnowski should have seen it. Of course the enemy too.

“We can’t do anything with only 3 people for the time being. Let;s join the main force.”
“I understand.”



“Captain, it seems we are caught in the enemies patrol network!”
“I though they will be careless since it’s in their nation now, it was unexpected. They seems to have good ear.”
“What should we do? Chase them?”
“Don’t mind it. Our work is to catch the white eagles and not rabbit hunting. Disregard the small fish, make the formation and charge to the enemy main body!



The enemy is cavalrymen and we are infantrymen. The other side trying to attack the main body but, thanks to Sarah there’s considerable distance and we reached the main body 1st.
we’re lucky.

“Situation report!”

As soon as we arrived, the commanding officer asked for the report. Looking around, the other patrol unit has also returned as soon as possible, the whole platoon is here.

“Report. Unknown cavalry unit is approaching from southeast. Unfortunately the number is unknown!”
“Is it the enemy?”
“In all probability it’s the enemy. There is no reason for ally to march away from the highway domestically. It’s possible it’s bandits, there’s possibility it’s the Republic Army.”
“I have known enough. Everyone battle station! You guys guard the escort subject. The rest go to the east side! We will intercept them!”

By the platoon commander-dono instruction, the platoon members who were taking a rest began to move. When all member confirmed what they need to do, they march to the east-southeast where the enemy cavalrymen will come.

And then I wait here with Sarah and Radek. Depending on the circumstances it will be the first battle for the 3 of us.

LOTCH 17 Frontier Town

2nd of 2nd month, We cadets arrived at the border region.

“…, aren’t they just women and childs. They may not be useful.”

As soon as we assigned to the 3rd division, the division commander said that.
I think it’s reasonable to think so but you shouldn’t especially say that.

“Well it’s alright. Let’s do our best to show our loyalty you commoners.”

The division commander is part of elitism group. The type that will probably die a premature death. Usually in stories those who said “Just a girl” or “just a little kid” are the one that survived till the end.

But since he’s the major general I’ll listen quietly.
Division head-san, please work hard and achieve 2 rank special promotion from dying in battlefield. I’ll support you. You’ll be a general.

“Lieutenant Tarnowski! I’ll put the kids under your command! Whether it’s boiled burned or used as shields it’s up to you!”

I don’t want it. I’ll be deserting if that happen.
……Wait, Tarnowski? I heard of the name somewhere?

“Are you the dispatch from military academy?”
“I’m lieutenant Zamowin-Tarnowski. The leader of the 7th infantry platoon you guys assigned to.”

Fumu. What an intense appearance. From the 1st impression he got a competent aura around and he doesn’t seem that old. Perhaps around 20 years old.
Such handsome man can’t be incompetent.

“Neee…. Tarnowski is, coud it be that baldy….”

A that’s not good. I remembered just now.
The son of Earl Tarnowski the bald Tarnowski.

What should I do! Younger brother? No that baldy can’t be his older brother. ….No no that’s not important, we’re the one that forced his younger brother to withdraw from school!? Isn’t it the meat shield path without fail!?

“Over there stop whispering”

Please don’t be discovered, don’t be discovered, don’t be discovered.

“Fumu. You seem to know about the Tarnowski name, it seems detailed self introduction isn’t necessary. Your barrack is in the northeast of the town. For today you can relax. Duties will be given tomorrow. Dismissed.”

….Lieutenant I want to change platoon.

“Who is Tarnowski?”

Radek who doesn’t know about the circumstances of the 3 of us asked with inclined head. I’m to depressed to explain it.

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The 3rd division is stationed in a small town called Kobari near the Silezia-Carlsberg border.

Because it’s winter now there seems to be nothing around but because there is a lot of wheat field, it will be golden all over when it’s harvest season. Or so Radek told me.

“Why do you know such thing?”
“Are? didn’t I told you? I’m the 2nd son of a merchant so I know about internal geography in detail.”
“That’s the first time I heard of it.”

This fellow is a son of a merchant. That was unexpected. I though it’s a host son. However he seems to be a virgin.
Afterwards I was taught the detailed geography by the virgin Radek. He’s surprisingly smart.

A little to the south of Kobari is the border. The borderline goes through the mountainous area and Carlsberg Fortress exist there. It seems there’s storm going on at the foot of the mountain, the sound and light caused by magic continuously roar.

We’re supposed to rest but it seems we can’t rest with this situation. For one, it’s because we don’t know when will the front like will be broken.

“I wonder why you have been drafted. Miss Malinowska is good for battle with soldiers but aren’t you useless?”
“….I won’t deny my usefulness but how about Radek?”
“I’m fine. First of all i got no red mark on the mid term. However nothing is more than 80 points either.”

Is that…. good? Well it’s better than my 5 points archery.

“Everything under Yusep-kun head is useless so why he’s here?”
“Oi Radek come here for a bit.”

Let me get 2-3 punch in.
Well. that is certainly true.

“Well the main idea of choosing criteria is almost imaginable.”
“Oh, seriously?”
“Un. The division commander let it slip a while ago.”
“Is that so?”
“that’s right. “Commoners” was it.”

The neck of the division commander will fly if there is those above baron that’s called “Commoners” at worst.
Although Sarah is a knight daughter, the majority of knight is noble in name only.

“In other word it’s chosen by status?”
“That’s what it is. “That would also mean that no one can use their social position to disturb the military affair division who did the choosing.”

Perhaps there’s also pressure.
Oh dear, the country might be ruined if such thing always happen. This is why I don’t like nobles. Where’s the noble oblige!

“Well there’s nothing we can do about it right? For the time being, let’s rest for today okay?”

When I was being troubled Radek comforted me.

“I don’t know about you but this is. I’m pretty annoyed.”
“There’s good reason for that. My father had also dealt with nobles for some time during business. I’m not surprised at only this level.”

Apparently, the internal affairs of this country is worse than I thought.

The next day. We were given a duty.

“We the 7th platoon will be guarding a VIP to the capital.”
“A VIP is it.”
“Aah, concerning who is the VIP it’s a secret but it’s someone with a high status that’s for certain. Don’t be rude.”

VIP Escort was it. Moreover it’s going to the rear line, we might not die at all. Is it possible to return before the final exam.

“Departure will be at 12.00 noon. Each one of you prepare yourself. Dismissed.”

After lieutenant Tarnowski left, Sarah which stand next to me start speaking.

“Which foolish noble is approaching the border in such situation.”
“He’s probably wanted to watch a sport(war) and return panicking.”

I don’t mind even if he dies.

“For now shall we prepare?”

LOTCH 16 Beacon of War

Continental calendar 11th of first month year 632.
Serious atmosphere surrounded the border between Silezia and Carlsberg,

“Captain… this is”
“Aah, it feels like those guys wanted to cross the border. 2nd Lieutenant, is the evacuation going well?”
“No, there’s a bit of trouble. It’s still only about 70%.”
“Make them hurry. When those guys cross over the border we won’t know what will happen.”

To the remote rural town, about 10 thousands uninvited guess are coming.




The 4th and 5th graders are called to arm. It was 10 days after standby instruction was given by the principal, continental calendar 21st of 1st month year 632.

At the same time, “Those of 3rd year and bellow might be called to arm depending on situation.” such thing was told.

because of that, the athmosphere of the 3 1st year classes i belonged to is heavy.
There was a son of noble who don’t want to be called to arm and considering dropping out. There were some people that wrote their will too. There are also people who had given up and abandon their hope.

Me? I’m quite calm.

I go to class like always, got hit by Sarah like always, got whipped by Sarah like always,return to dorm like always.
I think the sense of crisis has faded because spending everyday with Sarah is scarier than the battlefield.

“Nee, Today we’re going to stay behind right?”

Ever since that day, I have been practicing with Sarah everyday. Swordsmanship and horsemanship as the center. No archery. Also no one to teach us magic.

Thanks to Sarah I can wield the sword and won’t be thrown by the horse. In addition, I also got used to pain and I think my kinetic vision improves too. As expected of Sarah Boot Camp.

Today class is swordsmanship and horsemanship but somehow, 3 teachers came to the 1st year class.

“The person whose name called must go to the School Affairs Section immediately.”

….Is it a call to arm? It’s probably so. I can’t think of anything else.

“Ee….., Antony-Korba. Philip-Jurrek. Lev-Vigoz Hanna-Vinevska…..”

The teacher without much emotion reads the names indifferently. When the person whos name is called, each of them had a desperate look. It’s a face of a prisoner facing a death sentence.

“…. Simon-Kaminski. Rasdwav-Novak. Sarah-Malinowska. Yusep-Walesa. The 16 people above.”

…..Sarah and I look at each others. I was just called right? It’s here? The draft notice?

“….Today class has been canceled isn’t it”
“Maybe we won’t have to do it anymore.”

This is no joke. If i die here there’s no meaning in reincarnating.

“For now, should we go to the School Affairs Department?”
“Is that so.”

I said so to Sarah and left the classroom. At that moment, I look back and saw swirl of joys. We survived for now. It was such faces.
What kind of face do I have now.

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“I’ll keep it short. Tomorrow at 11 a.m. you all will be assigned to the 33rd Special Regiment of the 3rd Division of Southern Border Army. You will be informed the details later. I’ll pray for your safety.”

Today is 22nd day of 1st month. Yesterday the 4th and 5th grader was just drafted but, it seems it’s not enough yet. Those 3rd year and bellow have been drafted by their grade.

Aah. I wonder if I should write a will. Even if I die the I can look forward to the next reincarnation, though it isn’t absolutely sure that I will reincarnated too next time.

First, I’m a virgin. This isn’t anyone else word but, I don’t want to die a virgin.

….or rather I’m not someone with good class record though? I flunked my practicals lesson isn’t it?
Also Sarah flunked in her desk exams and also drafted. What’s the criteria. Could it be everyone here is by any chance stupid?

“You also don’t have to attend the classes after tomorrow. You don’t have to worry about the schools credits. Your exam is to return here safely. Understood?”

Although the teacher had a calm voice, at the same time he had a guilty face. I’m ten years old now, to send such child to battlefield…. is it weighing his conscience?

I have no intention to blame the teachers though. The teachers doesn’t have the authority to decide the members to be drafted, several teachers have also been drafted. We’re equal that we don’t know when death will called us.

“….I will do my best.”

I said so and saluted the teacher. Sarah, Radek and similarly everyone also saluted.
We have just learned this and the salute is sloppy but the teacher doesn’t mind it and saluted in return.



Continental calendar 28th of 1st month year 632. on this day, The Carlsberg Republic Army finally crossed the border.

At this moment, Silezia-Carlsberg war began.

Extra Info : Map of Silezia Kingdom.


① Silezia Kingdom

② East Continental Empire

③ Carlsberg Republic