LOTCH 14 Melancholy of the Princess

This story happened 10 days before politic change in Carlsberg.

“Your Highness! Please do the preparation!”
“I don’t want to. I don’t want to go.”
“It will be a problem if you say that! Please do what you have been told.”
“I don’t want to go out of the Royal Palace.”

At the capital city of Silezia Kingdom Sironsk, for generations the royal family lives in the center of it, the palace was called [Philospalace].
The palace was built when Silezia Kingdom was a strong country that compete for the number 1 or 2 in the continent.

However there is no financial space to manage all of it at present so a third of the palace has been closed.

Then, in one of the palace room, a girl live in self-indulgence.

Her name is Emilia-Silezia. She’s the direct descendant of Frans-Silezia and the first in line in the succession right. 10 years old. But since she’s been brought as a royalty since childhood, her personalities standout more than those of her age.
No, it really standout.

“Even if we go to Sokolov now it will probably be useless.”
“No, this is an important thing to do. Please do the preparation.”

The selfish princess Emilia argued with the chamberlain for about an hour.
Because their salaries depend on this, if the princess didn’t hurry and decide their financial stat may collapse, also the financial officer waits anxiously outside the room. [TL: I don’t really understand this sentence  こうしている間にも近侍達の給料が発生しているため、はやく王女に決断してもらわねば国家財政が破綻する、と部屋の外で待機している財務尚書が心配していた。]

“Now go to Sokolov and do what. Will I have to attend a ceremony and listen to the silly talk of old men?? That’s unpleasant.”
“No, participating in the ceremony will deepen the ties between our countries.”
“It’ can’t be that simple right. Even if such thing one.”

Now, the problem these 2 discussed is about the good will visit to the Carlsberg Republic .
Carlsberg Republic had participated in Anti Silezia Alliance before and fought against Silezia Kingdom. It’s understandable that the princess doesn’t want to go to a former enemy country. However, it’s also true that this is an important ceremony.

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The ceremony is the Commemorative Ceremony of Silezia-Carlsberg Non-Aggression Pact. It can’t be helped that the name is long.

The non-aggression pact has been negotiated secretly for the past year and in one month time is the first commemoration ceremony and also first reveal to the continent.
There will be further relationship negotiation after with the non-aggression pact as the cornerstone… that’s why, there is movement to block the alliance which is an important even for the 2 country.

The king had said to the princess to attend such event.
The chamberlains though that the princess might die from stress but, they didn’t think that the princess would refuse to go to the ceremony.
Although they had prepared 100 words of encouragement for the ceremony later, it was useless like this. That’s why the chamberlains desperately try to persuade her.

“Emilia, don’t be too selfish. You weren’t such a child right.”

The person who has push through the chamberlains is her uncle, The Archduke and the current kings’ younger brother, Karol-Silezia. 2nd place in the succession rights. 35 year old. the beard which doesn’t suit his age is his feature.

“This ceremony is very important. In some cases, it’s related to the life of the people.”
“I understand, but….”

Although she understood, she doesn’t want to go. It’s reasonable. She’s just 10 years old after all.

“This is also the duty of a royalty. Please endure it.”

The princess is weak to Karol Archduke. For some reason she’ won’t say.

“I will also accompan you to the ceremony. Calm yourself Emilia.”
“….I understand.”

Thus it’s decided, Princess Emilia (and Archduke Karol) is going to Carlsberg.
Officially, it’s to inspect Silezia borders.


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