LOTCH 15 Sudden Change

Continental calendar 11th day 1st month year 632, a lot of cadets are hanging around the newspaper pasted in the vicinity of the Military Academy Affairs Office including me.

Almost all the officer cadets stare at the newspaper on the wall. The reason is,

[Carlsberg change their politic into a military regime.]

or so. The information about the military coup that occurred in the neighboring nation Carlsberg is described in detail.

“Is this a bad thing?”

Suddenly Sarah is next to me before I aware. Un, reading newspaper doesn’t suit Sarah at all.

“I think this is terrible.”
“Military regime is terrible.”

It will be terrible soon. I only have image of military nation loves to suppress and invade others.

Presently at Carlsberg, the Army General Edward-Haaha is holding the position as temporary President after he’s been nominated by the parliament.
At the same day, President Haaha issued martial law to the whole nation. Simultaneously the constitution is also suspended, the legislative, executive and judicial authority has been transferred to the military and the parliament has been suspended for an indefinite time.
I think this all happened too fast isn’t it. It would have needed a vary thorough prior preparation.

Officially, it’s a measure to prevent confusion in the government after the former presidents’ suicide…. I wonder if the former president is actually murdered.
I guess the parliament was threatened with a sword on their neck too.

“I wonder if this will be a problem for Silezia.”
“I can’t say anything to you yet now but, the situation is bad.”

Carlsberg was in Anti Silezia Alliance so it’s normal to think like that.

“How much was Carlsberg Republic military strength again?”

Another person came before I noticed. My classmate Radek.

“Waht’s wrong Radek? It’s so out of the blue.”
“No, it’s just I wonder if there is going to be a war.”

I think it’s definitely going to be a war. In this area, Silezia is the only nation that can be obliterated.

“I forgot the detail but, the population and financial strength is mid-sized.”
“Almost the same with us then?”
“I think it’s about 10-15 divisions in peace time.”

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

By the way, 1 divisions is composed by about 10.000 people. Generally, you can guess the military strength from the population and economic strength of a neighboring country.
However it’s just the reserve war potential, when the war began conscription will be started and the number will swells.

“With military regime, rallying troops can be mobilized early. Probably twice the number.”
“But then, it doesn’t fulfill the Triple to attack rule isn’t it.”
“What’s that?”

Fumu. After school today is scheduled for strategy class. Let’s start here.

“Triple to attack rule is”
“The triple to attack rule mean that the attacking side must prepare triple the number of the defending side to attack and conquer the defensive side base.”

I got my speech taken. Gusun(sniffle). Well, Radeks’ explanation is generally true. But it’s not a passing score.

“Radek. If it’s only that, you will get a red point for Strategy exams.”
“Eh, seriously?”


“The rule called The triple attack rule is used in tactic like meaning and strategic like meaning.”
“Say it in easier way.”
“You should stop your habit of explaining just a bit and explain it more.”

Ah, yes, I’m sorry.


First of all about the Triple to attack as tactic.

Well I think they understood somehow. The defensive side can make defensive position using terrains and raise their own defensive power. It’s not possible to capture a base that’s well prepared if you don’t have 3 times war potential the defending side.
But this law is theoretically only, there is no statistic to prove it. It’s just a rule of a thumb.

There is a separate “Lanchester’s Law” that was properly done. However, it’s seems like it’s not in this world yet.

So, about the strategic meaning.

There is no certainty that the attacking side will attack the fortress that the defensive side built. When there is a base that is troublesome to capture shouldn’t we detour! Or so it will happen.

There is actually various sample in the previous world. When in hurry just go around it.

Where to attack is freely up to the attacking side. The defensive side didn’t know where they will be attacked.
Therefore, does the defensive side have no other choice but to distribute the war potential on the long border? Or should they lure the enemy to intercept them away from the border.

Tactically the Triple to Attack rule is just right as tactic but as a strategy, it’s questionable.

“There’s no reason to not understand isn’t it”

A fist thrown. It hurts. But I didn’t dislike it. (TL : He’s awakening???)

“So, after all what should we do?”
“We can’t do anything. Only pray.”

We are still just freshly admitted to the Military Academy.
At that time, a voice echoed in the head.

[……To all students in the school. This is the principal.]

It’s the transmission magic.
The transmission magic is a magic that can send telepathy to all people in a fixed range. Everyone can do reception but transmission is hard on the other hand, it’s a bad thing that the telepathy can’t be aimed to a specific people. Well it’s more like a loudspeaker rather than transmission.

[I think a lot of you knows about the political change of the neighboring nation. Depending on the situation, there is possibility that you will be conscripted. Each of you, should prepare so any kind of situation can be handled.” That’s all, transmission end.]

Oh dear, a dispatch standby command. It’s increasingly terrible isn’t it?

“Oi, it has become troublesome isn’t it”
“This mean, there is a possibility that we will go to the battlefield?”
“Seriously. I don’t want to die a virgin~”
“Wha…..? Eh?”

For now I hit Radek to shut him up.

“Sarah, todays’ after school strategy class is cancelled.”
“Eh? Are you cutting class?”

Why it became like that. Even though I live seriously everyday!

“They said to prepare to handle any kind of situation right? That’s why, I want you to give me lesson in order to survive even if we leave for the front line.”
“Fuu~n? Then it’s fine. I don’t want you to die disgracefully. For the time being today should be swordsmanship.”

To survive from the enemies a combat practice with someone is necessary.

“T-that after school lesson, I wonder if I can join….”

Radek who try to stood up like an almost dead zombie said that.
Umu, It’s a bit of annoying that the after school event just for the 2 of us is obstructed by this rascal…. Well, the situation is bad. It can’t be helped.

“Sarah is it alright?”
“O~i? Sarah-sa~n?”
“I heard it already! Also I told you many times already, san is banned!”

I was hit again.
Un, I’m so glad you are alive.

“Well it’s alright. I won’t hold back ok?”

I wonder if we will die in swordsmanship practice instead of the battlefield?

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