LOTCH 16 Beacon of War

Continental calendar 11th of first month year 632.
Serious atmosphere surrounded the border between Silezia and Carlsberg,

“Captain… this is”
“Aah, it feels like those guys wanted to cross the border. 2nd Lieutenant, is the evacuation going well?”
“No, there’s a bit of trouble. It’s still only about 70%.”
“Make them hurry. When those guys cross over the border we won’t know what will happen.”

To the remote rural town, about 10 thousands uninvited guess are coming.




The 4th and 5th graders are called to arm. It was 10 days after standby instruction was given by the principal, continental calendar 21st of 1st month year 632.

At the same time, “Those of 3rd year and bellow might be called to arm depending on situation.” such thing was told.

because of that, the athmosphere of the 3 1st year classes i belonged to is heavy.
There was a son of noble who don’t want to be called to arm and considering dropping out. There were some people that wrote their will too. There are also people who had given up and abandon their hope.

Me? I’m quite calm.

I go to class like always, got hit by Sarah like always, got whipped by Sarah like always,return to dorm like always.
I think the sense of crisis has faded because spending everyday with Sarah is scarier than the battlefield.

“Nee, Today we’re going to stay behind right?”

Ever since that day, I have been practicing with Sarah everyday. Swordsmanship and horsemanship as the center. No archery. Also no one to teach us magic.

Thanks to Sarah I can wield the sword and won’t be thrown by the horse. In addition, I also got used to pain and I think my kinetic vision improves too. As expected of Sarah Boot Camp.

Today class is swordsmanship and horsemanship but somehow, 3 teachers came to the 1st year class.

“The person whose name called must go to the School Affairs Section immediately.”

….Is it a call to arm? It’s probably so. I can’t think of anything else.

“Ee….., Antony-Korba. Philip-Jurrek. Lev-Vigoz Hanna-Vinevska…..”

The teacher without much emotion reads the names indifferently. When the person whos name is called, each of them had a desperate look. It’s a face of a prisoner facing a death sentence.

“…. Simon-Kaminski. Rasdwav-Novak. Sarah-Malinowska. Yusep-Walesa. The 16 people above.”

…..Sarah and I look at each others. I was just called right? It’s here? The draft notice?

“….Today class has been canceled isn’t it”
“Maybe we won’t have to do it anymore.”

This is no joke. If i die here there’s no meaning in reincarnating.

“For now, should we go to the School Affairs Department?”
“Is that so.”

I said so to Sarah and left the classroom. At that moment, I look back and saw swirl of joys. We survived for now. It was such faces.
What kind of face do I have now.

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“I’ll keep it short. Tomorrow at 11 a.m. you all will be assigned to the 33rd Special Regiment of the 3rd Division of Southern Border Army. You will be informed the details later. I’ll pray for your safety.”

Today is 22nd day of 1st month. Yesterday the 4th and 5th grader was just drafted but, it seems it’s not enough yet. Those 3rd year and bellow have been drafted by their grade.

Aah. I wonder if I should write a will. Even if I die the I can look forward to the next reincarnation, though it isn’t absolutely sure that I will reincarnated too next time.

First, I’m a virgin. This isn’t anyone else word but, I don’t want to die a virgin.

….or rather I’m not someone with good class record though? I flunked my practicals lesson isn’t it?
Also Sarah flunked in her desk exams and also drafted. What’s the criteria. Could it be everyone here is by any chance stupid?

“You also don’t have to attend the classes after tomorrow. You don’t have to worry about the schools credits. Your exam is to return here safely. Understood?”

Although the teacher had a calm voice, at the same time he had a guilty face. I’m ten years old now, to send such child to battlefield…. is it weighing his conscience?

I have no intention to blame the teachers though. The teachers doesn’t have the authority to decide the members to be drafted, several teachers have also been drafted. We’re equal that we don’t know when death will called us.

“….I will do my best.”

I said so and saluted the teacher. Sarah, Radek and similarly everyone also saluted.
We have just learned this and the salute is sloppy but the teacher doesn’t mind it and saluted in return.



Continental calendar 28th of 1st month year 632. on this day, The Carlsberg Republic Army finally crossed the border.

At this moment, Silezia-Carlsberg war began.

Extra Info : Map of Silezia Kingdom.


① Silezia Kingdom

② East Continental Empire

③ Carlsberg Republic

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    Country equivalents in real life:

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    East Continental Empire – USSR

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