LOTCH 17 Frontier Town

2nd of 2nd month, We cadets arrived at the border region.

“…..fun, aren’t they just women and childs. They may not be useful.”

As soon as we assigned to the 3rd division, the division commander said that.
I think it’s reasonable to think so but you shouldn’t especially say that.

“Well it’s alright. Let’s do our best to show our loyalty you commoners.”

The division commander is part of elitism group. The type that will probably die a premature death. Usually in stories those who said “Just a girl” or “just a little kid” are the one that survived till the end.

But since he’s the major general I’ll listen quietly.
Division head-san, please work hard and achieve 2 rank special promotion from dying in battlefield. I’ll support you. You’ll be a general.

“Lieutenant Tarnowski! I’ll put the kids under your command! Whether it’s boiled burned or used as shields it’s up to you!”

I don’t want it. I’ll be deserting if that happen.
……Wait, Tarnowski? I heard of the name somewhere?

“Are you the dispatch from military academy?”
“I’m lieutenant Zamowin-Tarnowski. The leader of the 7th infantry platoon you guys assigned to.”

Fumu. What an intense appearance. From the 1st impression he got a competent aura around and he doesn’t seem that old. Perhaps around 20 years old.
Such handsome man can’t be incompetent.

“Neee…. Tarnowski is, coud it be that baldy….”

A that’s not good. I remembered just now.
The son of Earl Tarnowski the bald Tarnowski.

What should I do! Younger brother? No that baldy can’t be his older brother. ….No no that’s not important, we’re the one that forced his younger brother to withdraw from school!? Isn’t it the meat shield path without fail!?

“Over there stop whispering”

Please don’t be discovered, don’t be discovered, don’t be discovered.

“Fumu. You seem to know about the Tarnowski name, it seems detailed self introduction isn’t necessary. Your barrack is in the northeast of the town. For today you can relax. Duties will be given tomorrow. Dismissed.”

….Lieutenant I want to change platoon.

“Who is Tarnowski?”

Radek who doesn’t know about the circumstances of the 3 of us asked with inclined head. I’m to depressed to explain it.

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The 3rd division is stationed in a small town called Kobari near the Silezia-Carlsberg border.

Because it’s winter now there seems to be nothing around but because there is a lot of wheat field, it will be golden all over when it’s harvest season. Or so Radek told me.

“Why do you know such thing?”
“Are? didn’t I told you? I’m the 2nd son of a merchant so I know about internal geography in detail.”
“That’s the first time I heard of it.”

This fellow is a son of a merchant. That was unexpected. I though it’s a host son. However he seems to be a virgin.
Afterwards I was taught the detailed geography by the virgin Radek. He’s surprisingly smart.

A little to the south of Kobari is the border. The borderline goes through the mountainous area and Carlsberg Fortress exist there. It seems there’s storm going on at the foot of the mountain, the sound and light caused by magic continuously roar.

We’re supposed to rest but it seems we can’t rest with this situation. For one, it’s because we don’t know when will the front like will be broken.

“I wonder why you have been drafted. Miss Malinowska is good for battle with soldiers but aren’t you useless?”
“….I won’t deny my usefulness but how about Radek?”
“I’m fine. First of all i got no red mark on the mid term. However nothing is more than 80 points either.”

Is that…. good? Well it’s better than my 5 points archery.

“Everything under Yusep-kun head is useless so why he’s here?”
“Oi Radek come here for a bit.”

Let me get 2-3 punch in.
Well. that is certainly true.

“Well the main idea of choosing criteria is almost imaginable.”
“Oh, seriously?”
“Un. The division commander let it slip a while ago.”
“Is that so?”
“that’s right. “Commoners” was it.”

The neck of the division commander will fly if there is those above baron that’s called “Commoners” at worst.
Although Sarah is a knight daughter, the majority of knight is noble in name only.

“In other word it’s chosen by status?”
“That’s what it is. “That would also mean that no one can use their social position to disturb the military affair division who did the choosing.”

Perhaps there’s also pressure.
Oh dear, the country might be ruined if such thing always happen. This is why I don’t like nobles. Where’s the noble oblige!

“Well there’s nothing we can do about it right? For the time being, let’s rest for today okay?”

When I was being troubled Radek comforted me.

“I don’t know about you but this is. I’m pretty annoyed.”
“There’s good reason for that. My father had also dealt with nobles for some time during business. I’m not surprised at only this level.”

Apparently, the internal affairs of this country is worse than I thought.

The next day. We were given a duty.

“We the 7th platoon will be guarding a VIP to the capital.”
“A VIP is it.”
“Aah, concerning who is the VIP it’s a secret but it’s someone with a high status that’s for certain. Don’t be rude.”

VIP Escort was it. Moreover it’s going to the rear line, we might not die at all. Is it possible to return before the final exam.

“Departure will be at 12.00 noon. Each one of you prepare yourself. Dismissed.”

After lieutenant Tarnowski left, Sarah which stand next to me start speaking.

“Which foolish noble is approaching the border in such situation.”
“He’s probably wanted to watch a sport(war) and return panicking.”

I don’t mind even if he dies.

“For now shall we prepare?”

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