LOTCH 18 Enemy Attack

“So, what kind of person is that noble guy?”

On our way to the capital Radek asked such thing.
Because there’s nothing to do it’s inevitable but, it will be a dead flag to relax during escort mission. Well we are inside our own nation.

“I don’t know. I think it’s someone with high status because it’s completely classified. Probably the duke?”
“It’s female.”

Sarah said suddenly. Why did you know?

“The lieutenant only told us girls. Probably he’s worried since the escort target is a woman isn’t it.”

If the energetic cadet made mistake and violates her it will be a problem. I wonder if he’s worried about that.


“Since we know that the escort target is a girl motivation came out isn’t it lance corporal Walesa-dono.”
“I agreed lance corporal Radek.”

By the way we seems to be treated as lance corporal. Well it’s just underling.


Ano, Sarah-san? Why are you glaring that hard?
When I thought so,




She stepped on my foot with full power. It hurts so much.

“There’s a woman here to Yusep.”
“Is she a nice girl?”

I think she’s manlier than any man around here.

2nd day 3rd month 22:00. It’s been 8 hours since we left Kobari.

The battlefield is already far, though occasionally lights are visible on the horizon.
The escort target is currently taking a break. Physical strength is consumed even in carriage, even more when it’s a narrow one, even mental fatigue is collected.

The military escort numbered at 30 people, it’s 1 platoon of infantry. Half is cadets swordsman and the rest is drafted spearman farmers.
Normally it should all be from 1 military department but, because of the sudden war the organization is in mess.

The noble target escort is riding the carriage also, there’s something carried in a wagon. We don’t know what it carried. Could it be golds and silvers treasure piled up there.

We the escorts patrolled the surrounding in turns.
Even though it’s inside our own nation it’s still near the battlefield and there is case of bandits. If the target got hurt, no, even if he lost a strand of hair there will be problem.


….Even though we got big responsibility, Radek is still relaxed without any tension.


On the other hand, Sarah the swordsmanship master is so quiet that it’s eerie.
In time like this she’s reliable but, please don’t hit me like this a bit more. Instead of hitting me she came over and whisper.

“Nee, do you hear it?”

Where’s the sound from? She can’t really express it which is so like her.

“Horse. It’s horse footstep.”

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

Could it be cavalry? Probably it’s the reinforcement unit going to the border.

“…..Where’s the sound from?”
“It’s from there, east…. a bit to the south.”

So it’s from south east is it. But, it’s strange. The capital is at the north, the east is just plains and fields and there’s no highway. Because the come with horse then it’s….

“Sarah, are you sure?”
“I don’t like to lie you know.”
“Is that so. Then it’s the enemy.”
“Haah, enemy?”
“That’s right. Enemy. Enemy attack! Sarah please shoot fireball to the sky!”
“I don’t understand what is it but understood!”

A patrol unit shooting fireball functioned as signal to tell emergency.
Is it bandits? Or could it be the Republican Army? In any case we must finish the escort mission.

Sarah shoot fireball to the sky. It’s night time so it’s noticeable. Lieutenant Tarnowski should have seen it. Of course the enemy too.

“We can’t do anything with only 3 people for the time being. Let;s join the main force.”
“I understand.”



“Captain, it seems we are caught in the enemies patrol network!”
“I though they will be careless since it’s in their nation now, it was unexpected. They seems to have good ear.”
“What should we do? Chase them?”
“Don’t mind it. Our work is to catch the white eagles and not rabbit hunting. Disregard the small fish, make the formation and charge to the enemy main body!



The enemy is cavalrymen and we are infantrymen. The other side trying to attack the main body but, thanks to Sarah there’s considerable distance and we reached the main body 1st.
we’re lucky.

“Situation report!”

As soon as we arrived, the commanding officer asked for the report. Looking around, the other patrol unit has also returned as soon as possible, the whole platoon is here.

“Report. Unknown cavalry unit is approaching from southeast. Unfortunately the number is unknown!”
“Is it the enemy?”
“In all probability it’s the enemy. There is no reason for ally to march away from the highway domestically. It’s possible it’s bandits, there’s possibility it’s the Republic Army.”
“I have known enough. Everyone battle station! You guys guard the escort subject. The rest go to the east side! We will intercept them!”

By the platoon commander-dono instruction, the platoon members who were taking a rest began to move. When all member confirmed what they need to do, they march to the east-southeast where the enemy cavalrymen will come.

And then I wait here with Sarah and Radek. Depending on the circumstances it will be the first battle for the 3 of us.

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