LOTCH 19 Strange Audience

“It’s here! Sword cavalrymen at the front! Prepare magic volleys!”

Lieutenant Tarnowski ordered calmly. He’s calm so he realized they are inferior.

The enemy cavalry unit is about 10 horsemen. Perhaps they are elite of Republic Army.
In contrast there’s 1 platoon of infantrymen consisted of 30 men. Furthermore, half of them are farmers who’ve just drafted and the other half are cades who’ve just entered military school.
Or so to say, a mish-mashed unit.

It’s clear that Tarnowski actually wanted to run away.

However it’s not possible to run away. There’s someone to protect in the rear, there’s also his subordinate in the surrounding.

And the partner is cavalrymen. If the formation is disrupted that will be the enemy advantage. They are deployed in a line and use magic volley to restrain and weaken the enemy. They fight with the same strategy in textbook so there’s only one choice.

“All member, shoot!”

A battle is opened in an open plain.



“Yusep, please explain the battle situation in easy to understand terms.”
“It’s bad.”
“It’s suicidal to attack cavalrymen with small amount of infantrymen. If it’s me I will quickly run away.”
“Then what should we do with the baggage?”

The baggage, in other word the escort subject. Well personally I’ll leave it…..

“We can’t say that right?”

As Radek said, if we flee we will be dropped out of the military academy.

“I think they will break through at this rate. We must prepare to intercept.”
“Only us?”
“Who else is there?”
“No one. Everyone went to east.”

Once the magic battle started, the escort subject may get involved. Therefore we intercept them at remote place. The judgement is correct but the enemy is bad.

The enemy is cavalrymen.
Literally soldier that ride a horse. After all the merit of horse is it’s charging power.

The weight of a horse is about 500 kilograms also the “Horsepower” is used as representative of power because horse is powerful. Ordinary people will be scared at the sound of a horse charging at them, the mish-mashed platoon won’t be able to compete with that attack power.
Above all they’re fast. It’s like a car or motorcycle charging at full speed. That sort of feels.

To defense against cavalrymen, the standard is to use a large amount of spearmen. Just like human, every animal is not good with sharp thing. Therefore wall of spear is used to make the horse afraid and slow them down. Then stab the flinched horse.
The other way is to shower them with arrows and magic but, if not all of them downed it will be hell.

Unfortunately there’s no spear here. Because after all, we didn’t predict cavalrymen attacks. Even if we do what could we do with 3 people.

“Staff officer, what should we do?”

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It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

Before I realized suddenly I’m called staff officer. Well it’s alright. That’s my only merit after all.

“For now, Sarah, please report to the escort subject. We need her to get out of the carriage. She stands out too much like this.”
“It’s alright but, why me?”
“I won’t be able to respond if she bring that matter out.”
“That matter……… what’s it?”

It’s that you know, that.

“For now I’m counting on you.”
“I understood.”

When I said so, we return to the carriage to report. By the way I wonder if she understand noble manners. Well she’s a noble in name.

“So, what’s us the men going to do?”
“N~…. is there a place to hide near?”
“None. It’s a beautiful plain. There’s not even grass growing because it’s winter. Also it’s cold.”

Fumu. Then it’s impossible to hide in a shelters shadow.
Also Sarah returned from the carriage already. She finished the job unexpectedly fast.

“I brought her.”
“Aa, Sarah, Thank yo….”

Behind sarah, in this cold Silezia winter a blond loli wearing a thick clothing appeared.

“…..Forgive my impoliteness but it’s an emergency. Could we ask your name?”

I respond with maximum respect. I’m a bit worried if this is enough honorifics but please forgive me since I was a farmer. I also had my knee on the ground.

“It’s alright. This is an emergency, no need for such courtesy. Please raise your head.”

As I’ve been told so, I look at the girls face again.
No matter how I see it, it’s a loli. Blond short haired pretty loli. Probably 10 years old. Ah, the same age as me then?

“My name is Emilia-Silezia. The present king, Frans, is my father.”

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