LOTCH 20 North Kobari Battle


Since I found an illustration of the characters with it’s official English name, we will be using the official name from now on.
Maybe I will change the past chapters names but for now I’m too lazy to do it.

“Your highness Emilia. There are many things I want to say but this is emergency. Would you please follow my instruction?”

For us to survive, her highness obedience is necessary. However, our head will fly if something happened to her highness. Physically.

“Your highness?”

Are you alive? You are not sleeping while standing with open eyes right?

“You, what’s your noble rank?”

…..Uwa, this will be troublesome.

“No, I’m a commoner….”
“Then I don’t have to listen to you. Why a royalty must follow a soldiers instruction.”

This bitch….!
No, I can’t I can’t. “This bitch” is a dead flag.

“Your highness can do what you want. However if it’s as it is, we probably won’t be able to pray to the sun tomorrow. Please forgive me somehow but, would your highness follow my instruction?”

Right now life is more important than honor.

“I don’t want to.”

Can I hit her?

“Your highness.”

Suddenly Sara kneeled down to the ground.

“Her highness is an important existence for our country and people. Please will you hear this rude commoners’ advice?”

Is the rude commoner refers to me?

“You are a child of a knight… if I’m not mistaken.”
“Yes. I’m Sara Malinowska. Your highness.”
“Do you swear your loyalty to me?”
“Even though this body is immature, I’ll protect your highness even with my life.”

Amazing! Sara is an authentic knight! So cool!
Ah, Sorry Sara-san, please don’t glare at me so much I will cower from it.

“Then it’s alright. I trust your loyalty. Your advice will be heard.”
“Thank you for your highness consideration.”

Un. Well that’s that.
Royalty is troublesome.

“Then, what do you want me to do? Commoner-san.”
“My name is Jozef Walesa your highness.”
“I will remember it.”

To have your name remembered by a royalty is a great honor in politic world. However there’s no use for it now though so I’m not that happy.

“Before that, does your highness have knowledge of magic or martial arts?”
“None. If it’s magic it’s only to the extent of being able to use beginner magic.”

Fumu. Then as war potential it’s zero.
Well even if she said “Swordsmanship is possible! ” we can’t recklessly put her in that situation.

“In that covered wagon, is there something that seems useful?”
“No, it’s only parts of certain item from our homeland that was scheduled to be presented to Carlsberg.”

Un, I wonder if we can use it somehow……

“Oi Jozef. Looks like we don’t have time to relax.”
“What is it Radek.”
“Something is shining from the east. O think it’s probably fireball.”

Is the battle started?

“…..There’s no more time.”

I don’t have much confidence to survive.

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“Commander, the target is at the front!”
“Yosh! Team 2 and 3 attack the infantries , team 1 follow me!”

Our morale is at the peak.

From the information the enemy is a small army, moreover it’s amateur group that haven’t finished training. It’s impossible to be defeated. If it’s such enemy, it’s possible to confine them with only 8 horsemen.

The remainder escorts… probably just a few people. All that’s left is to disposed of the white eagle.
However the instruction from the homeland is to capture alive so let’s follow it.

“Commander, it’s strange!”
“What is it?”

Even though we have reached the carriage which was supposed to be the goal, there was no one there. There’s only 2 wagons.
Could it be everyone is at the east defense line? But we can’t neglect vigilance. There’s possibility of an ambush.

“Prohaska and Schulhoff check the carriage. Sook and I will check the surrounding.”
“I understand”

These men are elite soldiers in the Republic Army. Even if some soldiers are hiding in the carriage they have enough ability to subjugate them.

“But commander, do you smell something stinks?”
“What’s wrong?”

Is it a trap? Certainly it’s unnatural…..

“No, it’s not metaphor, it smells like liquor…..”

Certainly there’s smell of liquor. Were they drinking a little while ago?
….Could it be.

“Oi! Get away from the carriage!”

Even though I instructed them at once it was too late.
A fireball fly in from somewhere and burn everything around.

In previous world Poland. The special product of that country is a liquor [Spirytus] exist.
Another name is [World strongest liquor]. In various meaning.
The alcohol content is at marvelous 96%. There’s great difference with other diluted alcohol in the market, if anything the liquor have even higher alcohol concentration than ethanol used in spirit lamp.

Naturally it’s easy to ignite, it’s an article that need special treatment. Good kids shouldn’t smoke while drinking spirytus.

….Such thing was piled up in the wagon, the [Special item of the homeland] was in fact this [Spirytus]. The name is different but the merchant son said [This is an absurdly strong liquor!” or so he said.
I wonder if his highness wanted to set Carlsberg Reception Hall on fire.

In other word, we scatter the reincarnation of spirytus on the east side of the carriage, then we hide in the cavalrymen blind spots while waiting for the timing to ignite it.
I think this is a big gamble but, there’s no other idea I can think of. I’m sorry.

It seemed that the strategy went well and the ground suddenly covered in flame, the horse was surprised and shook off the soldiers to the fire. Since it’s winter, the surrounding is dry and dead leaves burnt one after another. Without noticing it 3 people already burnt.

…..It might be too much.
Un, well that’s can’t be helped.

“As always it’s showy!”

Lay off me, lay off me.

“We’ve done it right?”

Ah, yes. I’m sorry.

“Jozef-san. It’s alright to make fire but, have you think about how to put out the fire?”

We recklessly extinguished the fire after this.

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  1. ers9212

    I’m from Poland.

    To those who are curious – yes Spirytus have 98% of alcohol, but it doesn’t used to drink. Well, some alcoholics drunk it anyway.

    Polish strongest alcohol to drink is wódka (vodka) which has 40% of alcohol and is mainly produced from barley or potatoes.

    Also Polish beers have from 4-10% of alcohol and are produced from wheat or barley, but must have humulus (hop) as main ingredient.

  2. peganoske

    Good kids shouldn’t smoke while drinking spirytus.
    If kids are good kids they do drink spirytus first and only then they do smoke some strong tobacco. Yep. That’s for sure.

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