LOTCH 21 Dawn

We greed the morning sun safely. Namu Namu.

“Report what happened.”

At this moment, lieutenant Tarnowski returned with the platoon.
Well, the surrounding is completely black. By the way, the commander of the enemy soldier seems to be able to escape since there’s no corpse. to be able to survive in that situation is amazing.

However we can’t just be impressed. It’s a pain to miss an enemy soldier.

For now let’s report. blah blah yadda yadda.
I omitted the conversation with the princess but and the fact that we know it’s the princess.

“….Because you protected the guard subject, I’ll overlook the fact that you wasted a high class liquor.”
“Is that really such a high class item?”
“Aah, 1 bottle of that liquor is about equal to my salary for a year.”

That’s scary. What should I do, we used a barrel of it.

“So captain, how’s the damage to the infantrymen?”
“…. 4 dead 7 injured. Among that, 1 cadet died and 3 was injured.”
“Is that so.”

It’s not a close friend but… it’s a bit painful. After all my acquaintance has died.

“Although I understand your feeling, we don’t have time to grief. The enemy cavalrymen will probably attack again.”
“….I understand.”

That’s right. The battle isn’t over yet.

Apparently Lieutenant Tarnowski had defeated an enemy soldier and captured 1 horse. The horse was used to go to the 3rd division headquarter to ask for escort reinforcement and to alert them.
There’s enemy within the country and they might try to cut our supply line with guerrilla tactic.

As for the battle around the border is still continuing. Since there’s a lack of trump card, they are wearing each other out.
This state is undesirable to continue for a long time. Whether it’s a win or lose, the casualty will be too high. So the enemy tried to cut off the supply line is it…..

But there’s several strange points.

The enemy main target is obviously not the destruction of supply line. In that case, it should be us.

Raid the supply unit using 10 cavalrymen, after they are annihilated, withdraw. Or so the theory is. Here is inside Silezia nation, reinforcement will come if they stay too long.

However the enemy commander said [Check the carriage]. In such situation where enemy reinforcement may come at anytime, can they leisurely check the carriage?
Are they trying to capture it? But it’s only 4 people that approach the carriage. There will be a limit of the supply they can seize.

Perhaps the enemy know from the beginning that the princess is inside this supply unit…..?
…..Thanks to that, I have a bad feeling. Rather, it’s a unpleasant guess.

“Captain-dono, there’s something I want to ask.”
“What is it?”
“About this task.”

I need to make it clear.


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“….. Let’s hear it. However there’s not much time so be brief.”
“I understood.”

It will be over shortly.

“What I wanted to ask is, why the escort subject tried to go to Carlsberg.”
“Last night, the escort subject revealed it. [The luggage in the wagon is a gift to be presented to Carlsberg] or so.
“….Lance corporal Walesa. How much do you know?”
“……That it’s a person with e very high status.”

I avoid saying it. there will be troublesome dispute in the noble community if a military secret is leaked.

“Is that so. Did you know that it’s Princess Emilia?”

Eh, we can say it?

“It’s okay, I disclose it at my own discretion. You don’t have to worry.”

Seriously? Was my consideration was unnecessary? That was slightly embarrassing.
W-well, anyway.

“E, etto. Her highness planned to go to Carlsberg. But the political change occurred, so she can’t. Is that right?”
“It’s not known what business she had at Carlsberg. But, the timing of the princess entry to Carlsberg and the political change is too good.”

When the Carlsberg politic changed, at that time the princess has left and just arrived at the vicinity of the border, thinking about it, the timing is too good.
Maybe the Carlsberg army tried to capture the princess.

However, a cooperator is necessary in Silezia side. If that’s the case, there’s something bad happening behind the scene. Or so I though.

I’m at lost whether I should tell Lt. Tarnowski.
He’s the son of the Earl Tarnowski of the Justice Department. I don’t know what’s the Earl position in the court but thoughlessly talking about it might be bad.

But even if I say so, this is all just a guess. There’s possibility that it’s just my paranoia. There’s no evidence.

“You don’t seems like a 10 year old. Even if you said you are 30 years old, I might believe it.”
“I’m undoubtedly 10 years old.”

To be more specific 10 years old and 249 months old.

“Lance corporal Walesa, I have a proposal for you.”
“Aah. I will answer your question as far as I know. However, tell me what you think about it.”
“….Are you sure?”
“Sure about what?”
“No, I wonder if you can tell me so easily….”

If I make a mistake it’s likely that it will be Captains liability right? The military secret included.

“It’s alright. You’ve played a heroic role. You found the enemy quickly as the patrol unit, also you saved her highness life. Don’t you think I can trust you with that much?”

Un… I wonder if its ok….. Also it was Sara who found the enemy.

“In addition”

The captain seems to adding more thing.

“I don’t like that division commander. It makes me want to talk when he told me it’s a secret.”

I see. I’m convinced.

“About that division commander, it seems like I won’t come to like him too.”
“Fuuh. We get along huh.”
“Ee, really.”

It seems I can get along well with Lt. Tarnowski.

…..I wonder when can I tell him about his little brother.

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