LOTCH 22 The Princess and The Archduke

Currently, there are 2 people who have the right to the Silesia succession to the throne.

One is, the princess Emilia which is the escort target of this mission.
Another is, the brother of the current king, archduke Karol.

Even though princess Emilia who is the direct descendant of the current king Frans is first in line, she’s still just 10 years old. Furthermore, she seems to be selfish, her characteristic is famous among all chamberlains. There’s no special ability, you can say she’s an ordinary girl who doesn’t fit to be a royalty.

On the other hand, archduke Karol is 35 years old. As the kingdom prime minister, he’s well versed in literature and martial arts that he’s recognized as one of the wise ruler in the past 100 years. Officially for now at least.

……Now, such a different 2 person exist at the same time, the nobles have to consider which one is suitable to be the next king of Silesia.

Well there’s no need to say it. It’s archduke Karol.

The strife concerning the next king is carried out away from the public eye in the Silesia palace.
Or rather, King Frans is only 42 years old now. I don’t he will die for another 20 years so there’s no meaning to fight about it now.

One day, a ceremony is to be held in Carlsberg. The ceremony is, a memorial ceremony of the conclusion of the non-aggression pact between Silesia and Carlsberg. For that ceremony, on the behalf of the royal family, princess Emilia, archduke Karol and a part of the Minister of Foreign Affairs scribe were planned to attend it.
However, because the political change that occurs in Carlsberg, the ceremony is cancelled and the pact went up in smoke. Furthermore, even more unfortunate, the political change occurred immediately after princess Emilia entered the Carlsberg territory. It was very terrible.

Suchdetails were told to me who is just 10 years old by lieutenant Tarnowski.

“By the way, which faction is platoon chief-dono fathers at?”
“Father doesn’t like factional disputes but… if it’s forced, it’s princess Emilia faction. Because father is the Chief Executive of the Department of Justice and an upright person, if it’s about inheritance right the first in line should be the one that got to be the king.”

Fumu fumu. Then the lieutenant is my ally for the time being. Because to me, those who wanted to kill the selfish blond loli princess deserve to die.

Now then, the reason we’re talking about this is the idea I will talk about to the lieutenant. Of course I told him indirectly about the cooperator inside Silesia Kingdom.

As the result, the lieutenant has begun to grumble what he thought to himself. Furthermore, since I asked about his Father in the Department of Justice, he could combine the information together and deduce it himself what to grumble about.
Really what a careless person, it will be a big problem is someone heard it isn’t it, ha ha ha.

“This time mission, about the surprise attack. Do you think it’s related?”
“I think so. Don’t you think so?”

Un, I really think so. I kind of dislike the Silesia now.
There’s a few strange points in the mission.

– The fact that the political change occurs right after the princess entered within Carslberg territory.
– even as a joke princess, the escort is only 1 platoon of amateurs. Normally this is the job for Imperial Guards.
– The enemy cavalrymen invaded so deep into Silesia territory.
– The princess escort group that should’ve been strictly confidential is founded by the enemy at the first day.

And another one, is the interesting thing that the lieutenant told me.

“It’s just a rumor but, archduke Karol was supposed to go to Carlsberg too. However, along the way, he’s delayed for several days because of the malfunction of the carriage. But thanks to that several days, he seems to be still within Silesia Kingdom when the political change occurred.”


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If this rumor is true, archduke Karol is a pretty wicked villain.
While his niece is desperately trying to escape Carlsberg, he was totally relaxing within Silesia. And then with enough escorts, he returned to the royal capital.

Isn’t this a full fledged murder attempt?

“Well then, I was thinking out loud just now so just leave it at that. Otherwise, people will think that I have grown old.”
“I agree. I’m only 10 years old so I don’t want to be called grandpa yet.”

Un. I could hear various of interesting things. However there’s about 30% regret about hearing it.

“What should we do is not to search the true criminal. It’s to guard the princess.”
“I understand.”

This is without doubt the best course of action.
We’re located about 8 hours by carriage away from the town Kobari.
Even if I said 8 hours away we took a break every 2 hours for about 10 minutes or so and we didn’t advance in a straight line since we advance along the highway so we didn’t progress much.

If it’s just the carriage, it will be fast but since the escort is infantrymen and the problem of physical fitness of the princess, it can’t be helped that we will be slow. It’s also hard to use only the carriage to advance from here since there’s the danger of being attacked again….

the neares big town with military garrisoned is about half a day distance to the south. We might manage somehow if we go there but unfortunately, the enemy cavalry came from the east. Un…..

“Rather, we should give up on escorting isn’t it.”

Of course I had no intention of abandoning the mission.
Look, isn’t it been said so from a long time ago?

“Attack is the best defense you know.”

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