LOTCH 23 Counter Attack 

If it’s hard to be defensive, we should then go attack them where the cavalrymen made their base. Or so my suggestion.

Although cavalrymen can do a guerilla attacks, they still need a base where the soldiers can rest.

I don’t think there are many places around here where they can set up a base, and since they are deep inside enemy territory, they can’t act careless during daytime when they are highly likely to be discovered.

“Platoon chief-dono, do you have a map around this place?”

“Aah, there is.”

Lieutenant Tarnowski brought out a slightly large map. The size cover the national border frontier town Kobari and an eastern provincial town called Wrocław.

Our current location is somewhere between Kobari and Wrocław, a plain called Legnica.

From the location of the highway and the time we walked from Kobari….. I marked our approximate location on the map.

“The enemy came from east-south-east.”

“That is so. However if you go to the east too much there is Wrocław. They will avoid town area where the possibility that they will be found is high even if they are not on the highway.”

I have also thought the possibility that they had abandon the base but, the possibility isn’t high.

There’s no way the base is in the west, there is Wrocław in the east, there is Świdnica town in the south.

Wrocław is the largest city around here and have a lot of people. There’s a lot of trade going so there should be a lot of traffic too.

Although Świdnica is a small town there’s also people there. It will be a problem if they are discovered.

In other word, the base for the enemy cavalry unit is the at the east from here, not around Wrocław and Świdnica, away from highway around those towns, a place where soldiers and horses can take a rest and if possible there’s a lot of blind spots…..

Around here, there is only one place that fit the bill.

Lt. Tarnowski also seemed to reach the same conclusion and nodded.

“The enemy base, I guess it’s around lake Mietkowskie. There’s forest around there too.”

The enemy location is found with this.

However, there’s one obstacle for us to attack the enemy camp. The princess.

We can’t leave her here alone but, we also can’t break the escort units into 2 and attack with one. Should we bring her together? I though of that but, her march speed is slow and there will be a lot of problem if she’s injured.


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Uuun…. There’s no other choice, we should go to the nearest village and hide her there. At the same time, we will carry the injured soldier with the wagon there. The princess looked terribly disgusted and hated it but since it’s an emergency it’s alright right? Besides we didn’t use the noble carriage to give ride to those who need medical attention it’s alright right?

The village is 5 km in the opposite direction of the lake. It’s good that we make some distance from the enemy, however, since we need to go to the lake later there will be another 10km of walk. Ugh.

…..I wonder if that princess can stay in such a poor village. I’m worried that she might make problem to the villagers.

“It will be hopeless if I’m alone so I will be saved if you leave some people.”

The princess unexpectedly can read the air. Perhaps she learnt that she must not be selfish with there chain of events. She’s surprisingly smart.

And so we decided to leave 2 cadet candidate girls for the princess as escort. Personally the princess wanted Sara to remain as her escort but….

“I will go with Jozef.”

“Eh, but Sara swordsmanship is good so you can guard the princess if something happened.”

“It’s because I’m good at swordsmanship that I can’t not participate in the attack right.”

“Aah, uuh…. But Sara if something happened.”

“If something happened to my disciple I will hate to remain here.”

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 After all Sara won’t listen at all and eventually Sara and I participate in the attack group. Radek? That guy is forced to participate. After all, he’s not injured at all, he’s a man and the person in question seemed to wanted to go.

The villagers gives an impression that they will protect her so that the nation will give some [sympathy] to them.

The princess identified herself as the daughter of an earl so it should be fine. Probably.

Incidentally, we left the wounded soldiers in the village. I though it will be troubling but the villagers nursed the wounded soldiers devotedly. They said,

“Because they worked hard to kept us safe.”

or something like that. Is it because it’s a nation surrounded by strong nations that such a small village have patriotism toward their home nation?

It’s very different that heard about the dark side of Silesia a while ago.

Regardless, we managed to resolve the wounded soldier problem somehow.

The only problem left is. Including the acquaintance cadets, the bodies of both friend and foe is left at that place. Because there’s no more room to carry it, I’m really sorry.

However, there’s no time to indulges in my though forever, there’s not time to apologize either.

“There won’t be much time to go to the lake at east-south-east where the enemy predicted to be. We need to discover the enemy base before the sunset, attack and destroy it.”

The time now is approximately 11.00 am. Because the sunset is about 5:00 pm, the time limit is about  hours. If we calculate the enemy base distance from the village…. it’s roughly 4 hours one way.

It will be hard.

“Then, let’s go!”


Our war potential is barely amateur 19 infantrymen.

“Captain, what should we do?”

It was planned to be successful on the first attack. That’s why accurate information was given and the escort is weak.

Nevertheless it’s failed. It was a terribly great blunder. The way this is going we won’t be able to return to our home country.


“I hear you.”

What should we do? If we retreat here, the white eagle, the young princess will be out of our reach.

Then should we attack again? the danger is great but there is no other choice.

The enemy is probably exhausted due to the raid. There is a high possibility of being in a nearby village to calm the princess.

I want to send scouts to confirm it….. but, the resistance of the enemy escort was more than I thought.

Group 2 and 3 which attacked the infantry together lost 4 people, group 1 that examines the carriage with me lost 3 people, in other word, everybody other than me was seriously injured. Although they are given emergency healing magic, they are not in the state to be able to fight anymore. In other word, we can’t afford to send scouts.

Including me, the remaining soldiers from group 2 and 3 and those that stayed in the base together is 9 cavalrymen.

It’s impossible to do a surprise attack in daytime with this. There’s no other choice but to do another night attack.

“Tonight, we will attack the village. Don’t neglect the preparations.”


This is our last chance.

If it fails….

“C-commander…. It’s the enemy!”


The enemy escort team is attacking us.

Around the lake, as Lt. Tarnowski said there’s a forest, it was difficult to see from the outside. Therefore it takes some time to find the enemy base.

However it’s also hard for the enemy to see. Apparently they have neglected the precautions. They didn’t aware that we come closer to the vicinity of the lake.

Perhaps they are exhausted from the last night raid…. Un, I guess so. They will be sleepy at daytime when they attack at night.

Assuming there is a group that stayed in base, there is probably not many so there will be holes in the defense.

“Sara, how many people there?”

“I can’t see clearly but… there’s only 2 people standing.”

2 people…. that means the rest are either sitting or sleeping. If we can aim at this opening…..

“Sara, let’s return and report back to the platoon chief-dono. Quietly ok.”


We who had finished scouting returned to the place where Lt. Tarnowski is waiting. So that the enemy doesn’t notice use, we weren’t equipped with anything and walked barefooted so that there’s not footsteps sound.

When the platoon chief-dono finished hearing our report, he immediately ordered.

“Yosh, divide the group into 3 and surround their base. Group on from east, group 2 from north, group 3 from west. Destroy the enemy or push them to the lake. Don’t let a single person alive.”


Sara, Radek and me also 3 farmer soldiers, a total of 6 person is group one. The lieutenants is at group 2 which attacking from north.

….is it finally time to kill someone? We received the graduation exam way ahead of time.

“Yosh, then each of you go to the designated place. Please don’t be discovered.”

In about 10 minutes a combat will begun on the banks of the quiet lake.


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