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LOTCH 33 Daily Life of Duke Vistula

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It’s been a month since I entered the Military Academy.

I learned swordsmanship, magic and horsemanship in the Royal Palace as it’s a “Royalty Obligation” so I’m not falling behind from other students.
However, because I lack physical strength I’m exhausted immediately.

Because of that, I voluntarily stayed after school to study with my friends.
It’s unexpectedly fun to stay behind to study and complement each other weak points, we can further deepen our friendship with it. It’s also interesting that the way of teaching is different for each person.

One of the participants is Sara-Malinowska-san.
She’s the daughter of a knight and a genius in swordsmanship and horsemanship. Her appearance as a cavalry really suit her. It seems like studying is her weak point.
Her teaching style has a feeling of demon instructor. There’s no mercy against me either. But against Walesa-san she usually beats him so it’s still gentle.

That’s right, she get’s along well with Jozef-Walesa-san.
He’s a farmer child and the same age as me. …..Though it’s expected he likes to think deeply by himself, he’s a strange person with a praiseworthy quirk.
Unlike Sara, he isn’t good with martial arts but skillful in studying. He’s called [Under his head is just decoration] by those in the first year.

And then Radoslaw-Nowak-san, nicknamed Radek-san. He’s a handsome man 6 years older than me. Although I might believe that he’s a nobleman with that kind of name, he seems to be a child of a merchant.
It seems he’s average in both martial arts and studying, and as expected the result from his 1st half year test seems to be 70 points in all subjects.
Because there’s no subject he’s good or bad at, Nowak-san can enter any department on the 2nd grade, he seems to be troubled by it. If you’re a son from a merchant family, isn’t it better to go to Military Transport Department?

“Emilia-sama, are you all right?”
“Yes, it’s all right I was just thinking a bit.”

She is Maja. Maja-Warta. My escort. She looks young to others but the truth is…. well it’s a secret. Let’s set it aside for the future.
Because she’s an escort, she’s good at martial arts. If it’s swordsmanship she can compete with Sara. She’s also smart. In the past month, she and Walesa-san had been talking about some complicated talk. She’s someone that’s good at both martial arts and literature.

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Then finally, me who participate in the study group. It’s a study group of 5 people.

“Ah, Emilia, you also teach us something.”

The fact is, only Sara-san talk with me with such friendly words. I also told the others to drop the formality but it seems it’s not easy. Kusun (Cry sound).

“But me, what can I teach…..”

Unlike Sara-san and Jozef-san there;s no particular subject’s I’m really good at.

“Well then Emilia-sama, will you teach us about magic theories?”

Said Warta-san. Magic theories is it…..although I’m certainly good at it….

“Because there’s no one teaching about magic here I think it’s fine.”

Walesa-san supported Maja-san opinion. N-but to teach privately like this is….

“It’s alright. At first we didn’t go this smoothly too.”

Un…. However, I don’t want to be on the taught side all the time…..

“T-then, I will be teaching magic if no one minds it….”

And so I become a magic teacher.
Next year, should I enter the Magic Department……

LOTCH 32 Continental History part 3

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First – Kadokawa removes director of Kenomono Friends from production which results in resignation of entire staff and storm on Kadokawa’s Twitter.

Second – 2nd Season of One Punch Man will be produced by J.C. Staff instead Madhouse

Third – Madhouse will be producing 2nd season of Overlord which will be released in winter season.

Fourth – Kimi no na wa to get Hollywood live action with J.J. Abrams as producer and director of Arrival

Fifth – SAO: Ordinal Scale finally released on BD. I can’t wait for subs in my language to watch it.

Sixth – 3rd season of Toaru Majutsu no Index was announced by mistake. On Sunday we will have confirmation.

And now please enjoy todays chapter

How far did I talked about the last time?
Ah, that’s right I remember. It was the establishment of Silesia Kingdom. This time I will talk about the Old Silesia.

Continental calendar year 452, Silesia Kingdom becomes independent. The name of the founder King is Jerzy-Silesia ( Ieji-Silesia). He was originally a Count for the Continental Empire and governed the territory of Silesia.

Silesia had a fertile land, the agricultural production volume was within 5 best within the continent territories. Naturally the pressure from the Empire was strong but, thanks to the good leadership of the ruler Count Silesia the people didn’t starved.

However, a civil war over the succession of the [Continental Empire] occurred. Yes, it was the grand sibling quarrel that involved the nation.

The [East Continental Empire] requisitioned resources from various places to suppress the rebels in the frontier. For example food, iron, manpower and money.
Naturally dissatisfaction rose from each territory. Taking advantage of it, the [West Continental Empire] provided financial aid and weapons to fuel revolt.
However the Silesia territory was originally wealthy so they can afford it. Certainly the amount requisitioned by the empire was staggering but, the West and South Continental Empire was geographically separated from Silesia and they never caught up in the war.

150 years passed since the civil war broke out.

As usual the amount of requisition was staggering but they can endure it.
Although it was painful, Count Jerzy-Silesia endured it. To revolt at that moment there’s no chance to win.

He endured it but, those guys at the empire mainland further raised the tax. They probably though [Because Silesia territory doesn’t raise any complain there shouldn’t be a problem to take more]. It was totally heretic.

Jerzy-Silesia snapped.

“How can I pay that much! Damn it!”

He shouted in the office room. Ah, that was not altered. He seems to have said the exact same thing.

Continental Calendar year 450, Count Silesia revolted.

However even though Count Silesia was a wise ruler that was regarded as genius in domestic affairs, he was unprofessional in diplomacy and war.
because of that he kneeled to the Imperial Army Major General Ernest-Kosciuszko (Erunsuto-Koshichushiko エルンスト・コシチューシコ) who was his best friend.

“Even if you have to draw your bow against the Emperor temporarily, please lent me your power to save the people of Silesia territory.”

Or something like that.
There was no shame nor reputation, the count prostrated to Ernest-Kosciuszko.

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

Kosciuszko was impressed by the Count that kneels to the ground, or perhaps drawn away, and agreed to help the Silesia to be independent.

And so after 2 years of Independence War, Silesia territory become independent.
Major General Kosciuszko was given the position of Duke and general by Jerzy-Silesia who become the 1st King.

Un un. What a moving story. If it ends here.

Continental Calendar 2 years after independence year 454, Kosciuszko attempted a coup.
If I’m not mistaken, the cause was difference in political opinion.
The King said, [The economy was exhausted because of the Independence War. We should rebuild domestically.], The General said [Since “East Continental Empire] still exist as a powerful neighboring nation, With our current strength I’m worried about the national defense. Therefore we should expand our army.].
I don’t know which opinion was correct but this political conflict become emotional conflict and then Kosciuszko attempted a coup.

And failed. Naturally Kosciuszko was purged. Because he was unmarried the Kosciuszko family is extinguished.

Continental Calendar year 470, Jerzy-Silesia died of sickness, his son Marek-Silesia was throned at the age of 18 years old.

Unlike his father, Marek was a military genius.
Military expansion was promoted with Jerzy economic infrastructure as the foundation and then he atteined one of the best military power in the continent.

Using that power, Marek provoked a war with the [East Continental Empire]. At that time the army of Silesia Kingdom was well trained while the army of the [East Continental Empire] was rather weak due to the long lasting civil war. Please guess the result.
Malek who won a complete victory over the [East Continental Empire], picked a quarrel with all the nation that was at their border. [TLN: Damn son, learn a bit from Youjo Senki, It’s never good to have multiple front even if your army is much better. ED: xD] As expected it wasn’t simultaneously though.

But none of them won. It seems he destroyed some country at that point, what a power King Marek had.

Eventually Marek-Silesia the undefeated genius died at Continental Calendar year 518 falling from a horse.[TLN: Really…. Horse again….] I want to say him to at least died a cool death in the end.

The economy foundation left by Jerzy Silesia and the military force left by Marek-Silesia. With this 2 the Silesia Kingdom enter its Golden Age.
Although the 3rd King Grom (Guromu)-Silesia was a bit unusual, because of the steady reign the country continued being rich.
….Eh? Did you wonder what kind of unusual thing? Well, that’s, what was it, etto, un.

I think it’s not good to tell a child who haven’t experienced a 1st menstruation period.


Etto, from the beginning the main theme of this is war history class.

There was some countries who doesn’t think well of Silesia who enter it’s Golden Age. It was the neighboring nation of Silesia whose territory was taken.
However, Silesia is still strong. They can’t get away unscathed fighting such country alone.
Then everyone should make an alliance and invade from east, west north, south, every directions!

Continental Calendar year 559, the Anti-Silesia alliance was established. The main nation that took part in this alliance were [East Continental Empire], Carslberg Republic (Carslberg Kingdom at that time), Ostmark (Ostumaruku) Empire, Livonia (Riwuonia) Union.

The following year 560, the allied nations declared a war on Silesia (Known as The First Silesia Division War at the future) and started the war. The Silesia Kingdom army which was said to be strongest at that time was forced to fight in the east, west, north and south, 4 front war, they’re defeated in the year 562 and robbed of 2/3 of their territory.
The 4th king Artur-Silesia died at home after 5 years of reign, it’s unknown whether the stress from the defeat was the cause.

The 5th king Mariusz (Mariushu)-Silesia worked diligently on military expansion to subjugate his father enemies.
And then 10 years after the previous war at Continental Calendar year 572, he declared a war against Carlsberg. And then the Anti-Silesia allied nations declared a war against Silesia under the pretext of defending Carlsberg.
This is the 2nd Silesia Division war. The house of Duke Vistula was extinguished in this war.
As you know, the result was a big defeat, the territory was further halved and King Mariusz comitted suicide. 11 years of reign.

The reason why the vengeance war was started after just 10 years was not clarified.
However it was said that the reason was the people of Silesia who used to live in the territory that was robbed was greatly oppressed.

Thus the Silesia Kingdom is rolling down the hill.

The current king is Frans-Silesia. The 7th King. As for what kind of person he is…. Princess Emilia who is sitting in front of me should know it well.

Editor’s Note:


Jerzy-Silesia ( Ieji-Silesia) – Jerzy is Polish equivalent of English Gorge like Catholic saint or English and British Kings

Marek (Malek) – name equivalent to Mark, like Saint Mark Evangelist

Grom(Guromu) – it was quite problematic. Formally it means Thunder. Polish name which is closest is Gromislaw or Gromislawa. This person can be women. I think that  due to talk about period and menstruation. Naming her King isn’t quite wrong – only women which was ruler of Poland – Saint Jadwiga – was called King by her contemporaries.

Mariusz (Mariushu) – another Polish name.


Ernest-Kosciuszko (Erunsuto-Koshichushiko) – Ernest is another name. Kosciuszko (Kościuszko) is surname of Tadeusz Kościuszko – both  Polish and American National Hero

Ostmark -

Livonia –

LOTCH 31 The Princess and The Knight

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Nothing to say…

Sara-Malinowska is confused.

The cause of the confusion is clear. It’s because Her Highness the Princess entered the military academy.
Actually it’s not unusual for a Royalty to enter a Military Academy. However it’s unusual for the First Princess to enter.

All sort of thoughts swirled in her hear and in the end, she couldn’t speak to Her Highness Emilia.

At recess time, finally Sara start to move.

On the outside Her Highness Emilia is a pretty girl and also she’s from the duke Vistula house that’s why the surroundings make a fuss. If it’s told that she’s actually from a royal family what kind of face they will make. However she won’t say it.
On the other hand Her Highness Emilia is greatly embarrassed. She can’t refuse the others talking to her out of good will but she can’t yell at them for disturbing her. She had such face.
She tried to consult with Jozef what to do but Jozef is not in the classroom. He got a reputation for not being there when he’s needed.


Sara quickly move. It’s her characteristic to charge without thinking.
Sara pushed the crowd, sometimes hitting, and pulled out the Princess from the circle. Someone tried to stop her but she hit him in the stomach without looking at his face. The chivalry spirit to protect the Princess made her do so.

After leaving the classroom, finally Sara let Her Highness hand go and kneeled on the spot.

“Her Highness, I was rude.”
“N-no, it’s alright…. rather than that.”

Her Highness looked at the surrounding while saying that. The robust girl that Sara hit a moment ago was crouching on the floor.

“She’ll be alright. I was going easy on her.”
“Ha, haa….”

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If she seriously hit her, her internal organ won’t be safe. It’s lucky that it’s settled with just her crouching down.

“However why is Her Highness is here….”
“It will be a long story….. But before that.”
“Please stop using the formal language. Also don’t lower your head like that in school.”
“No, I can’t….”
“This is an order. You’ll listen don’t you?”
“Ye, yes….”

If I thought about it she entered the academy secretly as a duke daughter. The truth might come out if I’m too excessive. However, it’s still appropriate even if she’s just a Duke’s daughter…..

“Kohon(cough). Sara-Malinowska-san, right?”
“That’s so, Her Highness.”
“Formal language.”
“Ah, no, however….”
“Formal language.”
“Ah yes. I apo…. I’m sorry.”

Casual talk with the Princess. It’s an act that will cause a lese majeste if it’s in the royal palace.

“Sara-Malinowska-san. If it’s possible, could you be my friend?”


“I-If it’s an order I will obey.”
“….A friend is not something that’s ordered to make isn’t it?”

You’re correct.

“I wanted friends in the same age group!”

In all ages and countries, a Royalty is someone that can’t make friends. You must not be rude with the royal family, if there’s a fight the others will get a death penalty for treason.
Sara is troubled.
Emotionally, she’s happy about the offer. However rationally, it’s not. Even though Her Highness is lying about her status and entered the academy, Her Highness is still Her Highness the Princess.

…..I’m troubled with what to respond.

“Ano, is it not good?”

There’s no one in the kingdom that can refuse Her Highness the Princess is she ask them with that upward gaze.

“It, it’s alright! I, will be Her Higness’ friend!”

Sara gave up quickly.

“I’m so happy! My first friend! Ah, please call me [Emilia]! Her Highness is unnecessary!”
“Please call me [Sara]!”
“Yes, Sara-san!”

The 2 are very lively.
Even if you say it’s a princess and a knight, they’re still teenage girls.

“We’re friends now!”
“That’s right we’re!”

And so Her Highness the princess succeeded in making friend.
It was 3 hours ago that Valta called Sara and Jozef.

LOTCH 30 It’s obviously her.


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Editing this chapter is funny. When I received it I had Monday afternoon, but Lazypioneer send it me early at Tuesday night.
TL: Naah it’s still monday night           ED: Yeah, I wrong add

It’s not Ko*ra. (TL : dunno reference from where) It’s obviously the Princess.

“…..That was the general circumstance. Do you understand?”
“I understand but also not.”

After school, Sara and I was called by this woman. Radek? It seems like he’s not called because Princess Emilia doesn’t remember his name. He must be envious.

Her name is Maya-Warta. (Maya-Wuaruta) The escort, caretaker and supervisor of Princess Emilia. 17 years old. It’s not known whether it’s a real name however, since her highness only use fake family name Vistula, at least the name Warta (the family name?) is a fake.

“Warta-san. May I ask some questions?”
“I don’t mind. Aah, also there’s no need to use honorifics with me. Even though I’m older, we’re in the same grade.”

Is seems to me she told us to use casual way of speaking when talking to the princess too. Even though she said that I’m not going to use formal language. Since I don’t know formal language.
Also Warta-san use formal language too. Well for now I will try to use formal language anyway. Because I’m scared.

“Why did you tell all this to us?”

By this I mean the reason why the princess came to Military Academy.
If it’s summarized the story is “It’s bad if I became a hikki NEET so I will go to the Military Academy.” Probably.

By the way Sara is dumbfounded from a while ago. It’s the same expression I’ve seen when we’re studying war history. I wonder if she listened to any of the story.

“That’s simple. It’s because you’re the only students who know the real identity of her, also the Princess told me that I can trust you.”

Ano~, there’s actually 1 more person though…..
Well, I didn’t dare to say that now though. After all Warta-san is scary. She’s like a yankee.

Rather, why she trust us so much? Because we were just doing our duty in that escort mission? Even though I’m just a simple commoner?
However, I didn’t dare to say this too. The same reason as above.

“Is that so….. Then what’s about that [Vistula]? I’m ignorant so I never heard of that family.”
“Vistula is the name of a duke house who is now extinct. It was once a house name of someone who made a distinguished military service in the war before and rise up to duke.”
“Why it’s now extinct?”
“At the 2nd Silesia Division War, all the sons who can inherit the rank were killed in battle. The family head was very old, he died soon after the war ended. Because there’s no one who can succeed the family name it’s extinguished, or so it was supposed to be.”

The house who rise in the war extinguished in a war. What an ironic story.

The 2nd Silesia Division War occurred in the Continental Calendar year 572, it was a revenge war with the Anti-Silesia Alliance. As the name “Separation War” suggest, it was a war to separate from Silesia Kingdom (It was the 2nd because it happened 10 years after the 1st). Aah, what a pity.

“Then about Warta?”
“It’s a secret.”

Although you talked about the Princess you don’t talk about yourself. Normally it was reversed.

“Then, any other questions?”

To put it bluntly, if I stepped in too much it seems I will hit a landmine.

“Is that so. Then let’s move to the main subject.”
“Eh, that wasn’t the main subject?”
“Naturally. I didn’t called you just to speak about what happened.”


“I want you to help Emilia-sama.”

Valta-san bowed to Sara and I. The hair whorl is clockwise. (TL: Random as always….)
No, no that’s not important.

“What do you mean by help?”

Finally Sara opened her mouth. I’m so glad she’s still alive.

“Please help Emilia-sama to win the struggle in the Imperial Court that will happen in the future.”


“I’m a commoner and Sara is just a knight daughter though? It’s impossible to help in such a big problem like Imperial Court struggle….. Before that doesn’t Her Highness the Princess came here to improve her abilities?”
“…..About the struggle in the Imperial Court it’s my own decision.”

Is that so. I don’t think a 10 year old princess entering the Military Academy will help in the imperial court struggle. She should go to noble school.

“I think Emilia-sama is fit for the throne.”
“The reason?”
“Because I hate the archduke Karol.”

I wonder why she’s using emotion here.

“Certainly the Archduke Karol is capable in both military and literature. However, It’s impossible to like someone who tried to assassinate princess Emilia who is just 10 years old.”

I see. That’s indeed true.
Assuming the Archduke Karol is doing his best in the Imperial Court struggle, her neck will fly easily. But it will be a bad publicity if she killed a 10 years old child.
N? So that’s why he tried to make the hostile nation kill her? If that happened the Archduke doesn’t have to make any excuse…..

“Although it’s not as much as in the Noble School, she can still make connection in Military Academy. I want you to help her with that.”
“Even if you said help, what should we do?”
“It’s not hard. I want you to become Emilia-sama friends.”

It was Sara who responded.

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

“What’s wrong Sara?”
“A, hya , ya, there’s nothing wrong!”
“Why are you panicking so much if it’s nothing!”
“It’s nothing!”

I got hit. It was a beautiful right straight.

“….Can we continue the talk?”

I think the power of Sara’s punch increased lately.

“In other word, I want you to become Emilia-sama friends, listen to what she talks about. Both her and I have just enrolled to the Military Academy, we don’t know left and right, and living in the Royal Palace, she doesn’t know what a friend is. That’s why I want you to become Emilia-sama friends and help to expand her relationships.”

I see. If that’s the case we might be able to do it.

“If it’s only that, we can help you. Is it alright with you to Sara?”
“Eh, eeh, it’s alright!”

Sara is behaving suspiciously. Really, what happened to you.

“Thank you. Then, I will return to Emilia-sama place. I can’t guard her if I kept her waiting.”

After she said so, Valta ran away quickly. Thank you very much for your hard work.


…..Even so, to make connections in Military Academy is it. I’m worried whether it will works out.

Certainly there’s many noble children in the Military Academy. However half of them are not the eldest child who will succeeds the title.
The eldest usually goes to Noble School. Particularly famous nobles.

However since all the children of warrior class nobles goes to the Military Academy instead, it will be good to make connection with them. Should we list all of those children?

Will the faction struggle between Princess Emilia and Archduke Karol be a [Military Nobles VS Great Nobles]? Uun…I’m worried.


Well, in the mean time we should deepen our relationship with the princess…….. Emilia-Vistula-sama right? The story will start from there.

Maya-Warta. (Maya-Wuaruta) – Warta – one of major rivers in Poland

hikki – short for hikikomiri


I’m quite dumbfounded. What if Archduke Karol was scheming “accident at border” with ECE and Carslberg military junta?




LOTCH 29 Noblesse Obligee

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Editor’s Note:

Edited at September 17th at 7:25AM CET

The story goes back about a month.


A group is heading to capital city of Silezia Kingdom Sironsk. In the gorgeous carriage, Emilia-Silesia is troubled.

In the series of event, she learnt that she herself was ignorant and incompetent. She doesn’t have the wisdom and ability to obtain the crown, she thought that even if she’s in the first place to inherit the throne, she can’t permit herself to inherit it.
However it’s the fact that she’s only 10 years old so, the coronation is still way ahead.

The Princess decided to improve her ability.

But she doesn’t know how to do it. Because such thing was the job of her father and uncle.

However she can’t ask others opinions.
If she can’t solve it herself, she won’t be able to solve anything, or so she thought.

The first idea that came up, is to throw away the succession right.

But she feel that it’s a bad idea immediately.
To throw away the succession right is easy, an easy way. However once it’s been thrown away she won’t be able to get it anymore, besides it’s just running away from the obligations that she has.

Besides, father won’t permit it. My father wants me to inherit the throne by any means. It seems to be the last will of my deceased mother.
For me, my mother is just a person in a painting, but it doesn’t seems to be the case for my father, the will of my mother seems to have the same weight as the Word of God.


Then what should I do.
Her thought always ended there.


Let’s try to change my point of view.

Why do I want to succeed the throne.
There is selfish reason that I don’t want to be defeated by uncle.
However, there is more, the figure of the person who becomes a shield to protect my skin and died.

They died for me because the special status of a royalty.

If I abandon the succession right, I won’t be able to face those who died. They died and tortured to protect the royal family member who ran away from her obligation, it’s disappointing.
If she stay in the safety of the royal palace, she’ll just be a burden, she can’t just live luxuriously as a royal family even though she doesn’t have any wisdom or ability.
During the war, it’s not permissible to live without concern in the royal palace without looking at those who died in the battlefield.

If they don’t exist, I won’t exist.


When she reach that thought, she knew what to do.

“When I reach the royal palace, I have to consult it with father.”



If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.



Royal palace, in the center of kingdom capital Sironsk.
Inside that room, a man is troubled.

His name is Frans-Silesia. The 7th king of the Silesia Kingdom, the father of a selfish daughter Emilia-Silesia.
His trouble is not the number of victim and war expenses with the neighboring nation. It’s his daughter.

His daughter went on a journey to participate in the ceremony held in the neighboring nation Carlsberg but a political change occurred and escalated into a war.

It was the king himself who ordered her daughter to go to Carlsberg.
The selfish and sheltered girl, who will succeeds the throne in the future, he though he would let her participate in official business gradually. (TL : 1st daughter errand is to go to neighboring country who was hostile…. ED: It wasn’t hostile when she started her business trip. Before she cross national border Carlsberg had coup d’etat and become hostile as result of ECE scheming)

For the debut of a noble or a Royal Family member is usually at some official ceremonies. In the case of Emilia, the debut was the ceremony at Carlsberg.

However the result is as you can see.
His daughter was chased by the enemy force and barely able to return to the royal capital alive.

She will hate her father!

“That’s why I said I don’t want to! Mou I hate father! I don’t want to talk anymore! Don’t wash our underwear together anymore!”

If his daughter said such thing, the king believe that he will commit suicide. It can’t be helped because before he was a king, he is a father of a cute girl.

“Your Majesty, Princess Emilia has requested a discussion.”


What to do. I wonder if she’s angry after all. What kind of selfish thing she will say. Until now, I never listen to her selfish demand but this time it seems I have to accept any demands. Otherwise I might die.

“N, Understood. Tell her to come to my office.”
“By your will.”


After a few minutes, the daughter came to the kings’ office.

What kind of selfish demand will she say this time. Doki doki.

“Dear Father, I want to consult something.”
“…What is it?”

Could it be about the laundry.

“I want a permission to enter the Military Academy.”







Oops I can’t I stopped thinking because of such a strange request.

….Military Academy? Not Noble School?

“Let’s hear the reason.”

I, want to go to the Military Academy to kill that person! as expected if she said that I will have to stop it.

“Because that’s the obligation of a Royal Family, or so I though.”

Oi, is this really my selfish daughter? Did you eat strange things in Carslberg?
It’s unexpected that she us a word like “Royal Obligation”.

“For Emilia, what it the Royal Family obligation?”

The Royal Family Obligation , or Noble Obligation is a word that’s been around for a long time.
I someone with a status and power doesn’t have any obligation, the people won’t consent. Of course, unlike obligations to pay taxes or the likes there’s nobles who doesn’t do it properly since it’s not clearly stated in the law. Or perhaps I should say more are like that.

“For me the Royal Obligation is, to trust the people, to shield the people, to protect the people.”
“And you want to go to the Military Academy to do that?”

How did this happen.

No, I can generally figure it out. The personal royal maids was with her when they were chased by the enemy soldiers, about half of those that went with her  did not come back. If she saw that up close, it will make her think about it.
However the Military Academy is unexpected.
If it’s the Nobles School. I would have send her in triumph.
A Noble School is, an elite school where literally only nobles are allowed to attend. Other than staffs commoners are not allowed to enter and exit.
A lot of great nobles who will succeed the family title in the future usually goes there, they received higher education, etiquette and make connections. Then when it’s finished they will debut, then work hard in their territory to serve the kingdom.

“Although it’s a good idea, you don’t have to stand in the battlefield to protect the people. You can also do it from the Royal Palace, no even not in the Royal Palace. The former “Continental Empire” also did a similar thing in the remote regions, they made the land and people rich. That is also enough for Royal Family Obligation. You can go to noble school to learn it.”
“That’s not good.”
“Not good is it.”
“Yes. I don’t want to be negligent about domestic affairs, but even though I said that, I’m not satisfied with only just that.”
“I, don’t want myself to spend time in the safe place in the Royal Palace or in the governors offices. I, Princess Emilia was saved by commoner soldiers. Those soldiers protected me at the risk of their own life. Then I also must protect them at the risk of my own life. Also….”

Emilia breathe in a lot of air and said in a loud voice.

“Also, the soldiers won’t consent to a King who command the troops from a safe palace while they are at war! The soldiers are also human, not a chess piece!”

That speech strike at home.
I was commanding the troops from this Royal Palace. Even though I’m commanding an army, I’m commanding it from a safe Royal Palace.
The soldiers are the one that stand against death. And the King leads the war, and praised in the safe place.

“I don’t think I want to kill someone. I don’t think I want to lead a war. However, there’s no excuse from leading the people to war, away from the war itself!”

…..She became splendid before I aware.

I’m not a cold person that will refuse such proposal of the daughter who have made such an important decision.
If I miss this opportunity, perhaps she will remain a sheltered girl for a life time.

“Fortunately, I hear that even in Military Academy we can learn about domestic affairs. After I graduate from the Military Academy, I will return to the Royal Palace and devote myself to domestic affairs if it’s possible.”

“I understand.”
“…Dear father!”
“But there’re some conditions.”
“…..What is it.”

Even if said that it’s not a difficult condition. I also have an “Obligation”.

“First, you have to hide your Royal Family status.”

Although it’s a Military Academy it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Fortunately since she haven’t debuted yet there’s not many who knows her face.
If you want to fulfill the Royal Family Obligation, it’s not good to be pampered in the school because of the Royal Family status. It will be fine to just inform the teachers only.

“Second, take 1 guard, enroll to the school together.”

It will be both an escort and a caretaker. I don’t think this sheltered daughter can suddenly go and adapt to a military school. Well it will also serve as a supervisor. Let’s have her submit a report regularly.

“Third, I won’t permit you to drop out. Regarding the grades, I won’t interfere at all.”

A Royal Family can’t be dropped out of school. Even if it’s possible to graduate without any effort if I interfere she won’t be happy.

“Fourth, after 5 years of Military Academy, you will enter the army for 10 years.”

Other cadets should be the same with that too.

“Last, You will enroll in the Military Academy right now.”

The formal entrance ceremony will be half a year from now. it’s possible that her mind will change after that long. We need to strike the iron while it’s hot. I will make some arrangement.

“Those are the conditions. If you can’t accept it, I won’t admit the admission to the Military Academy.”

After thinking for a while she decided.

“Understood. I accept all conditions.”

….Eh~. Everything….
I was expecting a bit of. “I would rather be with father than accepting those conditions!” or something like that.

“…. Then, I won’t stop Emilia from enrolling.”
“Thank you very much. Dear father.”

With that Emilia lower her head deeply and left the office.

….She really have changed. Though it’s still 10 years old, she can think about such a moving speech.


While watching the door closing, Frans muttered.

“Emilia has become much more similar to you.”


In the office, the picture of the deceased Queen was displayed. –

Noble Obligation – Noblesse Obligee

I rewrote Nobles School in capitals due to  this words sounding like name of school, f.e. Harvard University.

Also changed military school to Military Academy due this same reasons.

So, as you can read in this double chapter Royal Princess Loli is joining the school of our MC.


LOTCH 28 And Then The Story is Moving

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Continental Calendar year 632 1st of the third month, Sara, Radek , I and lot of other cadets returned to the nostalgic school building.

When we’re back it was in the middle of the first term final exam.

“Uwaa~, uwaah~… Isn’t it impossible to get over 60 point in all subjects anymore! Especially archery which I completely forgot! Far from 60 points I don’t even believe I can get 6 points.”
I glanced at Sara beside me and she looks pale. That reminds me I never taught her any lesson from strategy and tactics after the announcement.

Haa, expulsion is it. I wonder how can I pay the tuition fee.

Or so I thought but apparently we don’t have to worry about our credits.
I had completely forgotten but, when we’re leaving the military academy before the teacher told us so.

Well because it’s a school, it’s still necessary to be examined somehow.
When all things considered, it’s just the military academy system not custom?

They do can get the superior when we’re assigned to the army to evaluate us or so to speak. Contrary to military discipline that evaluate you from the service, I heard that it depend on the subjectivity of the superior. Furthermore to prevent harassment, it’s been it’s the rule that the evaluation points will be at the very least 60 points, so if there’s nothing especially bad about you it will be within that range.
….I haven’t done anything bad am I? The platoon chef has declared that he will ignore me using that expensive spyritus.

This evaluation system was originally started by a military commander that tried to butter up a noble son though. To try to butter up someone, he’s the worst….
Well, in this case the superior is the noble son while I’m just a simpler peasant.

Several days after returning to the military academy, a report card sent by captain Tarnowski arrived.
I’m called immediately to the academic affairs department and handed the report card. E~to, let’s see…..?

Swordsmanship 78
Archery 60
Magic 80
Horsemanship 60
Math 89
Tactics 99
Strategy 99
War History 98

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

…I think I’m extremely overestimated. Archery and horsemanship is at the lowest point since there’s never a chance to show it but, what’s with tactics and strategy that got 99 points. What happened with the 1 other point. I’m curious.

As for the swordsmanship 78 points… It’s thanks to Sara.
I don’t really understand this 80 points in magic as well. I don’t remember using magic at all.

And there’s the 89 points math and 98 points war history. It’s really unclear.

It seems Sara’s evaluation is also high. Especially the tactics it has jumped up to 75 points. Un, I really don’t understand the criteria.

Radek? Since he originally have no red marks it’s not interesting.

O yeah, I recollect what captain Tarnowski do.
The sword of the enemy cavalrymen captain was taken as evidence by the captain. Actually I wanted to take it back to my dorm but.

“It will be dangerous for you who doesn’t have any support to keep this sword that might be an evidence of a scheme. I will keep this.”

Or so.
…There’s a risk that captain Tarnowski will try to destroy the evidence but let’s not overthink it.

After half a year of various thing happened, the spring vacation as I say it in previous life has arrived. It will be for about 2 weeks It’s not short and not long. However unfortunately.

“You guys are lagging behind other student in curriculum. Although I’m reluctant, if it’s as it is it will hinder you on the later half and the next year. Therefore, you will participate in a special supplementary session during the spring vacation.”

In other word, we will be studying while other students are enjoying their youth. After all everything about war is bad.



15th of 3rd month, the 2nd semester of the military academy started.

There’s nothing particularly special to talk about.
I took class everyday like always, I got hit by Sara while training like before the war like always, complaining to Radek about it like always. Aa, I want to quickly graduate.

“E~, then today I will introduce you a newcomer before today classed started.”

….? Is it transfer student? Eh? Is there such system in a military school?

“….Then, please come in.”

….please come in.

“There’s no need for the formal language, sensei. In this place your position is above me.”

Entering the class room is, a girl that looks a lot like the crown princess Emilia-Silesia.

“In this occasion, I have been admitted to the military academy. My name is Emilia-Vistula. Best regards from now on.”

W-who is she!?

Emilia Vistula (previous Vistowra) – some places in Poland have their names in other languages. As example current capital – Warszawa in English is Warsaw and in German is Warschau. Vistula is English name for Wisła – Polish biggest and main river. In Lesser Poland  Voivodeship ( is town called Wisła, know through world from Ski Jumping Conquests. Due to Romanji in pronounce closer to Vistula, I decided use English name.


LOTCH Intermission : Daily Live of a Maid

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My name is Ida-Tokarska

I worked as the maid of Her Highness Emilia-Silesia the first and only daughter of Frans-Silesia the current king.

Her Highness Emilia is a seriously very cute. With a golden hair and somewhat mature face. And above all, the adorable face she make when she’s being selfish even if she’s not a royalty I want to kidnap, no marry her. At the very least, I want to make a mold of her for a life size doll!

….Ah. That’s not good. The delusion time is over. I’m sorry I’ve shown you an unsightly sight.


It was 5 years, 4 months, 18 days, 7 hours and 19 minutes ago that I met Her Highness.

I was 18 years old at that time…. Ah, no I’m still 18 years old now too, anyway I was looking for a job.
The Earl house where I worked before has fallen, so I lost my job. However, I was invited by the imperial court saying “Would you like to come as the Princess caretaker?”. Of course, I took it immediately. After all it’s a good chance to be promoted from the earl maid into a royal maid.

There was physical exam, written exam, etiquette exam, family relation examination, even my friend and the men I’m in relationship with were thoroughly examined. Well, I don’t have such relationship so there was no problem.

….I’m not crying. This is only because some dust entered my eye.

After overcoming those hardships, I was allowed to work in the imperial palace. As the Princess maid.

And so I met the young Her Highness. Even at that time, she’s already pretty, the hair that shines in golden color, the beautiful blue eye that’s like the sea.

At that time, I fell in love with Her Highness Emilia. To a girl who was 5 year old. But, the difference between our age and social status is nothing to me!
I’ll do my best!

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

I become Her Highness maid and take care of her daily life necessities, I spent my best effort so that the Princess can live in peace.

Although it was a hard work, when I see her Princess smile, all the tiredness is blown away. To make the Princess happy is my joy.

Now, the Princess is scheduled to leave soon. it seems she has to participate in the pact conclusion ceremony held in the neighboring nation Carlsberg Republic.
Her Highness hated it. It’s natural. Because this is the first time that Her Highness is going abroad, there’s a lot of anxiety.

It’s possible the she will fell during the ceremony from stress. It will be a problem if that happen. While taking care of Her Highness, I kept thinking how to speak to Her Highness so she doesn’t feel stressed in the middle of the ceremony.
I though about telling witty jokes, even gossips about the baldness of the President Kriger of the Republic, I have though about 500 conversation materials. With this it’s perfect.

“I don’t want to. I don’t want to go.”

Her Highness Emilia is still selfish as usual.
However it’s cute. Don’t you understand this feeling? You don’t? But it’s ok. Because only I need to understand.

“It will be a problem if you say that! Please do what you have been told.”
“I don’t want to go out of the royal palace.”

Though my maid colleague tried to persuade desperately, Her Highness stubbornly refuse. She refused all persuasion of the maid with her eyes…. Aah, I wish there’s a tool that can preserve that expression for eternity.

I can see the cute appearance of Her Highness Emilia, also there’s salary. I can’t find such blessed work even if I look everywhere in the kingdom. I’m a lucky person.

“Emilia, Don’t be too selfish. You are not such a child right.”

Tch. My time of bliss has been disturbed by the beardy, His Highness Archduke Karol. Go home! Her Highness Emilia is mine!

In the end, Her Highness Emilia reluctantly agreed to go to Carlsberg after archduke Karol persuasion. Her Highness Emilia wear a bit down hearted. Aah, but it’s still beautiful.

By the way, I’m also going to Carlsberg. Naturally. Because I want to support Her Highness Emilia who will be frozen from nervousness in a beautiful clothes in the ceremony.

Inside the carriage heading to Carlsberg, suddenly Her Highness Emilia spoke to me. Even if I die now it’s ok.

“Nee, Ida. How many years it’s been since you came?”
“It will be about 5 years Your Highness.”

As expected, I can’t say the month and less units.

“Is that so…. Nee, Ida.”
“What is it, Your Highness?”
“….No, it’s nothing.”

After saying that, Her Highness move her gaze outside the window again. Aah, what a perfect pose for a picture. I want to decorate my room with it.

“….Thank you.”


What did you say just now? Thank you? Eh, Eh? Her Highness, to me, saying a word of gratitude!? Wh-wh-wh,#$%&@¥*£!?

“No, as Your Highness maid, it’s a natural thing to do.”

I managed to calm my mind somehow and replied.
Aah, I want a vocabulary to convey the feeling of love and loyalty that’s overflowing my heart! Curses my linguistic incompetence!

….Her Highness Emilia is, to me…. Ufu, ufufufufufufufu, guhehehehehehehehe.

Oops, If I made such a strange laugh, my beautiful and proper image will collapse.
I must take care of myself.

The carriage that take Her Highness Emilia and me, finally crossed the Sudety Mountains and entered Carslberg Republic.
Though it’s quiet now, this nation was an hostile nation. We should be vigilant.

I won’t let even one finger touch Her Highness.
I’m Ida-Tokarska, maid of Her Highness Emilia.
Until this life exhausted, I will become Her Highness shield, it’s my role.
Because, I love her!



“Ida…., Thank you very much for everything up to now…..”

Inside the carriage where Princess Emilia mutter this, there’s no one else.

Ida Tokarska (Ida Tokarusuka) – yet another Polish name.

Ers thoughts:

Sadly, this is low possibility that we will meet her again. In last chapter is clearly told, that many people’s from Princess escort dies in battle to guard her and Ida isn’t mentioned before when Jozef and Co. retrieved Emilia. Also end of chapter is supposed to be Emilia’s POV when she is returning to capital.

Because that I’m sad – there will be no more yuri maid obsessed with Princess Emilia…

LOTCH 27 Meaning Of The Crown

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After the escort mission is over, our platoon returned to Kowary.

However, we did not participate in the war. We were considerably worn out because of the escort mission and also, since we’re an amateur group we’re not considered as a war potential.
In the end, we’re assigned to logistical support mission…. in other word chores.

Because the Kingdom’s Army worked hard in the frontline we did not caught up in the war and at the end of 2nd month we had a cease-fire.

“In the end, what was the war for?”

Good grief.
Who profited the most from this war? It’s probably the third nation that participate in making the political change.

“For the time being, I’m glad that Sara, Radek and I can return to the military accademy.”

We survived.
That’s good.

“….That’s right.”

Sara answered briefly.

“Everyone, we will separate here.”

Before I was aware the platoon chief Tarnowski was standing behind me.

“It sadden me a bit.”
“Aah. While it was for a short time, it feels like it’s been a year.”

Oh yeah, the platoon chief Tarnowski seems to have been promoted to captain.

He succeed in guarding the princess with a small fighting power and even destroyed the base of the enemy cavalrymen unit that was within the country. It’s strange if he’s not promoted. There’s rumor that a medal will be conferred too.

“You guys too, the time where your exploits evaluated will come. Since it’s just after the war now it won’t be soon but, it will definitely come.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”

What will happen if it’s evaluated when we’re still in military school? Will it be include in the credits?

“Then, let’s meet again.”

And so, the war is concluded.

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

“You’re special” – she’s been told that ever since she’s been born, no even before she’s born.

She will inherit the position from her father sooner or later, she’s been waiting for it while living aimlessly.
From her father, from her uncle, she learnt how to be a Queen.
However, she loves to whine, 7 out of 10 times she will whine.
That sort of life continued for 10 years. –

However, an event that changed her live happened a few months after her 10th birthday.
To participate in a ceremony at the neighboring nation, she temporarily left the Royal Palace where she’s used to.

But, the ceremony was canceled, her position fell from a state guest into a wanted criminal with a prize money to her head.
To escape from enemy country was not easy at all. Her attendants one after another, died shielding her.

Every time, something inside her heart broke.
When the party finally crossed the border, the number of people have decreased to half the number when they departed.

For the sake of myself, a special person, a lot of people died. Because of the child who doesn’t have any special ability, the surrounding people died.

She who was shown that hated the position of a royalty.
At such time, she met someone.
It was someone from the mish-mashed escort unit.

Even though she’s the reason they’re attacked within the nation and the reason soldiers died.
In the end she was told to “Listen to the instruction” of a commoner, and her pride was damaged.

But at that time, a knight standing besides the commoner said while kneeling down.

“Her Highness is important existence for our country and citizens.”

Important existence, she’s been told that since she’s young.
However, it’s the first time that she was told to be important at a time like this.

The attendants who have died up to now and then the girl kneeling down in front of her.
It was not because of an order, it’s because she’s important existence, that’s why they are loyal.

“Do you swear your loyalty to me?”
“Even though this body is immature, I’ll protect Your Highness even with my life.”

For her, “Loyalty” is a tool for the vassals to use as stepping stone for promotion.
However, due to the series of event, the meaning of “Loyalty” in her head was rewritten.

And then, she saw it.

A person who is the same age as her, stood against certain death, he demonstrate and ability that’s not suitable for such age, when she looks at the figure which try to survive, an emotion which is hard to describe was born inside her.

For her, such emotion was the first time, at the same time she feel convinced.

“When I return to the Royal Palace, I have to consult with father.”

This is the first time that she’s convinced to do an obligation as someone who will inherits the crown.


Her name is Emilia-Silesia
The daughter of Frans-Silesia the King of Silesia Kingdom, the first in line for the throne succession.