LOTCH 24 In the Forest Shadow Of A Quiet Lake.

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When we storm the base the majority of the cavalrymen were either sleeping or sitting down.

The enemy doesn’t have time to pull their sword, their the blood scattered and they fell down one after another.

Some people didn’t even notice the enemy attack and they slept eternally.

We can’t even call it a battle, it was close to a one-sided slaughter.

I don’t remember how many men I killed.

However, I remember that I’ve killed someone.

There’s still the feel of stabbing my sword to someone remaining.

The battle ended in just a few minutes.



When we’re burning the enemy remains with fireball, Sara approached me from somewhere.

|Jozef, are you alright?”

it’s…… not alright. However I was surprised by myself who is unexpectedly calm. I killed someone.


Todays’ Sara is prone to worrying. It’s not like the usual her.
If it’s her usual self, she would have beaten me now and force me to stand.

“It’s alright.”

I’m just a little tired now.



“Surprisingly, people will get used to killing. It’s a taboo that you must not do as a person but you’ll get used to it fast.”
“Has platoon chief-dono get used to it fast too?”
“Aah. I don’t remember anymore after the 10th person. Rather than that, lance corporal Nowak… was it? Are you alright?”
“About what?”
“You also had killed someone. You seems to be calm?”
“I, have never killed someone before, this is my first time.”
“Hohou. You’ve an interesting joke.”
“It’s not a joke though.”
“….Is that so. Maa, there’s such children in the world to.”
“Ee, surprising isn’t it.”



I’ve killed someone, it’s the commander of the enemy cavalrymen which sword is in my hand now.
I think I will take it back.

I killed someone for the first time, it’s some enemy whose name I don’t even know, this is so I don’t forget the feeling.

We took a rest at the lake that was the enemy base and returned to the village the next day.

The damage to us when we attack is 1 dead and 3 injured. As the result, the enemy cavalrymen unit is annihilated.
With this, the safety of the princess and the supply line is protected.

While we’re returning to the village where the princess is, I take a look at the enemy cavalrymen commander sword in my hand. After looking at it for about 10 minutes I noticed something strange.
I identified the source of it immediately.

—–Perhaps I should report to the platoon chief.

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 “Platton chief, is it a good time?”
“Nn? Aah, it’s okay. You, are you alright?”
“Although it’s not perfect, maa, it’s okay.”

It’s not a lie. There’s just something in my mind.

“So, what is it?”
“I want you to take a look at this.”

I passed the sword to Lt. Tarnowski.

“this is the sword of the man who seems to be the commander of the previous cavalrymen unit.”
“What’s with it? Certainly it’s a sword of commander if we look at the decorations….”
“What I want you to see is the sword guard.”
“The guard?”

The sword of this world— No it may have been like it too in the previous world– the insignia of the country that manufacture it should be carved in the part of the sword guard.
For instance for Silesia Kingdom, the pattern imitate white eagle which is the national emblem. For Carlsberg it’s a silver lion.

However there’s no insignia on this sword for some reason.

Of course, to focus on production efficiency sometimes the insignia is not carved. However as for this sword, as the lieutenant said, it’s decorated luxuriously that it fit the sword of commander.
This sword is strange because there’s decoration but no insignia.

“There’s no insignia in the sword guard….was it. Certainly it’s strange. It’s not unusual for decorations and insignia to be omitted, decorations which is time-consuming omitted but the insignia isn’t is also not unusual. However it’s strange that there is decoration but no insignia.”

Why there’s no insignia. There’s only one answer.

“Probably, this sword is not made in Carlsberg, it might be made in a third nation.”
“….If that’s so, that is terrible.”

It is terrible. A sword from a third country is held by the cavalry commander who was responsible in attacking the princess.

“The enemy cavalry, at least the commander is not from Carlsberg,he might be someone from the third country was it.”

A third country soldiers carried out a mission in cooperation with the Carlsberg army.
Perhaps the third country might be also involved in the political upheaval.

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