LOTCH 25 Maneuvering


A dragon knight.
If you ask me why I like her, it’s a dragon FFS!

6th day of the 2nd month.
We the princess escort unit came back from the lake where the enemy base located was to the village where the princess and the injured soldiers are sheltered.
And then the princess escort duty is resumed…. or not. There was an escort reinforcement sent from the capital.

It was the Imperial Knight 3rd Cavalry Division who came as reinforcement. Lt. Tarnowski said that it’s an “Escort unit dedicated to princess Emilia”, it seems to be more reliable than the 3rd Infantry Division.

“Lt. Zamowin-Tarnowski, I wist to express my gratitude for the escort.”
“No, it’s a natural thing to do as the kingdoms’ soldier. Besides, I was blessed with a good subordinates.”

Finally the escort duty for the princess is finished is it? Should I be pleased that the mission finished safely or should I feel sad to say goodbye to the blond haired loli?

“Walesa-san, was it.”
“Ye-Yes. I’m here your highness!”

I’m surprised because I got talked to suddenly!

“According to what I heard, you seems to be the same age as me right.”
“Yes. I turn 11 ears old this year your highness.”

11 years old aren’t I? Sometimes I forgot my age but I think it’s correct right?

“….Even though you’re the same age as me, you’re amazing.”
“N-no. It’s not the achievement of me alone.”

I won’t notice the cavalries without Sara and I won’t notice the existence of this country spirytus without Radek.
If these 2 isn’t here, we might have gone to other world. (TL: Third time’s the charm lmao.) It was just luck this time.

“Besides, her highness Emilia is also amazing.”
“…..I, am?”

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

Certainly she’s somewhat selfish but, she never complained and has a firm attitude. I guess she’ll be a nice queen in another 20 years.
Also an absolutely beautiful woman.

“Her highness, it’s about time.”
“Ah, yes that’s right. Then Lt Tarnowski, Malinowska-san, Walesa-san. For the escort this time, I wish to express my gratitude. I will not forget your name. Then, let’s meet again.”

After she says so she boarded the carriage of the Imperial Knight carriage and departing.
Umu. To be memorized by the blond haired loli or rather the princess. What a big honor.



“Well well what an incidence.”
“Aah. Honestly, I never though about it.”

This place is, the minister office inside the military government building within Tsargorod, capital city of the “East Continental Empire”.
Inside the room are, the Military Minister, Marquis Rediger and The Chief of The Public Security Bureau of Emperors’ Government Secretariat Earl Benkendorf.

“It was worth it to accepted your proposal. In exchange of the life of 1 officers, we have pulled Carlsberg to our side and drive a wedge to Silesia.”

The proposal of Earl Benkendorf, is to prevent the non aggression pact that was about to be concluded between Silesia and Carlsberg.

The “East Continental Empire” national power is big compared to other nations, even if alliance is formed. it won’t be able to oppose the empire. However, if the war potential of Silesia is reinforced, there’s a possibility that it will be obstacle in the “war” that will occur in the near future.
Carlsberg has leave it under the influence of the “East Continental Empire, it wasn’t possible to overlook neighboring country that might piggyback on the influence of the alliance and build a third power either.

As as solution for that, the Earl proposed making a political change in Carlsberg.

They elevated Military General Haaha who was dissatisfied with the arms reduction policy of President Kriger, agitated the citizens who are under recession, causing the political change to occur just before the commemoration ceremony of the pact.

As a result. now Carlberg is dependent on the “East Continental Empire”.

Also, send this information to some people in the Silesia royal palace.
To execute the special mission, 1 empire troops officer were sent.

“Well, there’s only one of the Earls’ plan that failed.”
“No no. Our warning have reached Silesia royal palace. That alone is enough. At least for the moment.”
“Fun, is that so.”



“By the way Jozef-san.”
“What is it Radek-san?”
“Her Highness Emilia remember my name right?”
“Say something.”

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