LOTCH 26 War Without Purpose

The borderline between Silesia and Carlsberg is about 350 km from east to west.
Nevertheless, the position where both army collide with is only around the west of Kowary and eastern of city Karvina (karubina).

The reason is, there is a long mountain range called the Sudeten (Zude-ten) mountain range, to pass it with a big army is difficult.
Also, the place where the highway of the 2 countries connected is only between Kowary and Karvina.

Furthermore, Karvina is located on a strategic place at the eastern end of the border and can’t be neglected. On the other hand, Kowary is located at the middle of the highway directly connecting to the capital of the 2 countries.

Therefore, it’s clear that there Kowary become a place where a fierce battle happen.

“Currently our army deployed 3 divisions, 29,000 soldiers in Kowary. Meanwhile, the enemy army seems to have deployed about 5 divisions at the base of Sudety mountain range at the border.
“It’s totally disadvantageous on the number.”
“Yes. Moreover, since there are enemy fortresses in the Sudeten mountain range, if you gets near carelessly, strong magical attack will come from the fortress and a huge damage will be done.

The Kowary battle front is in a complete deadlock.
At one time, a peaceful town in the border is completely erased by war, it’s reduced to just a simple plain.

The Silesia Kingdom army extracted fighting power from other borders to support the defense from the offensive of Carlsberg Republican Army. It can’t be helped since it started abruptly but, the kingdom army was doing a foolish strategic that wasting combat force.
Moreover, the kingdom have inferior military power, loses from the terrain, the consumption of the war forces far exceeded the expectation of the senior military official.

Shouldn’t we retreat to the Legnica plain? General Zygmunt-Rakusa (Jigumundo-Rakusa) the commander in chief of the southern border army though so. However, if the Republican Army attacking while we’re retreating, it might lead to the breaking down of the front line.
Even if it’s possible to retreat to Legnica, there is the big city Wroclaw near, it’s possible that the noncombatants will be damaged will needlessly.

After some deliberation, they decided not to retreat and maintain the current defensive line.
Continental Calendar 11th of 2nd month year 332, the soldiers of Silesia kingdom killed in action is about to reach 10,000 people.



“Chief Cabinet Secretary of Emperor, how do you intend to end this war?”
“The end?”
“Thats right. At this war, our purposes were already achieved. Next is only the reparations payment.”

The “East Continental Empire” didn’t intervene excessively in this war.
What they is is like, burning one tree in the forest… but, it might become a big fire afterwards.

“For me whichever is alright. I don’t care how many people of Silesia go to after-life.”
“Isn’t it.”

To that declaration of Benkendorf, Rediger didn’t express any particular discomfort though. The person called Benkendorf is, unskillful in putting out fire even though he is good at making it, it’s famous among those who knew him well.

“As for me, I think we should mediate a cease fire soon.”
“Oh, have you getting tired of watching the fireworks?”
“It’s not like that.”

Rediger himself doesn’t mind to be just a spectator and standing by idly.
However, if the war burned excessively, other nations who participated in the Anti-Silesia Alliance might participate, there’s possibility that the enjoyment of the “East Continental Empire” will be snatched.

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

If the biggest profiteer is not our nation, the effort up till now is not worth it. Rediger though so and tried to finish the war ahead of time.

“In addition, Carslberg Republican Army seems to be struggling a bit too. Few days ago, I heard they lost 2,000 soldiers in the failed attack to Kowary.”
“However, according to the information from the officer we sent from our nation to spectate, the kingdom army lost has reached 10,000 soldiers.”

With both army lacked deciding factor, it will be a ceasefire mediated by a third country. The timing is perfect.

“How does the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Emperor thinks?”
“That’s right. Certainly His Majesty will agree, should I advise His Majesty?”
“Fumu. Then I will leave the matter to the chief of cabinet secretary. I will suggest it to the Minister of State.”


And so at 27th of 2nd month year 632 of Continental calendar, the “East Continental Empire” emperor Ivan the 8th mediated the war between Silesia-Carlsberg and due to both side lacking the decisive factor the war is stopped for a while.

The dead of the kingdom army are 10,521 soldiers while the dead of the republic army are 7,944 soldiers.

What the 2 nation obtained in this war is, a pile of corpses in the vicinity of the border.

Editor Notes:

Kowary – previoussly Kobari -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kowary

Karvina – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karvin%C3%A1

Sudety (Zude-ten)  -Mountain range in territory of Poland, Czech Republic & Germany. Katakana most probably based on German name
(TL: I’ll use the Germany one since obviously author wanted to use that one) Sudeten- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudetes

Zygmunt-Rakusa (Jigumundo-Rakusa) – Polish name, that has origins in German Sigismund – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zygmunt  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigismund


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