LOTCH 27 Meaning Of The Crown

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After the escort mission is over, our platoon returned to Kowary.

However, we did not participate in the war. We were considerably worn out because of the escort mission and also, since we’re an amateur group we’re not considered as a war potential.
In the end, we’re assigned to logistical support mission…. in other word chores.

Because the Kingdom’s Army worked hard in the frontline we did not caught up in the war and at the end of 2nd month we had a cease-fire.

“In the end, what was the war for?”

Good grief.
Who profited the most from this war? It’s probably the third nation that participate in making the political change.

“For the time being, I’m glad that Sara, Radek and I can return to the military accademy.”

We survived.
That’s good.

“….That’s right.”

Sara answered briefly.

“Everyone, we will separate here.”

Before I was aware the platoon chief Tarnowski was standing behind me.

“It sadden me a bit.”
“Aah. While it was for a short time, it feels like it’s been a year.”

Oh yeah, the platoon chief Tarnowski seems to have been promoted to captain.

He succeed in guarding the princess with a small fighting power and even destroyed the base of the enemy cavalrymen unit that was within the country. It’s strange if he’s not promoted. There’s rumor that a medal will be conferred too.

“You guys too, the time where your exploits evaluated will come. Since it’s just after the war now it won’t be soon but, it will definitely come.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”

What will happen if it’s evaluated when we’re still in military school? Will it be include in the credits?

“Then, let’s meet again.”

And so, the war is concluded.

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“You’re special” – she’s been told that ever since she’s been born, no even before she’s born.

She will inherit the position from her father sooner or later, she’s been waiting for it while living aimlessly.
From her father, from her uncle, she learnt how to be a Queen.
However, she loves to whine, 7 out of 10 times she will whine.
That sort of life continued for 10 years. –

However, an event that changed her live happened a few months after her 10th birthday.
To participate in a ceremony at the neighboring nation, she temporarily left the Royal Palace where she’s used to.

But, the ceremony was canceled, her position fell from a state guest into a wanted criminal with a prize money to her head.
To escape from enemy country was not easy at all. Her attendants one after another, died shielding her.

Every time, something inside her heart broke.
When the party finally crossed the border, the number of people have decreased to half the number when they departed.

For the sake of myself, a special person, a lot of people died. Because of the child who doesn’t have any special ability, the surrounding people died.

She who was shown that hated the position of a royalty.
At such time, she met someone.
It was someone from the mish-mashed escort unit.

Even though she’s the reason they’re attacked within the nation and the reason soldiers died.
In the end she was told to “Listen to the instruction” of a commoner, and her pride was damaged.

But at that time, a knight standing besides the commoner said while kneeling down.

“Her Highness is important existence for our country and citizens.”

Important existence, she’s been told that since she’s young.
However, it’s the first time that she was told to be important at a time like this.

The attendants who have died up to now and then the girl kneeling down in front of her.
It was not because of an order, it’s because she’s important existence, that’s why they are loyal.

“Do you swear your loyalty to me?”
“Even though this body is immature, I’ll protect Your Highness even with my life.”

For her, “Loyalty” is a tool for the vassals to use as stepping stone for promotion.
However, due to the series of event, the meaning of “Loyalty” in her head was rewritten.

And then, she saw it.

A person who is the same age as her, stood against certain death, he demonstrate and ability that’s not suitable for such age, when she looks at the figure which try to survive, an emotion which is hard to describe was born inside her.

For her, such emotion was the first time, at the same time she feel convinced.

“When I return to the Royal Palace, I have to consult with father.”

This is the first time that she’s convinced to do an obligation as someone who will inherits the crown.


Her name is Emilia-Silesia
The daughter of Frans-Silesia the King of Silesia Kingdom, the first in line for the throne succession.

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