LOTCH Intermission : Daily Live of a Maid

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My name is Ida-Tokarska

I worked as the maid of Her Highness Emilia-Silesia the first and only daughter of Frans-Silesia the current king.

Her Highness Emilia is a seriously very cute. With a golden hair and somewhat mature face. And above all, the adorable face she make when she’s being selfish even if she’s not a royalty I want to kidnap, no marry her. At the very least, I want to make a mold of her for a life size doll!

….Ah. That’s not good. The delusion time is over. I’m sorry I’ve shown you an unsightly sight.


It was 5 years, 4 months, 18 days, 7 hours and 19 minutes ago that I met Her Highness.

I was 18 years old at that time…. Ah, no I’m still 18 years old now too, anyway I was looking for a job.
The Earl house where I worked before has fallen, so I lost my job. However, I was invited by the imperial court saying “Would you like to come as the Princess caretaker?”. Of course, I took it immediately. After all it’s a good chance to be promoted from the earl maid into a royal maid.

There was physical exam, written exam, etiquette exam, family relation examination, even my friend and the men I’m in relationship with were thoroughly examined. Well, I don’t have such relationship so there was no problem.

….I’m not crying. This is only because some dust entered my eye.

After overcoming those hardships, I was allowed to work in the imperial palace. As the Princess maid.

And so I met the young Her Highness. Even at that time, she’s already pretty, the hair that shines in golden color, the beautiful blue eye that’s like the sea.

At that time, I fell in love with Her Highness Emilia. To a girl who was 5 year old. But, the difference between our age and social status is nothing to me!
I’ll do my best!

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

I become Her Highness maid and take care of her daily life necessities, I spent my best effort so that the Princess can live in peace.

Although it was a hard work, when I see her Princess smile, all the tiredness is blown away. To make the Princess happy is my joy.

Now, the Princess is scheduled to leave soon. it seems she has to participate in the pact conclusion ceremony held in the neighboring nation Carlsberg Republic.
Her Highness hated it. It’s natural. Because this is the first time that Her Highness is going abroad, there’s a lot of anxiety.

It’s possible the she will fell during the ceremony from stress. It will be a problem if that happen. While taking care of Her Highness, I kept thinking how to speak to Her Highness so she doesn’t feel stressed in the middle of the ceremony.
I though about telling witty jokes, even gossips about the baldness of the President Kriger of the Republic, I have though about 500 conversation materials. With this it’s perfect.

“I don’t want to. I don’t want to go.”

Her Highness Emilia is still selfish as usual.
However it’s cute. Don’t you understand this feeling? You don’t? But it’s ok. Because only I need to understand.

“It will be a problem if you say that! Please do what you have been told.”
“I don’t want to go out of the royal palace.”

Though my maid colleague tried to persuade desperately, Her Highness stubbornly refuse. She refused all persuasion of the maid with her eyes…. Aah, I wish there’s a tool that can preserve that expression for eternity.

I can see the cute appearance of Her Highness Emilia, also there’s salary. I can’t find such blessed work even if I look everywhere in the kingdom. I’m a lucky person.

“Emilia, Don’t be too selfish. You are not such a child right.”

Tch. My time of bliss has been disturbed by the beardy, His Highness Archduke Karol. Go home! Her Highness Emilia is mine!

In the end, Her Highness Emilia reluctantly agreed to go to Carlsberg after archduke Karol persuasion. Her Highness Emilia wear a bit down hearted. Aah, but it’s still beautiful.

By the way, I’m also going to Carlsberg. Naturally. Because I want to support Her Highness Emilia who will be frozen from nervousness in a beautiful clothes in the ceremony.

Inside the carriage heading to Carlsberg, suddenly Her Highness Emilia spoke to me. Even if I die now it’s ok.

“Nee, Ida. How many years it’s been since you came?”
“It will be about 5 years Your Highness.”

As expected, I can’t say the month and less units.

“Is that so…. Nee, Ida.”
“What is it, Your Highness?”
“….No, it’s nothing.”

After saying that, Her Highness move her gaze outside the window again. Aah, what a perfect pose for a picture. I want to decorate my room with it.

“….Thank you.”


What did you say just now? Thank you? Eh, Eh? Her Highness, to me, saying a word of gratitude!? Wh-wh-wh,#$%&@¥*£!?

“No, as Your Highness maid, it’s a natural thing to do.”

I managed to calm my mind somehow and replied.
Aah, I want a vocabulary to convey the feeling of love and loyalty that’s overflowing my heart! Curses my linguistic incompetence!

….Her Highness Emilia is, to me…. Ufu, ufufufufufufufu, guhehehehehehehehe.

Oops, If I made such a strange laugh, my beautiful and proper image will collapse.
I must take care of myself.

The carriage that take Her Highness Emilia and me, finally crossed the Sudety Mountains and entered Carslberg Republic.
Though it’s quiet now, this nation was an hostile nation. We should be vigilant.

I won’t let even one finger touch Her Highness.
I’m Ida-Tokarska, maid of Her Highness Emilia.
Until this life exhausted, I will become Her Highness shield, it’s my role.
Because, I love her!



“Ida…., Thank you very much for everything up to now…..”

Inside the carriage where Princess Emilia mutter this, there’s no one else.

Ida Tokarska (Ida Tokarusuka) – yet another Polish name.

Ers thoughts:

Sadly, this is low possibility that we will meet her again. In last chapter is clearly told, that many people’s from Princess escort dies in battle to guard her and Ida isn’t mentioned before when Jozef and Co. retrieved Emilia. Also end of chapter is supposed to be Emilia’s POV when she is returning to capital.

Because that I’m sad – there will be no more yuri maid obsessed with Princess Emilia…

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