LOTCH 28 And Then The Story is Moving

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Continental Calendar year 632 1st of the third month, Sara, Radek , I and lot of other cadets returned to the nostalgic school building.

When we’re back it was in the middle of the first term final exam.

“Uwaa~, uwaah~… Isn’t it impossible to get over 60 point in all subjects anymore! Especially archery which I completely forgot! Far from 60 points I don’t even believe I can get 6 points.”
I glanced at Sara beside me and she looks pale. That reminds me I never taught her any lesson from strategy and tactics after the announcement.

Haa, expulsion is it. I wonder how can I pay the tuition fee.

Or so I thought but apparently we don’t have to worry about our credits.
I had completely forgotten but, when we’re leaving the military academy before the teacher told us so.

Well because it’s a school, it’s still necessary to be examined somehow.
When all things considered, it’s just the military academy system not custom?

They do can get the superior when we’re assigned to the army to evaluate us or so to speak. Contrary to military discipline that evaluate you from the service, I heard that it depend on the subjectivity of the superior. Furthermore to prevent harassment, it’s been it’s the rule that the evaluation points will be at the very least 60 points, so if there’s nothing especially bad about you it will be within that range.
….I haven’t done anything bad am I? The platoon chef has declared that he will ignore me using that expensive spyritus.

This evaluation system was originally started by a military commander that tried to butter up a noble son though. To try to butter up someone, he’s the worst….
Well, in this case the superior is the noble son while I’m just a simpler peasant.

Several days after returning to the military academy, a report card sent by captain Tarnowski arrived.
I’m called immediately to the academic affairs department and handed the report card. E~to, let’s see…..?

Swordsmanship 78
Archery 60
Magic 80
Horsemanship 60
Math 89
Tactics 99
Strategy 99
War History 98

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

…I think I’m extremely overestimated. Archery and horsemanship is at the lowest point since there’s never a chance to show it but, what’s with tactics and strategy that got 99 points. What happened with the 1 other point. I’m curious.

As for the swordsmanship 78 points… It’s thanks to Sara.
I don’t really understand this 80 points in magic as well. I don’t remember using magic at all.

And there’s the 89 points math and 98 points war history. It’s really unclear.

It seems Sara’s evaluation is also high. Especially the tactics it has jumped up to 75 points. Un, I really don’t understand the criteria.

Radek? Since he originally have no red marks it’s not interesting.

O yeah, I recollect what captain Tarnowski do.
The sword of the enemy cavalrymen captain was taken as evidence by the captain. Actually I wanted to take it back to my dorm but.

“It will be dangerous for you who doesn’t have any support to keep this sword that might be an evidence of a scheme. I will keep this.”

Or so.
…There’s a risk that captain Tarnowski will try to destroy the evidence but let’s not overthink it.

After half a year of various thing happened, the spring vacation as I say it in previous life has arrived. It will be for about 2 weeks It’s not short and not long. However unfortunately.

“You guys are lagging behind other student in curriculum. Although I’m reluctant, if it’s as it is it will hinder you on the later half and the next year. Therefore, you will participate in a special supplementary session during the spring vacation.”

In other word, we will be studying while other students are enjoying their youth. After all everything about war is bad.



15th of 3rd month, the 2nd semester of the military academy started.

There’s nothing particularly special to talk about.
I took class everyday like always, I got hit by Sara while training like before the war like always, complaining to Radek about it like always. Aa, I want to quickly graduate.

“E~, then today I will introduce you a newcomer before today classed started.”

….? Is it transfer student? Eh? Is there such system in a military school?

“….Then, please come in.”

….please come in.

“There’s no need for the formal language, sensei. In this place your position is above me.”

Entering the class room is, a girl that looks a lot like the crown princess Emilia-Silesia.

“In this occasion, I have been admitted to the military academy. My name is Emilia-Vistula. Best regards from now on.”

W-who is she!?

Emilia Vistula (previous Vistowra) – some places in Poland have their names in other languages. As example current capital – Warszawa in English is Warsaw and in German is Warschau. Vistula is English name for Wisła – Polish biggest and main river. In Lesser Poland  Voivodeship (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voivodeship) is town called Wisła, know through world from Ski Jumping Conquests. Due to Romanji in pronounce closer to Vistula, I decided use English name.



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