LOTCH 30 It’s obviously her.


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It’s not Ko*ra. (TL : dunno reference from where) It’s obviously the Princess.

“…..That was the general circumstance. Do you understand?”
“I understand but also not.”

After school, Sara and I was called by this woman. Radek? It seems like he’s not called because Princess Emilia doesn’t remember his name. He must be envious.

Her name is Maya-Warta. (Maya-Wuaruta) The escort, caretaker and supervisor of Princess Emilia. 17 years old. It’s not known whether it’s a real name however, since her highness only use fake family name Vistula, at least the name Warta (the family name?) is a fake.

“Warta-san. May I ask some questions?”
“I don’t mind. Aah, also there’s no need to use honorifics with me. Even though I’m older, we’re in the same grade.”

Is seems to me she told us to use casual way of speaking when talking to the princess too. Even though she said that I’m not going to use formal language. Since I don’t know formal language.
Also Warta-san use formal language too. Well for now I will try to use formal language anyway. Because I’m scared.

“Why did you tell all this to us?”

By this I mean the reason why the princess came to Military Academy.
If it’s summarized the story is “It’s bad if I became a hikki NEET so I will go to the Military Academy.” Probably.

By the way Sara is dumbfounded from a while ago. It’s the same expression I’ve seen when we’re studying war history. I wonder if she listened to any of the story.

“That’s simple. It’s because you’re the only students who know the real identity of her, also the Princess told me that I can trust you.”

Ano~, there’s actually 1 more person though…..
Well, I didn’t dare to say that now though. After all Warta-san is scary. She’s like a yankee.

Rather, why she trust us so much? Because we were just doing our duty in that escort mission? Even though I’m just a simple commoner?
However, I didn’t dare to say this too. The same reason as above.

“Is that so….. Then what’s about that [Vistula]? I’m ignorant so I never heard of that family.”
“Vistula is the name of a duke house who is now extinct. It was once a house name of someone who made a distinguished military service in the war before and rise up to duke.”
“Why it’s now extinct?”
“At the 2nd Silesia Division War, all the sons who can inherit the rank were killed in battle. The family head was very old, he died soon after the war ended. Because there’s no one who can succeed the family name it’s extinguished, or so it was supposed to be.”

The house who rise in the war extinguished in a war. What an ironic story.

The 2nd Silesia Division War occurred in the Continental Calendar year 572, it was a revenge war with the Anti-Silesia Alliance. As the name “Separation War” suggest, it was a war to separate from Silesia Kingdom (It was the 2nd because it happened 10 years after the 1st). Aah, what a pity.

“Then about Warta?”
“It’s a secret.”

Although you talked about the Princess you don’t talk about yourself. Normally it was reversed.

“Then, any other questions?”

To put it bluntly, if I stepped in too much it seems I will hit a landmine.

“Is that so. Then let’s move to the main subject.”
“Eh, that wasn’t the main subject?”
“Naturally. I didn’t called you just to speak about what happened.”


“I want you to help Emilia-sama.”

Valta-san bowed to Sara and I. The hair whorl is clockwise. (TL: Random as always….)
No, no that’s not important.

“What do you mean by help?”

Finally Sara opened her mouth. I’m so glad she’s still alive.

“Please help Emilia-sama to win the struggle in the Imperial Court that will happen in the future.”


“I’m a commoner and Sara is just a knight daughter though? It’s impossible to help in such a big problem like Imperial Court struggle….. Before that doesn’t Her Highness the Princess came here to improve her abilities?”
“…..About the struggle in the Imperial Court it’s my own decision.”

Is that so. I don’t think a 10 year old princess entering the Military Academy will help in the imperial court struggle. She should go to noble school.

“I think Emilia-sama is fit for the throne.”
“The reason?”
“Because I hate the archduke Karol.”

I wonder why she’s using emotion here.

“Certainly the Archduke Karol is capable in both military and literature. However, It’s impossible to like someone who tried to assassinate princess Emilia who is just 10 years old.”

I see. That’s indeed true.
Assuming the Archduke Karol is doing his best in the Imperial Court struggle, her neck will fly easily. But it will be a bad publicity if she killed a 10 years old child.
N? So that’s why he tried to make the hostile nation kill her? If that happened the Archduke doesn’t have to make any excuse…..

“Although it’s not as much as in the Noble School, she can still make connection in Military Academy. I want you to help her with that.”
“Even if you said help, what should we do?”
“It’s not hard. I want you to become Emilia-sama friends.”

It was Sara who responded.

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

“What’s wrong Sara?”
“A, hya , ya, there’s nothing wrong!”
“Why are you panicking so much if it’s nothing!”
“It’s nothing!”

I got hit. It was a beautiful right straight.

“….Can we continue the talk?”

I think the power of Sara’s punch increased lately.

“In other word, I want you to become Emilia-sama friends, listen to what she talks about. Both her and I have just enrolled to the Military Academy, we don’t know left and right, and living in the Royal Palace, she doesn’t know what a friend is. That’s why I want you to become Emilia-sama friends and help to expand her relationships.”

I see. If that’s the case we might be able to do it.

“If it’s only that, we can help you. Is it alright with you to Sara?”
“Eh, eeh, it’s alright!”

Sara is behaving suspiciously. Really, what happened to you.

“Thank you. Then, I will return to Emilia-sama place. I can’t guard her if I kept her waiting.”

After she said so, Valta ran away quickly. Thank you very much for your hard work.


…..Even so, to make connections in Military Academy is it. I’m worried whether it will works out.

Certainly there’s many noble children in the Military Academy. However half of them are not the eldest child who will succeeds the title.
The eldest usually goes to Noble School. Particularly famous nobles.

However since all the children of warrior class nobles goes to the Military Academy instead, it will be good to make connection with them. Should we list all of those children?

Will the faction struggle between Princess Emilia and Archduke Karol be a [Military Nobles VS Great Nobles]? Uun…I’m worried.


Well, in the mean time we should deepen our relationship with the princess…….. Emilia-Vistula-sama right? The story will start from there.

Maya-Warta. (Maya-Wuaruta) – Warta – one of major rivers in Poland


hikki – short for hikikomiri


NEET – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/NEET

I’m quite dumbfounded. What if Archduke Karol was scheming “accident at border” with ECE and Carslberg military junta?




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