LOTCH 31 The Princess and The Knight

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Nothing to say…

Sara-Malinowska is confused.

The cause of the confusion is clear. It’s because Her Highness the Princess entered the military academy.
Actually it’s not unusual for a Royalty to enter a Military Academy. However it’s unusual for the First Princess to enter.

All sort of thoughts swirled in her hear and in the end, she couldn’t speak to Her Highness Emilia.

At recess time, finally Sara start to move.

On the outside Her Highness Emilia is a pretty girl and also she’s from the duke Vistula house that’s why the surroundings make a fuss. If it’s told that she’s actually from a royal family what kind of face they will make. However she won’t say it.
On the other hand Her Highness Emilia is greatly embarrassed. She can’t refuse the others talking to her out of good will but she can’t yell at them for disturbing her. She had such face.
She tried to consult with Jozef what to do but Jozef is not in the classroom. He got a reputation for not being there when he’s needed.


Sara quickly move. It’s her characteristic to charge without thinking.
Sara pushed the crowd, sometimes hitting, and pulled out the Princess from the circle. Someone tried to stop her but she hit him in the stomach without looking at his face. The chivalry spirit to protect the Princess made her do so.

After leaving the classroom, finally Sara let Her Highness hand go and kneeled on the spot.

“Her Highness, I was rude.”
“N-no, it’s alright…. rather than that.”

Her Highness looked at the surrounding while saying that. The robust girl that Sara hit a moment ago was crouching on the floor.

“She’ll be alright. I was going easy on her.”
“Ha, haa….”

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If she seriously hit her, her internal organ won’t be safe. It’s lucky that it’s settled with just her crouching down.

“However why is Her Highness is here….”
“It will be a long story….. But before that.”
“Please stop using the formal language. Also don’t lower your head like that in school.”
“No, I can’t….”
“This is an order. You’ll listen don’t you?”
“Ye, yes….”

If I thought about it she entered the academy secretly as a duke daughter. The truth might come out if I’m too excessive. However, it’s still appropriate even if she’s just a Duke’s daughter…..

“Kohon(cough). Sara-Malinowska-san, right?”
“That’s so, Her Highness.”
“Formal language.”
“Ah, no, however….”
“Formal language.”
“Ah yes. I apo…. I’m sorry.”

Casual talk with the Princess. It’s an act that will cause a lese majeste if it’s in the royal palace.

“Sara-Malinowska-san. If it’s possible, could you be my friend?”


“I-If it’s an order I will obey.”
“….A friend is not something that’s ordered to make isn’t it?”

You’re correct.

“I wanted friends in the same age group!”

In all ages and countries, a Royalty is someone that can’t make friends. You must not be rude with the royal family, if there’s a fight the others will get a death penalty for treason.
Sara is troubled.
Emotionally, she’s happy about the offer. However rationally, it’s not. Even though Her Highness is lying about her status and entered the academy, Her Highness is still Her Highness the Princess.

…..I’m troubled with what to respond.

“Ano, is it not good?”

There’s no one in the kingdom that can refuse Her Highness the Princess is she ask them with that upward gaze.

“It, it’s alright! I, will be Her Higness’ friend!”

Sara gave up quickly.

“I’m so happy! My first friend! Ah, please call me [Emilia]! Her Highness is unnecessary!”
“Please call me [Sara]!”
“Yes, Sara-san!”

The 2 are very lively.
Even if you say it’s a princess and a knight, they’re still teenage girls.

“We’re friends now!”
“That’s right we’re!”

And so Her Highness the princess succeeded in making friend.
It was 3 hours ago that Valta called Sara and Jozef.

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  1. gianoria7

    “However she won’t said it.”
    -> say it

    “She can’t refuse the others talking out to her out of good will”
    -> talking to her out of

    The truth might came out if I’m too excessive.”
    -> might come out

    “I wanted friends ins the same age group!”
    -> in the same

    “is she ask him with that upward gaze.”
    -> if she ask them

    I put “them” there because the “no one” doesn’t refer to any particular gender, so I think it would be better to keep it neutral (well, I can’t speak japanese, so I don’t know how it was in the original context).

    ” I, will be Her Highness friend!”
    -> Her Higness’s friend

    “The 2 is very lively.”
    -> The two are very lively

    Please, never put numbers like this unless it’s a date or a really big number…

    “they’re still a teenage girl.”
    -> they’re still teenage girls

    “And so Her Highness the princess succeed in making friend.”
    -> succeeded (I think it would be better)

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂
    The Princess is cute <3
    I wonder how the pedomaid would have reacted to this scene?

  2. Mikołaj Olesiński

    Thanks for the chapter, finally catched up 🙂
    It’s strange to read Japanese story with polish names 0.o

    1. ers

      A żebyś wiedział ile nie raz muszę się namęczyć, by znaleźć właściwe nazwy po tłumaczeniu z katakany. Z miejscowością Kowary (Kobari) przy czeskiej granicy męczyłem się kilka dni i potrzebowałem pomocy znajomych.

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