LOTCH 32 Continental History part 3

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How far did I talked about the last time?
Ah, that’s right I remember. It was the establishment of Silesia Kingdom. This time I will talk about the Old Silesia.

Continental calendar year 452, Silesia Kingdom becomes independent. The name of the founder King is Jerzy-Silesia ( Ieji-Silesia). He was originally a Count for the Continental Empire and governed the territory of Silesia.

Silesia had a fertile land, the agricultural production volume was within 5 best within the continent territories. Naturally the pressure from the Empire was strong but, thanks to the good leadership of the ruler Count Silesia the people didn’t starved.

However, a civil war over the succession of the [Continental Empire] occurred. Yes, it was the grand sibling quarrel that involved the nation.

The [East Continental Empire] requisitioned resources from various places to suppress the rebels in the frontier. For example food, iron, manpower and money.
Naturally dissatisfaction rose from each territory. Taking advantage of it, the [West Continental Empire] provided financial aid and weapons to fuel revolt.
However the Silesia territory was originally wealthy so they can afford it. Certainly the amount requisitioned by the empire was staggering but, the West and South Continental Empire was geographically separated from Silesia and they never caught up in the war.

150 years passed since the civil war broke out.

As usual the amount of requisition was staggering but they can endure it.
Although it was painful, Count Jerzy-Silesia endured it. To revolt at that moment there’s no chance to win.

He endured it but, those guys at the empire mainland further raised the tax. They probably though [Because Silesia territory doesn’t raise any complain there shouldn’t be a problem to take more]. It was totally heretic.

Jerzy-Silesia snapped.

“How can I pay that much! Damn it!”

He shouted in the office room. Ah, that was not altered. He seems to have said the exact same thing.

Continental Calendar year 450, Count Silesia revolted.

However even though Count Silesia was a wise ruler that was regarded as genius in domestic affairs, he was unprofessional in diplomacy and war.
because of that he kneeled to the Imperial Army Major General Ernest-Kosciuszko (Erunsuto-Koshichushiko エルンスト・コシチューシコ) who was his best friend.

“Even if you have to draw your bow against the Emperor temporarily, please lent me your power to save the people of Silesia territory.”

Or something like that.
There was no shame nor reputation, the count prostrated to Ernest-Kosciuszko.

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Kosciuszko was impressed by the Count that kneels to the ground, or perhaps drawn away, and agreed to help the Silesia to be independent.

And so after 2 years of Independence War, Silesia territory become independent.
Major General Kosciuszko was given the position of Duke and general by Jerzy-Silesia who become the 1st King.

Un un. What a moving story. If it ends here.

Continental Calendar 2 years after independence year 454, Kosciuszko attempted a coup.
If I’m not mistaken, the cause was difference in political opinion.
The King said, [The economy was exhausted because of the Independence War. We should rebuild domestically.], The General said [Since “East Continental Empire] still exist as a powerful neighboring nation, With our current strength I’m worried about the national defense. Therefore we should expand our army.].
I don’t know which opinion was correct but this political conflict become emotional conflict and then Kosciuszko attempted a coup.

And failed. Naturally Kosciuszko was purged. Because he was unmarried the Kosciuszko family is extinguished.

Continental Calendar year 470, Jerzy-Silesia died of sickness, his son Marek-Silesia was throned at the age of 18 years old.

Unlike his father, Marek was a military genius.
Military expansion was promoted with Jerzy economic infrastructure as the foundation and then he atteined one of the best military power in the continent.

Using that power, Marek provoked a war with the [East Continental Empire]. At that time the army of Silesia Kingdom was well trained while the army of the [East Continental Empire] was rather weak due to the long lasting civil war. Please guess the result.
Malek who won a complete victory over the [East Continental Empire], picked a quarrel with all the nation that was at their border. [TLN: Damn son, learn a bit from Youjo Senki, It’s never good to have multiple front even if your army is much better. ED: xD] As expected it wasn’t simultaneously though.

But none of them won. It seems he destroyed some country at that point, what a power King Marek had.

Eventually Marek-Silesia the undefeated genius died at Continental Calendar year 518 falling from a horse.[TLN: Really…. Horse again….] I want to say him to at least died a cool death in the end.

The economy foundation left by Jerzy Silesia and the military force left by Marek-Silesia. With this 2 the Silesia Kingdom enter its Golden Age.
Although the 3rd King Grom (Guromu)-Silesia was a bit unusual, because of the steady reign the country continued being rich.
….Eh? Did you wonder what kind of unusual thing? Well, that’s, what was it, etto, un.

I think it’s not good to tell a child who haven’t experienced a 1st menstruation period.


Etto, from the beginning the main theme of this is war history class.

There was some countries who doesn’t think well of Silesia who enter it’s Golden Age. It was the neighboring nation of Silesia whose territory was taken.
However, Silesia is still strong. They can’t get away unscathed fighting such country alone.
Then everyone should make an alliance and invade from east, west north, south, every directions!

Continental Calendar year 559, the Anti-Silesia alliance was established. The main nation that took part in this alliance were [East Continental Empire], Carslberg Republic (Carslberg Kingdom at that time), Ostmark (Ostumaruku) Empire, Livonia (Riwuonia) Union.

The following year 560, the allied nations declared a war on Silesia (Known as The First Silesia Division War at the future) and started the war. The Silesia Kingdom army which was said to be strongest at that time was forced to fight in the east, west, north and south, 4 front war, they’re defeated in the year 562 and robbed of 2/3 of their territory.
The 4th king Artur-Silesia died at home after 5 years of reign, it’s unknown whether the stress from the defeat was the cause.

The 5th king Mariusz (Mariushu)-Silesia worked diligently on military expansion to subjugate his father enemies.
And then 10 years after the previous war at Continental Calendar year 572, he declared a war against Carlsberg. And then the Anti-Silesia allied nations declared a war against Silesia under the pretext of defending Carlsberg.
This is the 2nd Silesia Division war. The house of Duke Vistula was extinguished in this war.
As you know, the result was a big defeat, the territory was further halved and King Mariusz comitted suicide. 11 years of reign.

The reason why the vengeance war was started after just 10 years was not clarified.
However it was said that the reason was the people of Silesia who used to live in the territory that was robbed was greatly oppressed.

Thus the Silesia Kingdom is rolling down the hill.

The current king is Frans-Silesia. The 7th King. As for what kind of person he is…. Princess Emilia who is sitting in front of me should know it well.

Editor’s Note:


Jerzy-Silesia ( Ieji-Silesia) – Jerzy is Polish equivalent of English Gorge like Catholic saint or English and British Kings

Marek (Malek) – name equivalent to Mark, like Saint Mark Evangelist

Grom(Guromu) – it was quite problematic. Formally it means Thunder. Polish name which is closest is Gromislaw or Gromislawa. This person can be women. I think that  due to talk about period and menstruation. Naming her King isn’t quite wrong – only women which was ruler of Poland – Saint Jadwiga – was called King by her contemporaries.

Mariusz (Mariushu) – another Polish name.


Ernest-Kosciuszko (Erunsuto-Koshichushiko) – Ernest is another name. Kosciuszko (Kościuszko) is surname of Tadeusz Kościuszko – both  Polish and American National Hero  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tadeusz_Ko%C5%9Bciuszko

Ostmark -https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ostmark_(Austria)

Livonia – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Livonia

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