LOTCH 33 Daily Life of Duke Vistula

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It’s been a month since I entered the Military Academy.

I learned swordsmanship, magic and horsemanship in the Royal Palace as it’s a “Royalty Obligation” so I’m not falling behind from other students.
However, because I lack physical strength I’m exhausted immediately.

Because of that, I voluntarily stayed after school to study with my friends.
It’s unexpectedly fun to stay behind to study and complement each other weak points, we can further deepen our friendship with it. It’s also interesting that the way of teaching is different for each person.

One of the participants is Sara-Malinowska-san.
She’s the daughter of a knight and a genius in swordsmanship and horsemanship. Her appearance as a cavalry really suit her. It seems like studying is her weak point.
Her teaching style has a feeling of demon instructor. There’s no mercy against me either. But against Walesa-san she usually beats him so it’s still gentle.

That’s right, she get’s along well with Jozef-Walesa-san.
He’s a farmer child and the same age as me. …..Though it’s expected he likes to think deeply by himself, he’s a strange person with a praiseworthy quirk.
Unlike Sara, he isn’t good with martial arts but skillful in studying. He’s called [Under his head is just decoration] by those in the first year.

And then Radoslaw-Nowak-san, nicknamed Radek-san. He’s a handsome man 6 years older than me. Although I might believe that he’s a nobleman with that kind of name, he seems to be a child of a merchant.
It seems he’s average in both martial arts and studying, and as expected the result from his 1st half year test seems to be 70 points in all subjects.
Because there’s no subject he’s good or bad at, Nowak-san can enter any department on the 2nd grade, he seems to be troubled by it. If you’re a son from a merchant family, isn’t it better to go to Military Transport Department?

“Emilia-sama, are you all right?”
“Yes, it’s all right I was just thinking a bit.”

She is Maja. Maja-Warta. My escort. She looks young to others but the truth is…. well it’s a secret. Let’s set it aside for the future.
Because she’s an escort, she’s good at martial arts. If it’s swordsmanship she can compete with Sara. She’s also smart. In the past month, she and Walesa-san had been talking about some complicated talk. She’s someone that’s good at both martial arts and literature.

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Then finally, me who participate in the study group. It’s a study group of 5 people.

“Ah, Emilia, you also teach us something.”

The fact is, only Sara-san talk with me with such friendly words. I also told the others to drop the formality but it seems it’s not easy. Kusun (Cry sound).

“But me, what can I teach…..”

Unlike Sara-san and Jozef-san there;s no particular subject’s I’m really good at.

“Well then Emilia-sama, will you teach us about magic theories?”

Said Warta-san. Magic theories is it…..although I’m certainly good at it….

“Because there’s no one teaching about magic here I think it’s fine.”

Walesa-san supported Maja-san opinion. N-but to teach privately like this is….

“It’s alright. At first we didn’t go this smoothly too.”

Un…. However, I don’t want to be on the taught side all the time…..

“T-then, I will be teaching magic if no one minds it….”

And so I become a magic teacher.
Next year, should I enter the Magic Department……

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