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So, on Dengeki Bunko Fall Festa Toaru Majutsu no Index III was annouced as part of Toaru Project 2018. What that means? There will be more than Index, maybe 3rd season of Railgun? Or maybe Accelerator  anime?

Also SAO is coming with 3rd season and Alicezation Arc. Also there will be SAO spin-off: SAO Alternative: GGO.

For last thing:

Tomorrow Black Clover starts airing. Manga is very good, but I’m really concerned about anime. Why? Answer – Pierrot Studio. They were doing Soussei no Omnyouji adaptation, and they’re wrecked it. After timeskip in Soussei anime there was bullshit. About 1% of this action where from manga, rest was studio created fillers till the end of anime. I’ve got hope, that Pierrot would


Ostmark (Osutomaruku) Empire
It’s located at the place where Hungary and Austria was in my previous live.

In my previous live this country is famous for it’s multi racially, there will be at least 10 races in one city, every race is equal.
The current emperor is Ferdinant-Wenzel-Arnold-von-Romanov-Hermesbelga. (フェルディナント・ヴェンツェル・アルノルト・フォン・ロマノフ=ヘルメスベルガー) So long.

Also Ostmark Empire participated in the Anti-Silecia Alliance before.



Here is the imperial capital of Ostmark Empire, Estburg.(エスターブルク) In the center of the cityscape is a vast palace where the Emperor Romanov-Hermesbelga lives.
Here today, a banquet to celebrate the 30th birthday of emperor Ferdinant is held.

“I heard some strange rumor about the Silesia Kingdom.”

The one talking is the aide for the prewar Home Minister of the Empire, Baron Koncilia. He held a wineglass in his right hand and a bit tipsy.
Usually rumors like this doesn’t spread much. For nobles, they get their information from their own network. If it’s rumor, the info usually degraded or altered.

“Hohou? What kind of rumor is it?”

Having interest in the rumor, the Resource Department Vice-Minister, Viscount Welder(ウェルダ) urged Baron Koncilia to talk.

“Well, it’s just a rumor but…. The princess of Silesia Kingdom…..Emilia was it. It seems she enrolled to the military academy.”
“That is a very strange rumor.”

Princess Silesia is still just 10 years old, such a small child enrolled in the military academy, the rumor is somewhat unbelievable.

“In the end it’s just a rumor. Perhaps, it’s just someone with a similar name enrolled in it.”
“I guess. Assuming it’s true, she won’t last long. Silesia military academy is just like others military academy.”

Severe training waits for the one who enter military academy in any nation. Such a sheltered girl won’t be able to endure that life.

“However there’s also rumor that Silesia is experiencing shortage of human resources in the previous war. Maybe it’s because of that.”
“Is that so. It’s because they lost about 10.000 soldiers.”
“However, it’s a result that please our nation. They won’t be able to do an expedition anymore.”
“They will just slowly waiting for their ruin. The problem is, which nation will get the ruins right?”

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

The country that pick up Silesia ruins will enter a new era.

“Oh, I also heard about another strange rumor about Silesia.”
“Oya, Viscount too?”
“Aah. The younger brother of King Frans of Silesia, Archduke Karol, have a connection with the “East Continental Empire”…. or so the rumor said.”
“…..That is also, an extremely exaggerated rumor isn’t it.”

I heard that the younger brother of King Frans of Silesia, Archduke Karol is a wise ruler with a fair character and excel in both military and literature, I wonder if there’s an unexpected side to.

“Well it’s just a rumor in the end right?”
“Aah, just a rumor.”

After saying that, the baron and the viscount decided to move on to the next topic.



On the way back from the party, he contemplate about it in the carriage. The rumor he heard a while ago. Although they were drunk and the rumor have an unknown origin, he didn’t think that it’s all a lie.
Such rumor sometimes included some truth.

The next king candidate of Silesia Kingdom approaches the [East Continental Empire]. Supposing it’s true, it’s a matter of concern.
Even if it’s not all fact we should do an investigation.

“….Coachman, I want yo to drive to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office.”

I have to consult with my superior immediately.

“If that country is ruined now, it will be a problem.”

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          All is write in link, but:
          – she tried coup d’etat which failed
          – but Tsar died shirt after
          – she used her power and precedens from history of Russia to claim the throne and become Tsar
          – she was born as German girl, not Russian.

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