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LOTCH 36 Her Highness and The Guard

Some of you might know that I work as a programmer.
A long time ago I got a contract from a pretty big company to make their website.
Little that I know that the designing of the website will take a year and the design keep changing.
A few months ago the design finally completed and the programming for the website started.
Suddenly a few weeks ago the one in charge of the design quit his job and a new guy is assigned to it.
New guy doesn’t like some of the previous design and ask for a change on it.
The website is pretty much 90% done and I already paid half of it.
They threaten to not pay the other half of the payment for it.
Since the contract was from a long time ago when I was started working solo, there’s not much written about what will happen in such situation.
So I’m forced to change the design for the site.
Hence the busyness in past few weeks.
Now the design changes are done and I probably can return to my usual scheduled post.

It’s my birthday yay~.

However I can’t really be happy with this birthday. Even though it’s my birthday no one congratulate me, or rather no one know it’s my birthday.
Also it’s my 11th birthday but if my previous life is added, I’m over 30 years old. Instead of climbing to adulthood it’s more like climbing into middle-aged manhood.

Ah~ mo~,I want to drink liquor until I’m down. However, I can’t do that before I graduate from the military school. Rather, I don’t know if I can reach drinking age anyway. Should I’ve snatched some when I was escorting the princess?


The next day after my birthday.

Why is Her Highness Emilia was groaning in the classroom?

“Ano~….Emilia-denka(Her highness)? What are you doing?”
“Please don’t use denka~~…”

Ah, that was my mistake..
The Princess became sullen. Un un, she’s so lovely. So, what is it?


Emilia-denka lay down her face on the desk. Is this really the princess?
Recently I have the feeling that Emilia-denka charisma is decreasing day after day. Like her tension loosened, or like she’s been poisoned by someone’s atmosphere.

Un, I can’t get any information from the Princess at this state.
Looking around, Warta-san looks embarrassed. I see, it’s her fault.

“Emilia-de….sama, you don’t have to think too much about the blunder of the guard. You can just dismiss her.”

Warta-san complained but it’s definitely was her fault. You must reflect on it.

“Don’t worry Warta, there will be some severance pay. Please manage with it….”
“Emilia-sama to!? What are you saying!?”

Emilia-denka is getting carried away. It’s seems like it’s just my imagination but her tone was half serious.

“Oi Walesa-kun, don’t say anything strange! First of all I didn’t …..”
“If you didn’t do anything why did you have that looks?”

The looks that says “It’s my mistake, it’s troubling” isn’t it? Do you think you can fool my eyes?
Well if we leave it like that, she (The Princess) will be pitiful so let’s ask the circumstance from Warta-san.

“So, what happened?”

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

It was yesterday.
It was after the archery lesson from Sara.

Warta-san told Princess Emilia “There’s someone I want you to meet”. Princess Emilia wondered about it and decide to meet the person.

As you know, Warta-san is keeping a secret from Princess Emilia, she’s trying to make some connections for Her Highness for the future. And so, she tried to arrange a meeting with someone influential in this school. He seems to be a friend of the son of a Count who withdrew from school last year, he is the eldest son of a noble who will inherit an important position in the kingdom.

……Un, I can generally guess who is it from that. Somehow I’ve a bad feeling. What was it.


The meeting spot is in the back of the sorcery practice field, it’s a place where there won’t be much people and doesn’t attract attention.
And so, at that place is the person who was going to be introduced to the princess….and several other person who wasn’t called.
They seems to try to make “connection” with the princess forcibly. Well the other party was after all 2 girls in marriageable age and Warta-san hid the real identity of the princess, so they behave rashly. Pitiful.

Though Warta-san alone turned the table around, the princess trust has fallen to the ground.


Such thing was told to me by Warta-san, well the expression might changed in some places though. I see I see.

“Emilia-sama, let’s dissmiss this good-for-nothing immediately.”
“Wait wait wait wait wait!”

It’s the other party fault but, Warta-san who wasn’t able to assume the situation was also at fault. What were you thinking of, making a connection with someone whose friend even drop out of school.

“I will immediately write a letter to the royal palace for a new escort….but the procedure seems difficult isn’t it….”

Her highness is seriously considering changing guard. Such cruelty might be necessary for the future isn’t it.

“I-I will compensate for this failure someday! therefore, please don’t forsake me!”

Warta-san is also desperate. Well it can’t be helped. She might not be able to get paid anymore.

“So, who was the person you secretly met?”

I’ve the general idea but I don’t know his name or status.

“Ah, aa….. The eldest son of the Financial Administrator Baron Gruszka(Gurushuka), Piotr-Gruszka(Pyo-toru). He sounds like a good person, I thought he would be useful for Emilia-sama.”
“Aah…,E~to, what was his appearance like?”
“Aah? Appearance?”
“Yeah, it might be someone I know.”
“Is that so? His appearance is….That’s right, he looks like a handsome gentleman. If it’s only his appearance, he seems like a good person.”

Ah…I remembered him. It was the disappointing ikemen whose face was hit with a wood stick and belly kicked by Sara. Had he cured his face and returned to being handsome? Rather he didn’t repent at all, did he succeed tartar sauce senpai and become a delinquent boss himself? It’s a man who can’t be saved.

“If you had known him, you should’ve the one talking to him.”
“I think it will be counterproductive….”

Our relationship is more like an enemy. I think there will be a fight if we meet.
For the time being, I will advise Warta-san to give up on making connection with Gur somehow. That guy is someone who hang around tartar sauce senpai who is a pervert that tried to invade the girls dorm, she will probably change her mind if I told her that.

As for making connection for Emilia-denka…. please leave that to me. I will probably able to do it. However it’s not a guarantee.



I talked to the concerned party, Sara for the time being.

“So, how many times you want me to hit him?”

It seems a beating has been decided.

“Calm down. There will be a problem if you hit him.”

Because the opponent is a baron.

“However Jozef forced the son of a Count to drop out of school before.”
“No, that’s right but….”

I don’t want to do that more than once.

“Rather the source of the problem is the presence of Emilia don’t you think?”
“Eh? Emilia-sama?”
“After all Emilia status is high. If Emilia permitted it a son of a Baron will be beaten black and blue.”
“Well after all Emilia is a daughter of a duke in appearance…”+
“A Duke is higher than a Baron.”
“Aah, that’s right. then the problem is…. as expected it’s that.”
“It’s the matter of appearance.”

There will be a problem if there;s a rumor that a Dukes daughter is bullying a Barons son. On the stand of making connection and for future school life of Emilia-denka.
Currently the positon of the Barons son is bad but, if we react excessively, it will be his profit…. It’s difficult.

“For now, sop trying to make a connection with the Barons son. that guy will graduate in half a year anyway.”
“I somehow can’t consent to that.”
“I don’t consent either but, we can’t do anything about it. Also, I think the problem now is Emilia-sama relationship with her escort don’t you think?”
“Is that so?”
“Un. Their relationship seems awkward now.”

It will be a tiring problem to restore their relationship to before.


Editor’s Note:

Piotr  Gruszka (Pyo-toru Gurushka)  – literally Peter Pear in English. Some family names in Poland are from trees. What’s more if we translate it literally sometimes two different surnames will be traveling slated as one the same word. For example gruszka means pear in sense of fruit but grusza means pear tree and Google translate translated this as pear too.