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LOTCH 37 Emilia-sensei magic class.

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Today is the first time to teach the class. Because last week there was a problem with the Barons’ son, I wasn’t able to do it so today is my first time.

It was because Maya-san was depressed. Because Sara-san mediation, the relationship between me and Maya is somewhat restored. I’m happy but….
I wasn’t even angry with Maya. Everyone can fails. My life was also full of failures.
And Maya helped me at those times. Since I’m safe, I wouldn’t press the matter anymore.
What I hate was that Maya is trying to “Make connections for the future” for me. Why she didn’t tell me? She should at least discussed it with me.
That’s so thoughtless of Maya to do that. Our relationship became awkward that’s why I wanted to do something quickly… but I couldn’t grasp the right timing.

What to do now?



“E, etto, does everyone know who built the foundation of the magic theory used today?”
“Who was it?”

This should’ve been taught before though~. I wonder if they forgot.

“Georgios-Anatolicon. The first emperor of [Kils the 2nd Empire].”
“Radek-san is right. The origin was the 3rd son of the [Continental Empire] Emperor, he is also the first one to declare independence from [Continental Empire].

He was said to be a genius in leaderships, politics and war. But because he’s even better in magic and science we rarely heard about him being a leader of a nation. Well we might be just ignorant about it.
Just imagine as if Edison is being the president of USA. It’s different?

“There was a lot of interesting things said about him but we will omit it because it’s unrelated this time. The result of his research is [The fundamental magic theory], in other words, [why can a person use magic].”
“I see, so it’s like that.”

It was quite unusual that Sara understood that. ….Should I be explaining a little more plainly in my lessons?

“But is that really necessary? I don’t know the principle or theory at all but I can shoot magic properly right?”
“Well, that’s right. However unless this basic magic theory was created, Sara-san might not be able to use magic at all.”
“What do you mean?”
“Right. Originally, magic was believed to be the power of miracles given by God and only a limited people can use it.”

Well this is about the same thing with my previous life. It’s always Gods substitute or a prophet that have strange power, like parting the sea or making blind people see.

“Before the basic magic theory construction, the Empire gathers people with such miracle power and trained as magic soldiers. There is a theory that the [Continental Empire] monopolized the power of magic so they were able to unite the continent.

Of course the [Continental Empire] wasn’t the first to use magician for war. However, the [Continental Empire] first Emperor, Borys Romanow gathered magicians and created tactics to use the maximum potential of magic soldiers. This is the reason why Borys Romanow was said to be a genius.

“But, if they had known the potential of magic, why they didn’t research it faster?”
“No, the research wasn’t able to bear any fruits.”
“Because there’s no longer any war.”

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

Even the advancement of science wasn’t able to be separated from war in my previous life. For example, computer. It was originally something created to calculate the trajectory of a fired shells.
It seems even in this world magic research ceased or slowed down on the continent where there was no war.

“And the one born in that situation…”
“Is that Geor something?”
“That’s right. George-Romanow. He’s the 3rd child of the 32nd Emperor, Alexander Romanow, later called as Georgios Anatolicon.

Even though it was in such situation, George completed the basic magic theory and created [Kils the 2nd Empire].
Speaking from military POV, Georgios invented an educational method that allows magic to be used to some extent even if someone didn’t have magical talent. The [East Comtinental Empire] who only gathered magic talented people as magic soldiers and the [Kils the 2nd Empire] which most soldiers can use magic but weaker. It goes without saying which is stronger.

“So even today, the elementary magic class in Silesia Kingdom is based on Georgios basic magic theory and educational methods.”

When I though about it again, Georgios is a pretty great man. As an Emperor he seems to be complicated though.

“Thus from now one, I will teach you about the greatness of the basic magic theory!”
“Eh? What was it?”

“It was just a simple magic history up to now. I haven’t learn anything about the theory.

“Why do we have to learn it? I can shoot magic already though?”
“No, If you understood the mechanism of magic, you can develop new magic.”
“To get a new woman, you first need to understand your partner isn’t it!]

When a virgin said it, it’s somewhat sad. Speaking of which, Radek talks with Princess Emilia frankly without being afraid.

Emilia-sensei ignored Radeks joke(?) and continued the lessons.

“E, Etto, the activations of magic is generally compared to water.


Thus the lesson of basic magic theory continued until dusk. And Sara sunk. It was hard even from the 1st day isn’t it.



Haa, it was tiring. It was my 1st time to speak for that long in public, I was nervous. Apparently when I’m nervous I speak fast. Thanks to that, Sara-san sometimes dumbfounded. I have to fix this habit soon.

“Emilia-sama, do you have a few minutes to spare?”

After the class, Walesa-san talked to me. Well, what does he need?

“It’s alright.”
“Thank you. Etto, can you please clear the room of people?”
“? Isn’t it’s only me and Maya here though?”
“I would like to talk without Warta-san.”

What kind of thing he want to talk about. Well, I don’t think it will be something strange.

“Maya, can you wait outside of the classroom?”
“…By your will.”

Stiff as usual. Mu~.
After waiting for her to close the door, I turned to Walesa-san.

“so, what is it about?”
“Ee, it’s about Warta-san.”

….That was a bit unexpected.

“You haven’t reconciled yet?”
“There’s nothing to reconcile about, she and I aren’t in any discord.”

That’s a lie. I want to reconcile quickly.

“Emilia-sama might think so but, Warta-san didn’t.”
“She seems to be worrying a lot lately, like it was the last day of the world.”

….I didn’t notice at all. That reminds me, I haven’t got a good look at her face since then.

“Emilia-sama, can you somehow grant her a forgiveness?”
“Even though you say forgiveness, it’s not like I blame her for the failure either.”
“If that’s the case.”
“However, I don’t know what to do.”

It will be strange if I apologize and she will feel even more guilty if I do.

“It’s simple.”
“Is that so?”

If there’s such a simple method I would have though about it immediately though…

“Then, could you tell me that method?”



“So, what’s the simple method?”

The next day I was interrogated by Sara. With a kabedon.
It’s just my imagination that the wall behind me is creaking.
Apparently Sara though I told Her Highness to do some unthinkable things, umm, I’m scared with her way of looking at me. Her face is so near.

“No, umm, even if I say it. Can you please back down a bit?”
“If you tell me.”

It’s hard to tell like this!

“Aah, Um, well it’s not that difficult. In the first place Emilia-sama isn’t angry, Warta-san just need to understand it.”
“In other word?”

Somehow Sara-san is closing in so strongly today.

“That’s why, umm. I told her to just say [ Thank you for helping me].”

Are you doubting me?

“Because there is no subordinated that will not be pleased when praised straightforwardly like that.”

That’s why, I will appreciate it if Sara-san retreat a bit.


Ano~? Aren’t you going to say anything?

“Ano, what are you 2 doing?”

The goddess of salvation, Her Highness, has come.

“Aah, Emilia-sama. A very good morning to you.”
“…..Emilia, good morning.”

Behind Princess Emilia is Warta-san with a face full of smile. So easy to understand.

“Warta-san, Did something good happened?”
“No, nothing at all.”

That face doesn’t say nothing at all!

“Sara-san, though I don’t know what happened, Walesa-san is troubled, could you forgive him soon?”
“….It’s not like I was mad at all.”

I was finally freed at last. I was saved…. Oops before I forget.

“N, thanks. Sara.”
“…W-what was that about! I feel sick!”

The punches…. didn’t come. Instead my chest was only lightly tapped. Oi, if you going to do it, don’t do it half hearted like that.

“What happened?”

Finally Radek who doesn’t know anything came. I don’t understand either though.