LOTCH 38 Military Division Selections

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Because Silesia Kingdom is placed in a high altitude, it doesn’t get hot in the summer. Unlike Japan, it isn’t humid and you can just go under a shade and sleep easily with refreshing breeze, it’s a very easy climate to live in. Winter? Aah, um, it’s so cold that you can freeze to dead.

Well, I’m talking about it since it’s already the 8th month. In other word, it’s approximately a year since the entrance ceremony.
There was a lot of things that happened. I experienced a real war, made friends with princess, beaten black and blue by Sara, joking around with Radek, talking about some serious stuff with Warta-san… are? Isn’t it wasn’t a good year?

“Jozef, How was the exam results?”
“It’s alright. How about Sara and Radek?”
“Well it’s alright.”

The final exam for the 2nd semester is ended already. I avoid a fail in all subjects. However archery is exactly 60 points.
Sara and I don’t have to worry about it from 2nd year and on though. The Tactical Research Division that I will enter will integrate archery, horsemanship and the others into one martial arts class. Magic and also strategies will be more important. On the other hand, the war history and tactics class will be powered up, we will do something like practice using illustrations.

“So Sara is going to Swordsmanship Division?”
“Aah, I changed my mind.”

I haven’t heard that.

“Then, where are you going to?”
“Cavalryman Division.”

Cavalryman Division… maybe she was influenced at that time when we’re escorting the princess? Or it might be sooner than that.

“It’s because Emilia said [You fit more being a cavalry].”
“Eh, just because of that?”
“Something wrong with that?”

Is it alright to decide on it that easily? Well, I also decided to go to Tactical Research Division easily though. However, isn’t Cavalry Division an elite course? Is it really alright? Also, we heard about Swordsmanship Division final exam but what about Cavalry Division?

“In the end, which department did you choose Radek?”
“N? Nnn, what should I do…”
“No no what do you mean by that? You have to submit the Division selection paper today you know?”
“I can’t decide.”
“Why can’t you?”

It’s hard to decide because Radek got about the same score in all grades. Well, he can change his division later if he can pass the division change exam later.

“I think Supply Division suit Radek-san.”
“Nn? Oh, Isn’t it the duke.”
“I haven’t succeeded that title yet you know.”
“Is that so. So, why do I suit Supply Division?”
“Eeh, that is…”

Her Highness recommended Radek to go to the Supply Division. I see, did you persuade Sara like this too?

“Okay, then I guess I’ll go to the Supply Department.”
“So easy….”

Can you really decide it just like that? Supply Division isn’t exactly popular. Even if you graduate you will get desk jobs at most.

“Which Department did you choose Walesa-san?”
“As you know, it’s the Tactical Research Division. Though I’ve not submit the paper yet.”
“I think that’s perfect for Walesa-san.”

I wondered if she’s going to recommend another division but, I was wrong. Well, I would be troubled if she recommended Archer Division or something else though.

“Which course are Warta-san and Emilia-sama going to join?”
“Maya and I will enter the Swordsman Division.”
“….Swordsman Division?
“Yes. I’ve already submitted the document so I can’t change it.”
“But the graduation exam for Swordsman Division is….”
“I know. However I’ve decided.”

Is that so…. the Princess is going to perform the last rite of someone later. Though it will be an honor for the other person instead.

“Well, I can’t say anything else but please do your best.”
“Yes, I will do my best.”

The Princess Smiled and said so.



And then the last day of the 1st year come.

Since in the 2nd year the classes are divided by the Division, the dorm rooms are going to change to.
In other words, Sara, Radek, Princess Emilia, Warta-san and I will go to our respective division dorm.
Since we’re still in the same school, there will be many opportunities to meet but, as expected we can’t meet after school anymore. After all, because the classes are different there’s no meaning to study together after school anymore.

“Ano, Sara-san?”

That’s strange. She doesn’t say anything and she doesn’t hit me.

“What are you doing?”
“Aah Radek, Sara san is dead.”
“There’s no respond to anything I did at all.”
“I see, this is indeed serious.”
“Isn’t it?”

We discussed such thing near Sara. Usually 2 or 3 kick will fly already. Currently she’s still as meek as a cat.

Kotsun. (sfx)
And, Sara poked my forehead.

“Because today is the last day, I’ll forgive you with just this.”

Un…. I think a “stab” is a fit for a last hit in a combo.

“Because it’s the last time, it feels strange to do that much and doesn’t get hit.”

I’m not an M though. It’s just doesn’t feels right.


She clench her fist while murmuring so and poked me with it.



Nothing particular happened in the end and the last day ended. Sensei said [Well, hang in there] to us for the last speech. More or less.

“With this, it’s a good bye.”
“I think it’s too early for that. We won’t truly be separated before we all graduate.”
“That’s right.”

I had such conversation with Radek.
It will be a while since we can talk like this again. Somehow it’s…..

“Oh, Jozef, are you crying?”
“No I didn’t!”

Finally I hit him once more.

“Ara, what are you 2 doing together?”
“Nothing. We’re just talking.”

It’s unknown when we will be able to fight like this from now on.

“When our class divided it will feels lonely. It was for a short while but thanks.”
“I don’t remember doing anything to be thanked though?”
“Un Un. After all we’re friends.”
“That’s right.”

From now on we must advance while also making some connections for the Princess sake. Though there will only be a few, there will surely be quite a lot by the time we graduate.

“Radek-san, Walesa-san. Please take care of yourselves.”
“I understand. Ah, Also Emilia-sama.”
“Although it’s a bit late, please call me by my given name from now on….”
“Aah… then, Jozef-san, are you sure?”
“Yes. Thank you very much.”
“Even though you said that, there won’t be much opportunity to call you from now on…”

That’s so. I should’ve suggested it earlier.

“You should’ve said that earlier Walesa-kun. No, should I say Jozef-kun?”
“Whichever is fine Warta-san.”
“Won’t you call me Maya?”
“I don’t want to.”

Because it’s scary.

“Then, we will excuse our self with this.”
“Well, fine. Jozef Walesa-kun.”

When Maya Warta-san said so, she and the Princess waved their hands and went away.

“She hesitate to call just your given name and called you using your full name huh.”
“Is that so?”

Warta-san is quite a weirdo.

“….Then , should we return to the dorm and clean up?”
“That’s right.”



Thus we all advanced to the 2nd year.

The time when all the members standing shoulder to shoulder like this will be 4 years from now on, 636th year of the Continental Calendar.

Well that’s the end of the School Arch.
Wondering if I should stop or continue….

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