LOTCH 39 A new spark.


–Ostmark Empire Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister Office

“Yourpp excellency, this is the report regarding that case.”
“….That took quite a while.”
“I’m sorry. Although that nation in the brink of extinction from corruption, the security of the Royal Palace is tight.”
“Well, it can’t be helped. So, how was it?”
“Here’s the report.”

I received the report from him. The content is about the succession problem of Silesia Kingdom.


The problem about Silesia Kingdom succession is still on going. King Frans is healthy and there’s no particular misgovernments.

“Currently, most of the great nobles of Silesia are supporting Archduke Karol.”
“So the new nobles that opposing the great nobles, the small and medium sized nobles are in the Princess faction?
“Indeed. Also, there are many nobles that are still supporting the current King Frans, Archduke Karol seems to be waiting for Frans [natural death].”
“[Natural death] is it.”

There are few members of royal family that can experience natural death in such situation. Most of them will die from accident or disease.

“If they try to assassinate him unskillfully, it may lead to a civil war with the current King faction.” In this kind of international situation, Archduke Karol would also wanted to avoid civil war.
“On that note, as expected the girl that entered the military academy is his?”
“Yes. Although there’s a few nobles that supported her, since Frans wanted the Princess to succeed the throne, most of the king faction will probably also be the princess faction. Additionaly, the princess will surely try to get some connection with some powerful nobles in the military school. The Archduke will surely wanted to eliminate her as soon as possible.”
“Hohou. Then, do you think it will be a good plan for our country to send someone to infiltrate the military school?”
“….As expected, it will be hard.”
“The reason?”
“There is also a report that the Archduke tried to allied himself with the [East Continental Empire].”
“Well, that is indeed a strong ally.”

With the political change, Carlsberg Republic had become a vassal state of “East Continental” Empire. If even Silesia became a vassal state to “East Continental Empire”, it will compromise our national defense.

“Our country won’t be able to oppose the alliance of [Carlsberg, Silesia and East Continental Empire]. However, allying with Silesia is also difficult.”

A political change like in Carlsberg might occurs in Silesia if we intervene unskillfully. Even if it doesn’t, it will be a troubling event if a rebellion happen there.

“Does cooperation with the Livonia Nobles isn’t possible?”
“Though it’s not impossible, it isn’t a nation that border the [East Continental Empire]. There;s no guarantee that they will help us even if we become an ally.”

There won’t be any nation that will join us when we fight with a big nation like that. Even if we can allied ourselves with Livonia, it will be only to oppose Silesia-Carlsberg. We don’t have any prospect of winning a war against “East Continental Empire”. Additionally, speaking of alliance there was some rumor.

“If it’s about border, then there is [Kils the 2nd Empire] though…”
“However, to ally ourselves with that nation is…”
“Aah, that is impossible.”

The relationship between the Kils and our nation is bad…. to say it nicely. That nation won’t ally themselves with the [East Continental Empire] but there will be no chance that they will ally themselves with us.
As expected, it got to be Silesia. At the very least , we must not allow Silesia to fall into [East Continental Empire] hand. Also, we must not let [East Continental Empire] have time to intervene. Is there such method…..

N? As far as the report says, there’s something strange about the [East Continental Empire].
I took out a report from the desk drawer.

“Captain, take a look at this.”
” Survey report of [East Continental Empire] is it? You Excellency, this is.”
“Aah. Do you think that this one can be used?”
“…..Yes. However it will takes some time.”
“How long?”
“Perhaps several years.”
“Well, there’s no other way.” However with this that nation won’t be able to move for a while. There’s some problem with their national economy and it seems like another dispute with [Kils the 2nd Empire] has re-emerged. We won’t fail if we don’t hurry it too much.”
“Understood. I will prepare it at once.”
“Fumu. I’ll pray for your success, captain.”



The result of Ostmark Foreign Minister strategy will be seen 4 years later, at they 636th year of Continental Calendar.

The next chapter is scheduled to take place after a time skip. Look forward to it.

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