LOTCH 41 – Graduation Exam

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On the west side of the [East Continental Empire] next to the Baltic sea, there’s a small city called [Raskino (Rasukino)].
The population is about ten thousands people, there’s no specialty. An extremely normal city.

At a time Raskino was a nation. It was a very small nation but it had its own language, culture and the people was overflowing with patriotism. The people never starved, everyone was happy.
But then, the super power nation [Continental Empire] stepped in and destroyed it in a blink of an eye.
With the policy of the empire, the culture and the language were destroyed, Raskino fell into just a name of a place.

However, their culture and language couldn’t be destroyed completely by the empire, the soul of Raskino survived underground.

And then in 636th year of continental calendar, Raskino soul let out a war cry.

“For all 5th grader, I’m sorry to call you when the graduation is so close but there’s an emergency. From now on…, you will all have to march to the east border of Silesia.”

The east? Could it be the [East Continental Empire] had invaded?
From the other people, some concerned voice is raised. It spreads and made the hall buzz.

“First of all, the [East Continental Empire] haven’t invaded our country.”

Then, why east?

“Your mission is to head to [Raskino] within the [East Continental Empire].”

It’s a city I didn’t know about. Perhaps it’s a small city that’s not recorded on the map.

“As a militiamen….”

Militiamen? Eh, did he really just said militiamen?

Militiamen is a soldier that overflowed with a sense of patriotism, they are usually made of volunteer, well that’s how it’s supposed to be.
They also serve the nation like the regular army, carrying equipment like the regular army, commanded by officers like a regular army, shouting things like “This is our land! They’re here without permission!”.

Obviously the thing that the principal said doesn’t do the later part. Un.
Oi, just let me graduate already.

“This time you will go to Raskino by your own will. Of course participation is not compulsory.”

However different from before the principal said so. Then he declared what will happen if we didn’t participate.

“For those who didn’t participate there will be another 4 years of education and another 10 years added to the compulasory military service. Failure to do so, you will be forced to pay the tuition fee. So, I ask you all to participate. For those cowards who didn’t want to join, say it now, or else please come to my place later. At that time we will have you to make a final confirmation, then we will have you follow the procedure.”

Isn’t this a forced participation. Else, we will have a total of 9 years of school and 20 years of military service. Also, there’s no way a coward will shout it here isn’t it! And then to go to the principal office to say it, what kind of shame play is that!? Even if they did that, I bet there will be some clerical errors and they will eventually be forced to participate.

Un, this nation is bad.

“It seems like everyone is going to participate. I appreciate it.”

Uwa~ everyone is so full of patriotism~

“Although it’s a bit fast, you all will leave for that Tartak (Tarutaku) fort the day after tomorrow. The mission details will be explained there. Don’t neglect the preparations. That’s all.”

…..Haa, Sensei, I really want to return to the countryside.

After the assembly, Emilia-denka and Warta-san are called by the principal. I can imagine what they’re talking about. They can’t let the Princess become a militiaman after all.
After a few minutes, the discussion is over and they returned. With a tense face. I can also know roughly what they will say. However, let’s confirm it anyway.

“So, Emilia-sama, what was the talk about?”
“I was told not to go.”
“As expected. So, what will Emilia-sama do?”
“I told them I volunteer, but I was persistently told not to because it was an order from the higher level.”

Well it’s justifiable. If Her Highness the crown Princess got hurt, the principal neck will fly.

“therefore, I told this to them. Which would you prefer to do, the order of military minister or the daughter of a duke.”

Can you please stop that? It’s kind of pitiful for them.

“Walesa-kun don’t have to worry.”

As expected of the reliable onee-san! You somehow managed to stop Emilia-denka!

“I will take responsibility and guard Emilia-sama.”

“Ah, it’s about that. There’s no option of not going.

“Though I know I’m asking an impossible thing, if I drop out here, there’s no point in going to military school.”

Her Highness said so with a resolution….

“However, the expedition this time. Although I don’t know the details, in the unlikely event, the situation might become a political issue.”
“There’s no problem. I haven’t succeeded the duke title yet.”

Isn’t that unrelated…?

“Also the chance of that is slim.”
“If the chance isn’t slim, it won’t be an unlikely event!”

Anego cried out. It’s scary so can you stop that?

“There’s Sara-san and Jozef-san, also Radek-san. There’s no problem.”

There’s no[ there isn’t any]. As expected there is you know.

“Maya-san, it’s already late. Let’s hurry and return to the dormitory to prepare. Let’s go.”
“Understood, Emilia-sama.”

The 2 people run off to the women dormitory disregarding us.

….Haaa. I’m feeling reluctant.

Continental Calendar 19th of the 8th month 636th year. On this day, the real graduation exam for the 5th years started.

2-East Continental Empire
3-Carlsberg Republic
4-Ostmark Empire

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  1. neiden

    “The people never starved, everyone was happy.”

    For some reasons, the dot at the end of the sentence is on the next line, as if there were a space between “happy” and the dot.
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    “stepped in and destroy it in a blink”
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    “their culture and language can’t be destroyed completely”
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    “they usually made of”
    -> they are usually made of

    “and they will eventually forced to”
    -> they will eventually be forced to

    “Emilia-denka and Warta-san is called”
    -> are called

    “I will take responsibility and guards”
    -> guard

    “There’s no there isn’t any
    -> There’s no “there isn’t any”

    In my opinion, putting ” before and after the part that he quotes makes it easier to understand.

    “it’s late already let;s hurry and”
    ->It late already. Let’s hurry and

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Poor Josef.
    Now he has to go fight another war.
    Well, thanks to Plot Armor, their small band will probably be noticed by someone with a high-rank, which will give them some benefits.

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