LOTCH 42 – Fort Tartak.

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After we had arrived to Fort Tartak, we are briefed about the north east defense corps strategy from the chief of staffs.

“Currently, within Raskin a lot of anti government riots occurred and along with that, the opportunity to gain independence.”

Raskin is a city located near the border of Silesia and [East Continental Empire], a place called Kaliningrad in my previous live. However in this world Raskin is a small city with nothing special.

“The independence movement is also spreading to the nearby cities and villages, there’s already about 10 thousands citizens revolting. There’s also information that some military personnel is supporting this revolt.”

A riot that involves 10 thousand citizens is it. It might takes a while for the empire to pacify it. It’s just like the time that the Kils was rebelling against [Continental Empire].

“There’s already more than 1 countries that sent militiamen in this independence movement. We will take advantage of this and participate in the war.”

From now on, we will participate in the war to sell favors to Raskin, weaken the power of [East Continental Empire] , gather information and deepen our relationship by establishing a joint front with other nations.
But, why us? I don’t think we’re in a situation where we have to use military college students for it.

“Our team will consist of you, 125 officer candidates and the 3000 people under the north east defense corps.”

A regiment and a brigade are all we’re using for the plan is it. Well this nation doesn’t have a lee way to dispatch division scale army, it will create some conflicts domestically if they do. But if you can prepare that much, there’s no meaning to call us right!

|That’s all. Any questions?”

There’s a lot of things I want to know! I’ll say it!
I raised my hand for now. Sensei here!

“May I ask a few questions?”
“It’s fine. Ask me anything.”

Did you just say anything? I’m not interested in a man though?

“How many other cities and villages are revolting besides Raskin?”
“Though there will be quite a lot if we include the villages, including Raskin, 6 cities with population of few thousands.”
“How about the war potential of the cities, excluding the number of civilians?”

After all untrained civilians can’t really counted as war potential. We can’t say we have [Ten thousands] since it include elderlies, women and children.

“Aah, please wait a bit…. Eeh in each city there is a troop that consist of a squadron. Considering veterans and reserves living in the city, the soldiers that betrayed the empire, the militiamen sent by each country there should be between 1000 to 1500 in each city.

So 6000-9000 total for 6 cities. If we drafted the civilians we might have about 1 division around Raskin. But it’s scattered in 6 places, also.

“Is it alright if I ask another one?”
“It’s fine.”
“This war, who is the commander?”

This is important. In whose order we will be acting.

“It’s the captain of Raskin guards troop, Colonel Gediminas (Gedeiminasu), he’s in charge of the rebel force. Also each country have a commander for their own militiamen corps.”
“That mean the command authority isn’t centralized.”
“….That’s how it is.”

Each have their own motive.

“Our commander is?”
“It’s Brigadier General Marian-Smith.”

Who is that?

Ah that’s right, I forgot to mention this but your affiliation is with the 38th Independent Mixed Brigade.”

Is this Independent Mixed Brigade can mean it consist of various task force or mix of amateurs groups…. it seems like the latter though.

“Any other question?”

I don’t have any other question until we reach the actual site.

“Understood. Anyone else got other questions?”

No one else got a question so the staff officer started talking about the formation and schedule. Everything finished after about 2 hours.

“Aah, you, come here for a bit.”

After the explanation, I was called by the staff officer. I wonder if something happened.

“What is it?”
“You, what’s your name?”
“5th year Strategy Department, Jozef Walesa.”
“Strategy Department is it, I see. I get it now. Walesa-kun got a good score in school right?”
“No, you can find me easier from the lowest scorer one.”

Apparently the staff officer likes me. Rather what was his name again.

“Lieutenant Luth, what are you doing?”
“!Your Excellency!”

Your Excellency?

“Walesa-kun, this is this is Brigadier General Smith the commander of the 38th Independent Mixed Brigade.”
“T-this one was rude!”

I hurriedly salute. He’s younger than the image. I don’t know how old the brigadier general is but he looks young.

“You are, a cadet right?”
“Yes! I’m 5th year of the Strategy Department Jozef Walesa, Your Excellency!
“Smith. Best regard for now.”

I feel really nervous. More nervous than when I met the division chief of the 3rd division at Carlsberg. Even though he was supposedly have higher rank.
Brigadier Smith looks like he’s a competent man. On the other hand, the 3rd Division Chief looks like he’s standing on death flags. I don’t know if he’s alive now though. I don’t remember his name either.

“So, what are you doing?”
“No, that is….”

Kaku-kaku shika-jika. (Explaining onomatopoeia)
Lt Luth explained that I asked various question at the strategy meeting and he think highly of me because of that.
Oi stop that, it’s embarrassing. No actually don’t stop, please continue.

“I see, I will remember you.”

After he said so the Brigadier General left.

“I did it now.”

My name will be remembered by the Brigadier General.
Un. I would be happy if it;s only the lieutenant but for the brigadier general….

“What were you talking about?”

On the way to the barrack, Sara called me. It seems like she’s been waiting. I’m happy.

“It was nothing. The saying of [Don’t open your mouth when you’re not asked.] is correct isn’t it.”
“What’s that?”

It’s nothing to be worried about. When I though that I was called by the lieutenant and praised as a cadet, the brigadier general suddenly came in. It’s just that.

“Lt Luth has a pair of good eye to notice you.”
“I feel like it’s exaggerated though.”

The exaggeration level is a bit too high.

“Well there’s no point of worrying about it. In the end we underling only have to do what our superiors say.”
“That’s right. So that Princess Emilia can ascend the throne she yearn for let’s just destroy the empire quickly.”

Sara said so arrogantly and goes away with that flow.

I hope this war ends by Christmas.

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