LOTCH 43 – The 33rd Infantryman Platoon 4th Group.

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The next day, detailed formation and duty were conveyed.

“So, what’s with this members?”

I belonged to the 38th Independent Mixed Brigade, 3rd brigade, 3rd platoon fourth group or 33rd infantryman platoon 4th group for short. If it’s abbreviated more its Unit 33-4. Un, apparently there’s such thing as curse in this world. Why.

Unit 33-4 is made of me, Radek, Sara, Emilia-sama and Warta-san.
I don’t feel like it’s a coincidence.

“That doesn’t matter.”
“What do you mean….?”
“Isn’t it good? We can relax better than being grouped with unknown people.”

That is true.

“I can’t stand this.”
“Emilia-sama? Why is that?”
“After all, the mission we’re given is to guard the rear of Raskin! Aren’t we just gonna be sitting around in the rear!”
“No, that’s because we’re just an amateur and a cadet…”
“But the drafted peasants were sent to the frontline!”

Our mission is to maintain the security of Raskin which is rather far away from the battle field and also the base of the independence faction. I guess this is the result of the people from Human Resource department reading the situation.

“However Emilia-sama, rear guard duty is also a front line.”
“What do you mean?”
“Although the independence group is bolstered by soldiers from various nations, the Imperial Army is still overwhelming our number. It won’t be strange for the frontline to collapses anytime.”

Currently, the front line is a city in the east of Raskin that declared their independence. Since they need to cross a river to reach that city, it seems they are able to barely maintain the frontline. This can’t be allowed to go on since separatist faction of the empire will be gaining power as time goes on.

“Then Walesa-kun think that Raskin will become a battlefield to?”
“If the Empire is serious sending their army, I think so.”
“Then if not?”
“Then we will be able to return to Silesia by Christmas (kurisumasu).”

Oops, there’s no Christ in this world.

“My mistake. It’s a holiday where I spend some time with my family in the before the end of the year.”

It’s 50-50 whether the empire will seriously send the army. Raskin doesn;t have any special industry or resources. Speaking purely from military point of view, it’s not necessary to protect a place like that where rebellion occurs frequently. However since the dignity of the nobles and the emperor depend on it, it will be a problem.

“I see? As expected of someone from the tactics department?”
“Please don’t make fun of it. Such thing, even Warta-san understand right?”
“I didn’t think of it at all.”

That’s absolutely a lie.

“Well, I’m more concerned about the Kingdom army than the Empire army though.”
“What do you mean?”
“Sara, what’s our rank?”
“Eh. Etto, If I remember correctly, we’re all treated as a warrant officer right?”
“That’s worrying isn’t it.”
“Why? When we graduate, we will be either warrant officers or lieutenants though.”
“It will be good if we’re really a warrant officers. However, the groups are all composed of warrant officers right? We all aren’t special at all.”

Usually a corporal or lance corporal will be the commander of a group, then the other members are lower ranked than the commander. In this case it’s militiamen, it will be different from usual so it can’t be helped…. however it’s strange for a group to consist of only warrant officers.

“So that’s why it’s worrying?”
“Yes. The personnel selection is.”

There’s no way it’s a coincidence.

“However. Why is that?”
“…I don’t know!”

Radek fell down.

“There’s no way you don’t know if you can talk about it that much!”
“There’s now way I know! With such vague information!”

I’m neither God or Buddha.

“However as Jozef said, the personnel formation is strange, as expected there’s something in our mission as well?”
“Normally I will think so.”

I understand if our mission is to “Go to the frontline” or “Assist the headquarter” but somehow our mission is to “Guard the rear”. Is there some reason that make us need to guard the rear?

“Even if say that we can’t do anything. Let’s just prepare ourselves so we can survive any situation.”
“As Malinowska-san said. We can’t do anything else.”

That’s right. After all we can only do that. We’re not important enough to complain to the Human Resource.

Around the same time Jozef felt something strange about the personnel selection, in a certain place, another person wasn’t able to hide his (gender aren’t actually mentioned) excitement.

“Is that so, so it went well.”
“Yes. The Princess is currently located in Raskin.”

The plan is finally starting. I can’t suppress my excitement.

“I ask you to go as planned then captain.”
“Understood. Also it’s impolite of me but.”
“What is it?”
“I’m not a captain anymore.”
“Oh, is that so. I see. Congratulation on your promotion, Brigadier General.”
“Thank you.”
“Then I’ll be going back soon. Good luck. Keep in mind if something happened to the princess….”
“I know.”
“Then, good. Let’s meet again Brigadier General.”
“Yes Your Excellency.”

Continental Calendar 2nd of 9th month year 636, we arrived at Raskin.

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