LOTCH 44 – Castle Town

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Raskin was once a city state. Because of that, Raskin have a city wall and castle.

A river run formed a triangle around the old city and the wall is formed between the river and the city. a few draw bridges connected the old city and the new city outside of it. It looks like Valletta castle town on Malta Island in the Mediterranean in my previous life.

The new town is made after the continent unification by the Empire. However both the new and old town has been deteriorating due to its age. Isn’t this kind of unreasonable? Raskin now is just a rural town, the number of people going out of the city is more than the people coming in.

“However, the city is better than I’ve imagined. Regardless whether I wanted to live her or not, it’s a place I definitely want to visit once a year.”
“I agree. There’s only few cities in Silesia as magnificent as this right?”

It seems like Emilia-denka also though of the same thing. Um, my feeling isn’t wrong.

“I don’t care about it. Let’s hurry and meet with the independent group leader.”
“Ah, yes.”

Sara-san, can’t we just enjoy the moment? We don’t know when we will be able to be sight seeing next time.



The headquarter of the Raskin Independent Group is in the castle in the middle of the old town.

“Silesia Volunteer Corps, the 38th Independent Mixed Brigade, 33rd Infantryman Platton is here.”
“Fun, so you guys are from the Silesia Army? Doesn’t seems to be reliable.”

The mission of our 33rd Infantryman Platoon is to guard Raskin. the 33rd Infantryman platoon consisted of 30 people. It’s few.
And, before us is the commanding officer of the security force of Raskin…. who was it again. Collonel Gediminas (Gedeiminasu) was it? Since it’s hard to remember can we just call him Collonel Fatty (Debu)? With that kind of body it seems like he’s an incompetent noble. It’s just a mass of fat and no muscle at all.

“As long as you’re in this town, you will be under my command. Just be sure to follow what I say. Okay?”

I absolutely hate this.
I can’t do anything even if I complain right No matter who you are, it’s not good to break the chain of command.


Somehow Colonel fatty is looking at us….

“Oi, the 2 women over there. Come to my place later.”

The 2 women is Emilia-denka and Sara. Oi, don’t ignore Warta-san isn’t it pitiful for her.
Wait not that.

“Colonel. Is it alright?”
“What is it. I’ve no business with you. Get out of here quickly.”

As expected I have to break the chain of command to protect Emilia-denka and Sara. At least before Warta-san lost her temper.

“We… belong to Silesia Army. Our commander is Brigadier General Smith, not Colonel.”
“However this is my town! I’m the commander of this town!”
“Then, in case of emergency we will follow Colonels’ Instruction. Other than that, we belong to the Silesia Army in the end. Especially don’t disturb our personnel. If there’s any dissatisfaction, please write down a letter in details about it for Brigadier General Smith and wait for the respond.”
“….Ah, uh, You!”
“Sara, Emilia-sama, it seems like the Colonel doesn’t have anymore business with us. If we stay here, we will be disturbing him, let’s go quickly.”
“Yes. I understand.”

I can understand why he pick these 2 out of so many people though.



After the platoon leader scolded me, somehow I’m praised. The former is as a platoon leader and the later in private.

“Well, if you had hit the Colonel you will be expelled right before you get the graduation certificate.”

I’m not like you Warta-san.

“It’s alright. In the end, it’s ended peacefully.”

I made a problem so I apologize.

You’ve helped me Jozef-san.” Thank you very much.”
“I don’t that’s enough to be thanked for. To be starting a fight right after we just meet our superior.”

It’s not a lie. He definitely pissed off now.

“Even though I wanted to hit him at that time.”
“The Colonel will die if Sara hit him you know.”
“He can just die like that then.”
“Oi oi oi.”

We will be entering the military prison instead of just dropping out of school if that happened.

“So, what should we do?”
“What do you mean… We will be guarding the rear right?”
“What’s the duty of a rear guard?”

at the moment Radek said that, everyone turned to me. No, I’m not such a convenient person you know.

“We should just follow our platoon leader instructions right?”
“So he said.”

We haven’t been ordered to do anything.

Um, well I’d like to gather some information in the street though.

“For the time being, let’s get a map of Raskin and someone who is familiar with the geography around.”
“….I don’t want this to happen but, there might be a city combat later.”



I can’t possibly go to the Colonel and says [Lend us a soldier] right after we provoked him like that right? So we consulted the platoon leader and look for a militiaman from this town or veteran soldier. Because moving with 5 people is too much, I’m currently only with Radek.
We found something interesting in the process.

“There’s even Ostmark Empire volunter army?”
“Yes. The leader is the Sergeant Herge-Zeeman (Heruge Ze-man) of the Ostmark Empire 199th special regiment.”

Sergeant Zeeman is a middle aged man. Speaking about age, I’m currently 15 year old warrant officer, usually there’s no one with a rank less than a sergeant if their age is double of that.
Even so, is Raskin going to be a multi nationality city? There’s really a soldier from each countries.

“Etto. How many militiamen that the Ostmark Empire sent?”
“I think it was around 3200 people.”

Almost the same as Silesia is it.

“Ah, is that so. Do you know of anyone familiar with the geography around Raskin?”
“The Sergeant.”
“The Sergeant was a refugee from Raskin.”



In this way, a strange Raskin sight seeing date with 3 people began.

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