LOTCH 45 – Collapse

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Isn’t it’s sad that 3 men having a date in a foreign land?

“When did Sergeant Zeeman defected to Ostmark?”
“20 years ago. At that time I was 12 years old, I relied on ny relatives to go through Silesia Kingdom to Ostmark.

That means Sergeant Zeeman is 32 years old. Double correct.

“Since it’s 20 years ago, the city scape changed already right?”
“No that’s not true. This town haven’t changed for at least 80 years. The only difference is the bridge.”
“Yeah, Raskin has 3 in the north, 2 on the south, 3 on the west side which was built 50 years ago.”
“Then the newest bridge is the one at the north west is it?”
“That’s right. The north west bridge is the only draw bridge or rather stone bridge in the town. It’s very strong and won’t break easily.”

The Raskin sight seeing tour advanced with Sergeant Zeeman guides. I write down the alleyway and other information that wasn’t written on the map given by the platoon leader.

“Why are you writing it frantically?”
“Nn? Nn, I though this will be convenient in case of urban warfare.”
“Urban warfare?”
“Do you think that there will be an urban warfare in Raskin?”
“Well, 50% sure I guess.”

Combined, Silesia, Ostmark and Raskin soldiers number is about 1 division. It’s bad that they’re distributed to 6 places. War potential decentralization is a death flag.

“Then, shouldn’t we report to the commander so the war potential is reorganized?”
“No, I think it’s probably useless.”
“Because of the pride and politic.”

If we barricaded our self in Raskin we can get a few months time but we will have to abandon all of the new district and independent cities. If it’s practiced, the Empire will spread the rumor and lower our allies morals. Even in a chance we win with that, the cities won’t support anymore, it’s political affairs after the independence will be shaken…. or so I judged.
I want them to think about winning first rather than what after winning though.

“So that’s how it is, well how are you going to defend this city with just a regiment then?”

Originally this is the captains job. However the platoon leader said that the captain doesn’t like thinking and he throws it to his subordinate instead. And now that subordinates was pulled to the front line and struggling hard. I really don’t want to deal with such a childish Colonel.

“It’s such a strange thing that Colonel fatty become the leader of the rebellion right? No matter how you see it, he’s a lowly henchman type.”
“Look aside, the Colonel is one of the people who had a dissatisfaction with the Empire.”
“And it was?”
“It’s because of a demotion. He was originally part of he Imperial Capital Defense Corps.”
“Is that great?”
“Yes. However, after it was found that he’s guilty of embezzling public funds, he was demoted and moved here.”
“Why he’s not discharged from the army?”
“Well, there’s nothing I can say but there might be some internal problem in the East Continental Empire Army right?”

There’s various problem in each country huh. When the 33rd Emperor succeeded the throne, he enforced discipline in the military.

“So that dissatisfaction is enough to push him to incite a rebellion against his own country?”
“What a trash…”

I want to go home. Why are we throwing our lives for such Colonel.

“Jozef, I want to return to the war college and just repeat a grade now.”
“That’s strange Radek. I also wanted to.”

Because I had seen both the new and old town I noticed something.

“There’s no gutter in the new town.”
“Gutter is, that thing that collect water in the sideways when it rains?”
“Yes, that thing.”

In the old city, there’s a gutter on the both side of the road, it let the water flows to the river. However, there’s none in the new city.

“Is there a sewer underground in the new city?”
“Yes, there is. Even if I said that, it’s just a small path a little larger than the sewer that’s buried though.”

Un, it’s impossible that there’s a secret passage in the sewers then. It’s regrettable though since it can be used for some maneuvers.

“So the only way to cross the rive is the bridge?”
“Yes. There’s no ship that visit the city for several hundreds of year already, there’s no such thing as underpass as well.
“Then if the bridge is broken down the people will be starved?”
“Foods were stockpiled in case of heavy rains. It should last for about 3 months.”
“That’s great.”

As expected of a Castle Town. After all to defend only the old city in case of siege is the best plan.

Thus we advanced the information gathering of Raskin.
As a matter of course, it takes several days instead of a day. Aah, sergeant Zeeman had asked The Ostmark Commander and got a permission to be borrowed. Hurray. If possible I want some women though.

“There’s only few female soldiers right? Assuming that there was, they probably won;t be lent out.”
“I guess. I have the same opinion with the commander.”
“Also it seems like Malinowska-sama and Emilia-sama often meet someone of the same type as the colonel often.”
“Is that so. I wonder if they’re cursed?”

It also happened several times in the war college. Every time it happened Sara and Warta-san retaliate until they’re half dead though.

“Well since time immemorial, female soldiers always suffer from sexual harassment like that though.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah, it seems like it’s because in the ancient times the armies employed female soldiers for that purpose.”
“Is that so…. wait you mean for THAT purpose?”
“That’s right. THAT.”

I half regret that I came across such information. This isn’t good for Sara and Emilia-denka. I think those two should stick together.

“Also you’re smart aren’t you.”
“It’s difficult read a map that’s written all over until its jet black like that.”

Certainly. If seen from the side, it seems like it’s too much.

“It’s fine. It’s alright since I can understand it. Beside there’s no such thing as too much information in war.”
“That might be so but… For what reason the building heights or how worn out it is is written?”
“Well that’s for when the war started, just look forward for it.”
“When the war started is it, I’m not looking forward to it that much.”
“Well that’s right.”

However unrelated to that wish, a trouble come surely to the independent army.

“Something a little bit bad has happened.”

Independece Army Commander, Colonel Fatty room. The 33rd platoon leader and I came to make a report to the Colonel. I want to go home.

“What is it?”

It seems like the Colonel can’t hide his frustration and he quickly put on an irritated aura.

“Silesia, Ostmark militia and Raskin Independent army has been defeated in the field and they had already withdrawn to a city right before Raskin.”

Although the report said that we had lost, for some reason the Colonel is happy. Could it be. Did he think that he’ll be able to take command now? What a trash.

“This is an emergency the platoon leader.”
“That’s right.”
“Then, From now on I will take the command of the army in the city.”
“It’s not necessary.”
“For this fight, the command was formally entrusted to the Brigadier General Smith. Therefore the Colonel doesn’t have to take the command in the urban warfare.”
“Then. excuse us Colonel.”

Colonel, what a pity.

“However it’s still a problem that the chain of command is still not united yet.”

Outside the room, the captain and I talked in a low voice so that the Colonel couldn’t hear it.

“Aah. The Raskin militia is still in the command of the Colonel. Even though their ability is low, it’s better to have more hands.”
“I hope that Brigadier General Smith can safely retreat here….”
“It might be difficult. The Empire is currently pursuing the militia now. They won’t be able to shake them off easily.”

They might be routed.

“For the time being, we have to prepare for the defensive battle. I want you to show the power of a graduate from the Strategy Research Department.”
“I’ll give it my best!”

There’s only 1 graduate from Strategy Reasrch Department in the 33rd platoon.

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