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LOTCH 45 – Collapse

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Isn’t it’s sad that 3 men having a date in a foreign land?

“When did Sergeant Zeeman defected to Ostmark?”
“20 years ago. At that time I was 12 years old, I relied on ny relatives to go through Silesia Kingdom to Ostmark.

That means Sergeant Zeeman is 32 years old. Double correct.

“Since it’s 20 years ago, the city scape changed already right?”
“No that’s not true. This town haven’t changed for at least 80 years. The only difference is the bridge.”
“Yeah, Raskin has 3 in the north, 2 on the south, 3 on the west side which was built 50 years ago.”
“Then the newest bridge is the one at the north west is it?”
“That’s right. The north west bridge is the only draw bridge or rather stone bridge in the town. It’s very strong and won’t break easily.”

The Raskin sight seeing tour advanced with Sergeant Zeeman guides. I write down the alleyway and other information that wasn’t written on the map given by the platoon leader.

“Why are you writing it frantically?”
“Nn? Nn, I though this will be convenient in case of urban warfare.”
“Urban warfare?”
“Do you think that there will be an urban warfare in Raskin?”
“Well, 50% sure I guess.”

Combined, Silesia, Ostmark and Raskin soldiers number is about 1 division. It’s bad that they’re distributed to 6 places. War potential decentralization is a death flag.

“Then, shouldn’t we report to the commander so the war potential is reorganized?”
“No, I think it’s probably useless.”
“Because of the pride and politic.”

If we barricaded our self in Raskin we can get a few months time but we will have to abandon all of the new district and independent cities. If it’s practiced, the Empire will spread the rumor and lower our allies morals. Even in a chance we win with that, the cities won’t support anymore, it’s political affairs after the independence will be shaken…. or so I judged.
I want them to think about winning first rather than what after winning though.

“So that’s how it is, well how are you going to defend this city with just a regiment then?”

Originally this is the captains job. However the platoon leader said that the captain doesn’t like thinking and he throws it to his subordinate instead. And now that subordinates was pulled to the front line and struggling hard. I really don’t want to deal with such a childish Colonel.

“It’s such a strange thing that Colonel fatty become the leader of the rebellion right? No matter how you see it, he’s a lowly henchman type.”
“Look aside, the Colonel is one of the people who had a dissatisfaction with the Empire.”
“And it was?”
“It’s because of a demotion. He was originally part of he Imperial Capital Defense Corps.”
“Is that great?”
“Yes. However, after it was found that he’s guilty of embezzling public funds, he was demoted and moved here.”
“Why he’s not discharged from the army?”
“Well, there’s nothing I can say but there might be some internal problem in the East Continental Empire Army right?”

There’s various problem in each country huh. When the 33rd Emperor succeeded the throne, he enforced discipline in the military.

“So that dissatisfaction is enough to push him to incite a rebellion against his own country?”
“What a trash…”

I want to go home. Why are we throwing our lives for such Colonel.

“Jozef, I want to return to the war college and just repeat a grade now.”
“That’s strange Radek. I also wanted to.”

Because I had seen both the new and old town I noticed something.

“There’s no gutter in the new town.”
“Gutter is, that thing that collect water in the sideways when it rains?”
“Yes, that thing.”

In the old city, there’s a gutter on the both side of the road, it let the water flows to the river. However, there’s none in the new city.

“Is there a sewer underground in the new city?”
“Yes, there is. Even if I said that, it’s just a small path a little larger than the sewer that’s buried though.”

Un, it’s impossible that there’s a secret passage in the sewers then. It’s regrettable though since it can be used for some maneuvers.

“So the only way to cross the rive is the bridge?”
“Yes. There’s no ship that visit the city for several hundreds of year already, there’s no such thing as underpass as well.
“Then if the bridge is broken down the people will be starved?”
“Foods were stockpiled in case of heavy rains. It should last for about 3 months.”
“That’s great.”

As expected of a Castle Town. After all to defend only the old city in case of siege is the best plan.

Thus we advanced the information gathering of Raskin.
As a matter of course, it takes several days instead of a day. Aah, sergeant Zeeman had asked The Ostmark Commander and got a permission to be borrowed. Hurray. If possible I want some women though.

“There’s only few female soldiers right? Assuming that there was, they probably won;t be lent out.”
“I guess. I have the same opinion with the commander.”
“Also it seems like Malinowska-sama and Emilia-sama often meet someone of the same type as the colonel often.”
“Is that so. I wonder if they’re cursed?”

It also happened several times in the war college. Every time it happened Sara and Warta-san retaliate until they’re half dead though.

“Well since time immemorial, female soldiers always suffer from sexual harassment like that though.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah, it seems like it’s because in the ancient times the armies employed female soldiers for that purpose.”
“Is that so…. wait you mean for THAT purpose?”
“That’s right. THAT.”

I half regret that I came across such information. This isn’t good for Sara and Emilia-denka. I think those two should stick together.

“Also you’re smart aren’t you.”
“It’s difficult read a map that’s written all over until its jet black like that.”

Certainly. If seen from the side, it seems like it’s too much.

“It’s fine. It’s alright since I can understand it. Beside there’s no such thing as too much information in war.”
“That might be so but… For what reason the building heights or how worn out it is is written?”
“Well that’s for when the war started, just look forward for it.”
“When the war started is it, I’m not looking forward to it that much.”
“Well that’s right.”

However unrelated to that wish, a trouble come surely to the independent army.

“Something a little bit bad has happened.”

Independece Army Commander, Colonel Fatty room. The 33rd platoon leader and I came to make a report to the Colonel. I want to go home.

“What is it?”

It seems like the Colonel can’t hide his frustration and he quickly put on an irritated aura.

“Silesia, Ostmark militia and Raskin Independent army has been defeated in the field and they had already withdrawn to a city right before Raskin.”

Although the report said that we had lost, for some reason the Colonel is happy. Could it be. Did he think that he’ll be able to take command now? What a trash.

“This is an emergency the platoon leader.”
“That’s right.”
“Then, From now on I will take the command of the army in the city.”
“It’s not necessary.”
“For this fight, the command was formally entrusted to the Brigadier General Smith. Therefore the Colonel doesn’t have to take the command in the urban warfare.”
“Then. excuse us Colonel.”

Colonel, what a pity.

“However it’s still a problem that the chain of command is still not united yet.”

Outside the room, the captain and I talked in a low voice so that the Colonel couldn’t hear it.

“Aah. The Raskin militia is still in the command of the Colonel. Even though their ability is low, it’s better to have more hands.”
“I hope that Brigadier General Smith can safely retreat here….”
“It might be difficult. The Empire is currently pursuing the militia now. They won’t be able to shake them off easily.”

They might be routed.

“For the time being, we have to prepare for the defensive battle. I want you to show the power of a graduate from the Strategy Research Department.”
“I’ll give it my best!”

There’s only 1 graduate from Strategy Reasrch Department in the 33rd platoon.

LOTCH 44 – Castle Town

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Raskin was once a city state. Because of that, Raskin have a city wall and castle.

A river run formed a triangle around the old city and the wall is formed between the river and the city. a few draw bridges connected the old city and the new city outside of it. It looks like Valletta castle town on Malta Island in the Mediterranean in my previous life.

The new town is made after the continent unification by the Empire. However both the new and old town has been deteriorating due to its age. Isn’t this kind of unreasonable? Raskin now is just a rural town, the number of people going out of the city is more than the people coming in.

“However, the city is better than I’ve imagined. Regardless whether I wanted to live her or not, it’s a place I definitely want to visit once a year.”
“I agree. There’s only few cities in Silesia as magnificent as this right?”

It seems like Emilia-denka also though of the same thing. Um, my feeling isn’t wrong.

“I don’t care about it. Let’s hurry and meet with the independent group leader.”
“Ah, yes.”

Sara-san, can’t we just enjoy the moment? We don’t know when we will be able to be sight seeing next time.



The headquarter of the Raskin Independent Group is in the castle in the middle of the old town.

“Silesia Volunteer Corps, the 38th Independent Mixed Brigade, 33rd Infantryman Platton is here.”
“Fun, so you guys are from the Silesia Army? Doesn’t seems to be reliable.”

The mission of our 33rd Infantryman Platoon is to guard Raskin. the 33rd Infantryman platoon consisted of 30 people. It’s few.
And, before us is the commanding officer of the security force of Raskin…. who was it again. Collonel Gediminas (Gedeiminasu) was it? Since it’s hard to remember can we just call him Collonel Fatty (Debu)? With that kind of body it seems like he’s an incompetent noble. It’s just a mass of fat and no muscle at all.

“As long as you’re in this town, you will be under my command. Just be sure to follow what I say. Okay?”

I absolutely hate this.
I can’t do anything even if I complain right No matter who you are, it’s not good to break the chain of command.


Somehow Colonel fatty is looking at us….

“Oi, the 2 women over there. Come to my place later.”

The 2 women is Emilia-denka and Sara. Oi, don’t ignore Warta-san isn’t it pitiful for her.
Wait not that.

“Colonel. Is it alright?”
“What is it. I’ve no business with you. Get out of here quickly.”

As expected I have to break the chain of command to protect Emilia-denka and Sara. At least before Warta-san lost her temper.

“We… belong to Silesia Army. Our commander is Brigadier General Smith, not Colonel.”
“However this is my town! I’m the commander of this town!”
“Then, in case of emergency we will follow Colonels’ Instruction. Other than that, we belong to the Silesia Army in the end. Especially don’t disturb our personnel. If there’s any dissatisfaction, please write down a letter in details about it for Brigadier General Smith and wait for the respond.”
“….Ah, uh, You!”
“Sara, Emilia-sama, it seems like the Colonel doesn’t have anymore business with us. If we stay here, we will be disturbing him, let’s go quickly.”
“Yes. I understand.”

I can understand why he pick these 2 out of so many people though.



After the platoon leader scolded me, somehow I’m praised. The former is as a platoon leader and the later in private.

“Well, if you had hit the Colonel you will be expelled right before you get the graduation certificate.”

I’m not like you Warta-san.

“It’s alright. In the end, it’s ended peacefully.”

I made a problem so I apologize.

You’ve helped me Jozef-san.” Thank you very much.”
“I don’t that’s enough to be thanked for. To be starting a fight right after we just meet our superior.”

It’s not a lie. He definitely pissed off now.

“Even though I wanted to hit him at that time.”
“The Colonel will die if Sara hit him you know.”
“He can just die like that then.”
“Oi oi oi.”

We will be entering the military prison instead of just dropping out of school if that happened.

“So, what should we do?”
“What do you mean… We will be guarding the rear right?”
“What’s the duty of a rear guard?”

at the moment Radek said that, everyone turned to me. No, I’m not such a convenient person you know.

“We should just follow our platoon leader instructions right?”
“So he said.”

We haven’t been ordered to do anything.

Um, well I’d like to gather some information in the street though.

“For the time being, let’s get a map of Raskin and someone who is familiar with the geography around.”
“….I don’t want this to happen but, there might be a city combat later.”



I can’t possibly go to the Colonel and says [Lend us a soldier] right after we provoked him like that right? So we consulted the platoon leader and look for a militiaman from this town or veteran soldier. Because moving with 5 people is too much, I’m currently only with Radek.
We found something interesting in the process.

“There’s even Ostmark Empire volunter army?”
“Yes. The leader is the Sergeant Herge-Zeeman (Heruge Ze-man) of the Ostmark Empire 199th special regiment.”

Sergeant Zeeman is a middle aged man. Speaking about age, I’m currently 15 year old warrant officer, usually there’s no one with a rank less than a sergeant if their age is double of that.
Even so, is Raskin going to be a multi nationality city? There’s really a soldier from each countries.

“Etto. How many militiamen that the Ostmark Empire sent?”
“I think it was around 3200 people.”

Almost the same as Silesia is it.

“Ah, is that so. Do you know of anyone familiar with the geography around Raskin?”
“The Sergeant.”
“The Sergeant was a refugee from Raskin.”



In this way, a strange Raskin sight seeing date with 3 people began.

LOTCH 43 – The 33rd Infantryman Platoon 4th Group.

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It depict the position of Raskin.

The next day, detailed formation and duty were conveyed.

“So, what’s with this members?”

I belonged to the 38th Independent Mixed Brigade, 3rd brigade, 3rd platoon fourth group or 33rd infantryman platoon 4th group for short. If it’s abbreviated more its Unit 33-4. Un, apparently there’s such thing as curse in this world. Why.

Unit 33-4 is made of me, Radek, Sara, Emilia-sama and Warta-san.
I don’t feel like it’s a coincidence.

“That doesn’t matter.”
“What do you mean….?”
“Isn’t it good? We can relax better than being grouped with unknown people.”

That is true.

“I can’t stand this.”
“Emilia-sama? Why is that?”
“After all, the mission we’re given is to guard the rear of Raskin! Aren’t we just gonna be sitting around in the rear!”
“No, that’s because we’re just an amateur and a cadet…”
“But the drafted peasants were sent to the frontline!”

Our mission is to maintain the security of Raskin which is rather far away from the battle field and also the base of the independence faction. I guess this is the result of the people from Human Resource department reading the situation.

“However Emilia-sama, rear guard duty is also a front line.”
“What do you mean?”
“Although the independence group is bolstered by soldiers from various nations, the Imperial Army is still overwhelming our number. It won’t be strange for the frontline to collapses anytime.”

Currently, the front line is a city in the east of Raskin that declared their independence. Since they need to cross a river to reach that city, it seems they are able to barely maintain the frontline. This can’t be allowed to go on since separatist faction of the empire will be gaining power as time goes on.

“Then Walesa-kun think that Raskin will become a battlefield to?”
“If the Empire is serious sending their army, I think so.”
“Then if not?”
“Then we will be able to return to Silesia by Christmas (kurisumasu).”

Oops, there’s no Christ in this world.

“My mistake. It’s a holiday where I spend some time with my family in the before the end of the year.”

It’s 50-50 whether the empire will seriously send the army. Raskin doesn;t have any special industry or resources. Speaking purely from military point of view, it’s not necessary to protect a place like that where rebellion occurs frequently. However since the dignity of the nobles and the emperor depend on it, it will be a problem.

“I see? As expected of someone from the tactics department?”
“Please don’t make fun of it. Such thing, even Warta-san understand right?”
“I didn’t think of it at all.”

That’s absolutely a lie.

“Well, I’m more concerned about the Kingdom army than the Empire army though.”
“What do you mean?”
“Sara, what’s our rank?”
“Eh. Etto, If I remember correctly, we’re all treated as a warrant officer right?”
“That’s worrying isn’t it.”
“Why? When we graduate, we will be either warrant officers or lieutenants though.”
“It will be good if we’re really a warrant officers. However, the groups are all composed of warrant officers right? We all aren’t special at all.”

Usually a corporal or lance corporal will be the commander of a group, then the other members are lower ranked than the commander. In this case it’s militiamen, it will be different from usual so it can’t be helped…. however it’s strange for a group to consist of only warrant officers.

“So that’s why it’s worrying?”
“Yes. The personnel selection is.”

There’s no way it’s a coincidence.

“However. Why is that?”
“…I don’t know!”

Radek fell down.

“There’s no way you don’t know if you can talk about it that much!”
“There’s now way I know! With such vague information!”

I’m neither God or Buddha.

“However as Jozef said, the personnel formation is strange, as expected there’s something in our mission as well?”
“Normally I will think so.”

I understand if our mission is to “Go to the frontline” or “Assist the headquarter” but somehow our mission is to “Guard the rear”. Is there some reason that make us need to guard the rear?

“Even if say that we can’t do anything. Let’s just prepare ourselves so we can survive any situation.”
“As Malinowska-san said. We can’t do anything else.”

That’s right. After all we can only do that. We’re not important enough to complain to the Human Resource.

Around the same time Jozef felt something strange about the personnel selection, in a certain place, another person wasn’t able to hide his (gender aren’t actually mentioned) excitement.

“Is that so, so it went well.”
“Yes. The Princess is currently located in Raskin.”

The plan is finally starting. I can’t suppress my excitement.

“I ask you to go as planned then captain.”
“Understood. Also it’s impolite of me but.”
“What is it?”
“I’m not a captain anymore.”
“Oh, is that so. I see. Congratulation on your promotion, Brigadier General.”
“Thank you.”
“Then I’ll be going back soon. Good luck. Keep in mind if something happened to the princess….”
“I know.”
“Then, good. Let’s meet again Brigadier General.”
“Yes Your Excellency.”

Continental Calendar 2nd of 9th month year 636, we arrived at Raskin.

LOTCH 42 – Fort Tartak.

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After we had arrived to Fort Tartak, we are briefed about the north east defense corps strategy from the chief of staffs.

“Currently, within Raskin a lot of anti government riots occurred and along with that, the opportunity to gain independence.”

Raskin is a city located near the border of Silesia and [East Continental Empire], a place called Kaliningrad in my previous live. However in this world Raskin is a small city with nothing special.

“The independence movement is also spreading to the nearby cities and villages, there’s already about 10 thousands citizens revolting. There’s also information that some military personnel is supporting this revolt.”

A riot that involves 10 thousand citizens is it. It might takes a while for the empire to pacify it. It’s just like the time that the Kils was rebelling against [Continental Empire].

“There’s already more than 1 countries that sent militiamen in this independence movement. We will take advantage of this and participate in the war.”

From now on, we will participate in the war to sell favors to Raskin, weaken the power of [East Continental Empire] , gather information and deepen our relationship by establishing a joint front with other nations.
But, why us? I don’t think we’re in a situation where we have to use military college students for it.

“Our team will consist of you, 125 officer candidates and the 3000 people under the north east defense corps.”

A regiment and a brigade are all we’re using for the plan is it. Well this nation doesn’t have a lee way to dispatch division scale army, it will create some conflicts domestically if they do. But if you can prepare that much, there’s no meaning to call us right!

|That’s all. Any questions?”

There’s a lot of things I want to know! I’ll say it!
I raised my hand for now. Sensei here!

“May I ask a few questions?”
“It’s fine. Ask me anything.”

Did you just say anything? I’m not interested in a man though?

“How many other cities and villages are revolting besides Raskin?”
“Though there will be quite a lot if we include the villages, including Raskin, 6 cities with population of few thousands.”
“How about the war potential of the cities, excluding the number of civilians?”

After all untrained civilians can’t really counted as war potential. We can’t say we have [Ten thousands] since it include elderlies, women and children.

“Aah, please wait a bit…. Eeh in each city there is a troop that consist of a squadron. Considering veterans and reserves living in the city, the soldiers that betrayed the empire, the militiamen sent by each country there should be between 1000 to 1500 in each city.

So 6000-9000 total for 6 cities. If we drafted the civilians we might have about 1 division around Raskin. But it’s scattered in 6 places, also.

“Is it alright if I ask another one?”
“It’s fine.”
“This war, who is the commander?”

This is important. In whose order we will be acting.

“It’s the captain of Raskin guards troop, Colonel Gediminas (Gedeiminasu), he’s in charge of the rebel force. Also each country have a commander for their own militiamen corps.”
“That mean the command authority isn’t centralized.”
“….That’s how it is.”

Each have their own motive.

“Our commander is?”
“It’s Brigadier General Marian-Smith.”

Who is that?

Ah that’s right, I forgot to mention this but your affiliation is with the 38th Independent Mixed Brigade.”

Is this Independent Mixed Brigade can mean it consist of various task force or mix of amateurs groups…. it seems like the latter though.

“Any other question?”

I don’t have any other question until we reach the actual site.

“Understood. Anyone else got other questions?”

No one else got a question so the staff officer started talking about the formation and schedule. Everything finished after about 2 hours.

“Aah, you, come here for a bit.”

After the explanation, I was called by the staff officer. I wonder if something happened.

“What is it?”
“You, what’s your name?”
“5th year Strategy Department, Jozef Walesa.”
“Strategy Department is it, I see. I get it now. Walesa-kun got a good score in school right?”
“No, you can find me easier from the lowest scorer one.”

Apparently the staff officer likes me. Rather what was his name again.

“Lieutenant Luth, what are you doing?”
“!Your Excellency!”

Your Excellency?

“Walesa-kun, this is this is Brigadier General Smith the commander of the 38th Independent Mixed Brigade.”
“T-this one was rude!”

I hurriedly salute. He’s younger than the image. I don’t know how old the brigadier general is but he looks young.

“You are, a cadet right?”
“Yes! I’m 5th year of the Strategy Department Jozef Walesa, Your Excellency!
“Smith. Best regard for now.”

I feel really nervous. More nervous than when I met the division chief of the 3rd division at Carlsberg. Even though he was supposedly have higher rank.
Brigadier Smith looks like he’s a competent man. On the other hand, the 3rd Division Chief looks like he’s standing on death flags. I don’t know if he’s alive now though. I don’t remember his name either.

“So, what are you doing?”
“No, that is….”

Kaku-kaku shika-jika. (Explaining onomatopoeia)
Lt Luth explained that I asked various question at the strategy meeting and he think highly of me because of that.
Oi stop that, it’s embarrassing. No actually don’t stop, please continue.

“I see, I will remember you.”

After he said so the Brigadier General left.

“I did it now.”

My name will be remembered by the Brigadier General.
Un. I would be happy if it;s only the lieutenant but for the brigadier general….

“What were you talking about?”

On the way to the barrack, Sara called me. It seems like she’s been waiting. I’m happy.

“It was nothing. The saying of [Don’t open your mouth when you’re not asked.] is correct isn’t it.”
“What’s that?”

It’s nothing to be worried about. When I though that I was called by the lieutenant and praised as a cadet, the brigadier general suddenly came in. It’s just that.

“Lt Luth has a pair of good eye to notice you.”
“I feel like it’s exaggerated though.”

The exaggeration level is a bit too high.

“Well there’s no point of worrying about it. In the end we underling only have to do what our superiors say.”
“That’s right. So that Princess Emilia can ascend the throne she yearn for let’s just destroy the empire quickly.”

Sara said so arrogantly and goes away with that flow.

I hope this war ends by Christmas.

LOTCH 41 – Graduation Exam

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On the west side of the [East Continental Empire] next to the Baltic sea, there’s a small city called [Raskino (Rasukino)].
The population is about ten thousands people, there’s no specialty. An extremely normal city.

At a time Raskino was a nation. It was a very small nation but it had its own language, culture and the people was overflowing with patriotism. The people never starved, everyone was happy.
But then, the super power nation [Continental Empire] stepped in and destroyed it in a blink of an eye.
With the policy of the empire, the culture and the language were destroyed, Raskino fell into just a name of a place.

However, their culture and language couldn’t be destroyed completely by the empire, the soul of Raskino survived underground.

And then in 636th year of continental calendar, Raskino soul let out a war cry.

“For all 5th grader, I’m sorry to call you when the graduation is so close but there’s an emergency. From now on…, you will all have to march to the east border of Silesia.”

The east? Could it be the [East Continental Empire] had invaded?
From the other people, some concerned voice is raised. It spreads and made the hall buzz.

“First of all, the [East Continental Empire] haven’t invaded our country.”

Then, why east?

“Your mission is to head to [Raskino] within the [East Continental Empire].”

It’s a city I didn’t know about. Perhaps it’s a small city that’s not recorded on the map.

“As a militiamen….”

Militiamen? Eh, did he really just said militiamen?

Militiamen is a soldier that overflowed with a sense of patriotism, they are usually made of volunteer, well that’s how it’s supposed to be.
They also serve the nation like the regular army, carrying equipment like the regular army, commanded by officers like a regular army, shouting things like “This is our land! They’re here without permission!”.

Obviously the thing that the principal said doesn’t do the later part. Un.
Oi, just let me graduate already.

“This time you will go to Raskino by your own will. Of course participation is not compulsory.”

However different from before the principal said so. Then he declared what will happen if we didn’t participate.

“For those who didn’t participate there will be another 4 years of education and another 10 years added to the compulasory military service. Failure to do so, you will be forced to pay the tuition fee. So, I ask you all to participate. For those cowards who didn’t want to join, say it now, or else please come to my place later. At that time we will have you to make a final confirmation, then we will have you follow the procedure.”

Isn’t this a forced participation. Else, we will have a total of 9 years of school and 20 years of military service. Also, there’s no way a coward will shout it here isn’t it! And then to go to the principal office to say it, what kind of shame play is that!? Even if they did that, I bet there will be some clerical errors and they will eventually be forced to participate.

Un, this nation is bad.

“It seems like everyone is going to participate. I appreciate it.”

Uwa~ everyone is so full of patriotism~

“Although it’s a bit fast, you all will leave for that Tartak (Tarutaku) fort the day after tomorrow. The mission details will be explained there. Don’t neglect the preparations. That’s all.”

…..Haa, Sensei, I really want to return to the countryside.

After the assembly, Emilia-denka and Warta-san are called by the principal. I can imagine what they’re talking about. They can’t let the Princess become a militiaman after all.
After a few minutes, the discussion is over and they returned. With a tense face. I can also know roughly what they will say. However, let’s confirm it anyway.

“So, Emilia-sama, what was the talk about?”
“I was told not to go.”
“As expected. So, what will Emilia-sama do?”
“I told them I volunteer, but I was persistently told not to because it was an order from the higher level.”

Well it’s justifiable. If Her Highness the crown Princess got hurt, the principal neck will fly.

“therefore, I told this to them. Which would you prefer to do, the order of military minister or the daughter of a duke.”

Can you please stop that? It’s kind of pitiful for them.

“Walesa-kun don’t have to worry.”

As expected of the reliable onee-san! You somehow managed to stop Emilia-denka!

“I will take responsibility and guard Emilia-sama.”

“Ah, it’s about that. There’s no option of not going.

“Though I know I’m asking an impossible thing, if I drop out here, there’s no point in going to military school.”

Her Highness said so with a resolution….

“However, the expedition this time. Although I don’t know the details, in the unlikely event, the situation might become a political issue.”
“There’s no problem. I haven’t succeeded the duke title yet.”

Isn’t that unrelated…?

“Also the chance of that is slim.”
“If the chance isn’t slim, it won’t be an unlikely event!”

Anego cried out. It’s scary so can you stop that?

“There’s Sara-san and Jozef-san, also Radek-san. There’s no problem.”

There’s no[ there isn’t any]. As expected there is you know.

“Maya-san, it’s already late. Let’s hurry and return to the dormitory to prepare. Let’s go.”
“Understood, Emilia-sama.”

The 2 people run off to the women dormitory disregarding us.

….Haaa. I’m feeling reluctant.

Continental Calendar 19th of the 8th month 636th year. On this day, the real graduation exam for the 5th years started.

2-East Continental Empire
3-Carlsberg Republic
4-Ostmark Empire

LOTCH 40 – Continental Calendar Year 636 Summer

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This morning is the graduation day, I’m currently 15 years old.
The graduation exam was a match against 3 different teachers, you need at least a win to pass. My result is 1 win, 1 draw and 1 lose. It was difficult….

Let’s talk about the others.

She’s anticipated to graduate as the 2nd highest scorer in cavalry department. She didn’t graduate as the highest scorer because the theoretical class is holding her back. She’s still the same reckless as ever but i guess it’s counted as a strength in cavalry department. She’s currently 17 years old. In my previous live she would be a JK (Joshi Kousei || High School Girl) now. The tension is rising. Also somehow, every time we meet each other at school a right straight came flying. I won’t say why.

He will be graduating from the Transportation Department. He neither have good or bad results, everything is average. The person said “It’s good that it’s average”. I don’t know what he means. He’s currently 21 years old, a good young man. Still a virgin. It’s not like there wasn’t any encounter but he himself refused them. Unexpectedly diligent aren’t you.

Emilia Vistula.
She will graduate from Swordsmanship Department as the 3rd highest scorer. At the graduation exam she killed someone for the 1st time in life, or so the rumor said. I don’t know if that’s the truth, it’s a delicate issue so I can’t really ask her. It seems like she succeed in making some connections, well internally she’s the 1st daughter of a duke after all.

She will graduate from the Swordsmanship Department as the top scorer. A highly efficient onee-san that received swordsmanship department final exam and police department final exam at the same time and passed them. 22 years old. It seems like the relationship with the princess is good, she always protects Her Highness so that no bad insects can get close. Scary as usual.

Well that’s how it is.

The 123rd graduation of the Kingdoms’ Military School, total of 125 people. At the time of enrollment, there was more than 180 people. About 40 people or so drop out of the school voluntarily and about 20 people died from accident during training or war casualty.
The school teachers said that the number of deceased and drop outs is a lot higher than usual. Of course it’s because of the Silesia-Calrsberg war. It seems like there’s a lot of students who were killed in the war or forced to drop out due to injuries or stress from the war. If you think about it like that, it’s quite amazing that 125 people were able to graduate.

Now, the problem is where will we be assigned to. Starting from a warrant officer i wonder how long it will be until i can participate in strategic level meeting…. un, it will probably takes about 30 years I think. At the shortest. Sara and Her Highness will definitely start from 2nd lieutenant. I definitely losing the start dash.
Where we’re assigned to will also decide our fate. I would be dead soon if I’m assigned as a guards captain in some remote area. Ah, but perhaps someone who graduate from tactics department won’t be a guard captain. Perhaps as a staff officer in some base?
While thinking about such thing, I walked along the corridor and almost bumped into someone. That was dangerous…


It’s Sara. To not notice before we’re this close, I wonder if my eyesight is getting bad.
As expected Sara is angry. It looks like she will scream “To not notice and almost bumping to me, do you want to get hit!” As always it’s easy to tell her feeling from her face.

“Y-yoo. Congratulation on graduating at the 2nd place, Sara.”

For the time being I’ll flatter her.

“….Is that sarcasm?”
“I don’t think there’s any sarcasm in that words.”

The sarcastic one is you though, even though I graduated it’s easier to find my name if you look from the bottom instead of the top. Why you ask? Un, it’s because of the martial arts lesson…

“Hmph. It seems like the teachers can’t really judge.”
“It’s because I can’t defeat them.”
“Did you do it seriously?”
“I did.”

After all I don’t know if it’s because of the difference in experience or a harassment to me that’s a peasant.

“Ara, what are you 2 doing?”
“Emilia, it’s been a while.”
“It’s been a while Your Highness. Also Warta-san.”
“What do you mean [also].”

The 2 elite from Swordsmanship department appeared. The number 1 and 3rd, this humble self wont probably win against there 2 even if it’s a hand-to-hand combat.

“For the time being Warta-san, congratulation for graduating as the top scorer.”
“Aah. Thanks. Congratulations to you to for graduating without any red mark.”
“Thank you very much.”

It won’t be funny to drop out in the 2nd term of the 5th year so i was desperate.

“It’s really been awhile since all of us were together isn’t it. How many years ago was it.”
“I don’t know. There were times when 2 or 3 people were together but it’s really been a while since all 4 of us together.”

Because there’s no phone or e-mail, there isn’t a lot of opportunity to meet when our classes are separated.

“If Radek is here we will have 5 people.”
“Did you called?”

Before I knew it Radek is standing behind me and Sara. What’re you a ninja?

“Like I said? [it’s been a while since we all together]”

The princess is giggling a bit when she said that.

“So, what’s everyone doing?”
“Nothing special. We only meet by chance.”

It’s too much of a coincidence, this must be a plot of someone… or not. Rather it’s strange that this never happened at all for 4 years.

“Well, everyone must have some stories to tell, let’s not just standing around in the hallway. Let’s go to the cafeteria.”

“Radek where did you assigned to?”
“Probably the transportation corps or supply corps. Other than that, probably desk works. Preventing soldiers to die from hunger in the front line is my duty.”
“Then, we have to praise Radek every time we eat then.”
“Stop it, it’s revolting.”

We moved to the cafeteria and talk to each other. How was the class, the exams and what will we do in the future.

“As for me, I’m wondering where will Emilia-denka will be assigned to.”
“Aah, the condition that His Majesty gave was to serve in the military for 10 years right? However by the time it ends, you’ll be 25 years old already. The marriageable age might pass.”
“So it’s that…. I don’t know though.”
“His Majesty is very concerned about Emilia-denka. I’m sure he will interfere in the personnel affairs to assign you to the Imperial Capital.”
“My father said he won’t intervene with my school result though?”
“It’s the [School result] not the [Personnel affairs] though, do you understand?”
“Such thing might happen.”
“What’s that. Obnoxious isn’t it.”
“Sara, to say that about His Majesty the King is….”
“It’s alright. But Sara-san, you might be charged with lese majeste if someone heard, be careful when you said that.”

Sara is the type who will say what he think. Radek is also one though. In some way that is good , but you need to be careful that you might stressed out people around you.

“Talking about lese majeste, I just remembered. Radek-san, Jozef-san. Can I ask you something?”
“….? It’s alright.”
“You can ask anything.”

Question from Emilia-denka is it, how unusual.
Her Highness breathed in deeply and says.

“For you commoners, what kind of people are the nobles and royals?”
“……That’s an extremely extraordinary question to ask.”
“I’ve always wanted to ask this but never got a chance. Even if it’s bad please answer it. Please answer freely. I don’t mind if it’s impolite or rude.”

Even if you said that, I’m not that remarkable that I can critize the nobles in front of the Princess though….
While I was wondering if I should answer honestly, Radek started talking.

“I don’t know about the royals but, the nobles are both customer and rival.”
“I understand customer but what do you mean rival?”
“Nn, that is…”

I’ve heard this story before from Radek, it was about the time when a noble took over a deal right before it finished.

“It was a certain noble, probably marquis. He ordered some jewelries made in Ostmark. My father went to Ostmark to buy it because the commission was pretty good.”

But, in the end the jewelry can’t be sold to the marquis. It’s because a count that bordered the Ostmark took the jewelry. “It was confiscated under the pretext that the import report was incomplete.”

“Of course my father protested it but the enemy is a Count. And so the protest wasn’t listened. The Count who took the jewelry passed it to the Marquis instead of my father. Of course the reward goes to the Count hand, Marquis trust on the Count goes up and the trust to my father fall down.”

Because the advance payment was good they avoid large deficit. However a fallen trust can’t return easily.
Radek told Princess Emilia about that honestly.

“….Is that so.”

Her Highness looks dejected. Well, it;s like knowing the bad things that your relative did.

“So that’s my opinion. Jozef, I leave the rest to you.”
“To leave it to me in such situation….”

Is someone heard, won’t we be thrown to the frontline immediately? I’m worried.
I don’t think I can also lie to Emilia-denka in her face. What should I do.

“Jozef-san, please tell me honestly.”

Emilia-denka firmly said that.
Honestly is it. In normal situation I would have to defend the nobles though.

I guess I will say it honestly. If you think about it, this is an opportunity. Perhaps Her Highness can reform them directly.

“The nobles are the harm of society.”
“Harm is it?”
“Eeh. At lest, unlike Her Highness they don’t try to fulfill their Nobles Oblige, if we didn’t pay tax because of that or voice our dissatisfaction, private army will come to stop all of us.”

I avoid saying that they will kill us. In the end it’s the same thing though.

“I’ve heard about [Nobility is an institutional thief group] in before. Those who don’t have the wisdom and ability will inherit the position only because their blood, they collect tax from the populace. They fill their worldly desire with the collected tax. For us commoners it’s an injustice.”

Well some of them do have wisdom and ability,but they can’t really do anything to.
For example if the Princess or His Highness said ‘We have taken all the budget given by the court but it’s still not enough so lets raise the tax!’. If such thing happened, they can’t do anything.


Her Highness fell silent. This is bad, I need to do a follow up.

“However, there are some who try to do the Noblesse Oblige like Your Majesty, Like the nobles who become the shield of the people and loved by the people.”

The Counts of Silesia was such family for generations. To protect the people from the tyranny of the “Continental Empire” they raised a rebellion. The current royalty seems tp have forgotten that traditions, or perhaps it’s because the nobles around them are shitty.

“……thank you.”

When Her Highness answered briefly, she smiles a bit.
Her highness has also grown isnt she. Well it’s normal. After all, she’s 15 years old now.

“well. let’s end the gloomy talk here! Emilia,Jozef and Radek why talking about such thing after not meeting for a while!”
“Ah, sorry Sara-san.”
“Don’t use san!”

I was hit after a long time because of that. Satisfaction~.

“Then, let’s raise the mood by talking about different topic.”

Warta-san said so. Un un. After all talks about politics and sports are not good.

“Let’s talk about what happened with Her Highness in the swordsmanship department, tell us about your heroic stories.”
“Well, it’s not a nice story.”
“Please stop, it’s embarrassing.”

Warta-san is squirming. A 22 year old adult is.

“To all 5th grade students. this is the principal.”

? Communication magic from the principal? it’s been a while isn’t it. Since the day before war with Carlsberg….
Could it be.

“there’s an urgent matter. All members are to gather in the 1st auditorium now.”

…..The 5 of us look at each other faces. With a tense face. We probably remembered about that day.

The real graduation exam is about to start.

LOTCH 39 A new spark.


–Ostmark Empire Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister Office

“Yourpp excellency, this is the report regarding that case.”
“….That took quite a while.”
“I’m sorry. Although that nation in the brink of extinction from corruption, the security of the Royal Palace is tight.”
“Well, it can’t be helped. So, how was it?”
“Here’s the report.”

I received the report from him. The content is about the succession problem of Silesia Kingdom.


The problem about Silesia Kingdom succession is still on going. King Frans is healthy and there’s no particular misgovernments.

“Currently, most of the great nobles of Silesia are supporting Archduke Karol.”
“So the new nobles that opposing the great nobles, the small and medium sized nobles are in the Princess faction?
“Indeed. Also, there are many nobles that are still supporting the current King Frans, Archduke Karol seems to be waiting for Frans [natural death].”
“[Natural death] is it.”

There are few members of royal family that can experience natural death in such situation. Most of them will die from accident or disease.

“If they try to assassinate him unskillfully, it may lead to a civil war with the current King faction.” In this kind of international situation, Archduke Karol would also wanted to avoid civil war.
“On that note, as expected the girl that entered the military academy is his?”
“Yes. Although there’s a few nobles that supported her, since Frans wanted the Princess to succeed the throne, most of the king faction will probably also be the princess faction. Additionaly, the princess will surely try to get some connection with some powerful nobles in the military school. The Archduke will surely wanted to eliminate her as soon as possible.”
“Hohou. Then, do you think it will be a good plan for our country to send someone to infiltrate the military school?”
“….As expected, it will be hard.”
“The reason?”
“There is also a report that the Archduke tried to allied himself with the [East Continental Empire].”
“Well, that is indeed a strong ally.”

With the political change, Carlsberg Republic had become a vassal state of “East Continental” Empire. If even Silesia became a vassal state to “East Continental Empire”, it will compromise our national defense.

“Our country won’t be able to oppose the alliance of [Carlsberg, Silesia and East Continental Empire]. However, allying with Silesia is also difficult.”

A political change like in Carlsberg might occurs in Silesia if we intervene unskillfully. Even if it doesn’t, it will be a troubling event if a rebellion happen there.

“Does cooperation with the Livonia Nobles isn’t possible?”
“Though it’s not impossible, it isn’t a nation that border the [East Continental Empire]. There;s no guarantee that they will help us even if we become an ally.”

There won’t be any nation that will join us when we fight with a big nation like that. Even if we can allied ourselves with Livonia, it will be only to oppose Silesia-Carlsberg. We don’t have any prospect of winning a war against “East Continental Empire”. Additionally, speaking of alliance there was some rumor.

“If it’s about border, then there is [Kils the 2nd Empire] though…”
“However, to ally ourselves with that nation is…”
“Aah, that is impossible.”

The relationship between the Kils and our nation is bad…. to say it nicely. That nation won’t ally themselves with the [East Continental Empire] but there will be no chance that they will ally themselves with us.
As expected, it got to be Silesia. At the very least , we must not allow Silesia to fall into [East Continental Empire] hand. Also, we must not let [East Continental Empire] have time to intervene. Is there such method…..

N? As far as the report says, there’s something strange about the [East Continental Empire].
I took out a report from the desk drawer.

“Captain, take a look at this.”
” Survey report of [East Continental Empire] is it? You Excellency, this is.”
“Aah. Do you think that this one can be used?”
“…..Yes. However it will takes some time.”
“How long?”
“Perhaps several years.”
“Well, there’s no other way.” However with this that nation won’t be able to move for a while. There’s some problem with their national economy and it seems like another dispute with [Kils the 2nd Empire] has re-emerged. We won’t fail if we don’t hurry it too much.”
“Understood. I will prepare it at once.”
“Fumu. I’ll pray for your success, captain.”



The result of Ostmark Foreign Minister strategy will be seen 4 years later, at they 636th year of Continental Calendar.

The next chapter is scheduled to take place after a time skip. Look forward to it.

LOTCH 38 Military Division Selections

1st chapter of the new year yay.
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Because Silesia Kingdom is placed in a high altitude, it doesn’t get hot in the summer. Unlike Japan, it isn’t humid and you can just go under a shade and sleep easily with refreshing breeze, it’s a very easy climate to live in. Winter? Aah, um, it’s so cold that you can freeze to dead.

Well, I’m talking about it since it’s already the 8th month. In other word, it’s approximately a year since the entrance ceremony.
There was a lot of things that happened. I experienced a real war, made friends with princess, beaten black and blue by Sara, joking around with Radek, talking about some serious stuff with Warta-san… are? Isn’t it wasn’t a good year?

“Jozef, How was the exam results?”
“It’s alright. How about Sara and Radek?”
“Well it’s alright.”

The final exam for the 2nd semester is ended already. I avoid a fail in all subjects. However archery is exactly 60 points.
Sara and I don’t have to worry about it from 2nd year and on though. The Tactical Research Division that I will enter will integrate archery, horsemanship and the others into one martial arts class. Magic and also strategies will be more important. On the other hand, the war history and tactics class will be powered up, we will do something like practice using illustrations.

“So Sara is going to Swordsmanship Division?”
“Aah, I changed my mind.”

I haven’t heard that.

“Then, where are you going to?”
“Cavalryman Division.”

Cavalryman Division… maybe she was influenced at that time when we’re escorting the princess? Or it might be sooner than that.

“It’s because Emilia said [You fit more being a cavalry].”
“Eh, just because of that?”
“Something wrong with that?”

Is it alright to decide on it that easily? Well, I also decided to go to Tactical Research Division easily though. However, isn’t Cavalry Division an elite course? Is it really alright? Also, we heard about Swordsmanship Division final exam but what about Cavalry Division?

“In the end, which department did you choose Radek?”
“N? Nnn, what should I do…”
“No no what do you mean by that? You have to submit the Division selection paper today you know?”
“I can’t decide.”
“Why can’t you?”

It’s hard to decide because Radek got about the same score in all grades. Well, he can change his division later if he can pass the division change exam later.

“I think Supply Division suit Radek-san.”
“Nn? Oh, Isn’t it the duke.”
“I haven’t succeeded that title yet you know.”
“Is that so. So, why do I suit Supply Division?”
“Eeh, that is…”

Her Highness recommended Radek to go to the Supply Division. I see, did you persuade Sara like this too?

“Okay, then I guess I’ll go to the Supply Department.”
“So easy….”

Can you really decide it just like that? Supply Division isn’t exactly popular. Even if you graduate you will get desk jobs at most.

“Which Department did you choose Walesa-san?”
“As you know, it’s the Tactical Research Division. Though I’ve not submit the paper yet.”
“I think that’s perfect for Walesa-san.”

I wondered if she’s going to recommend another division but, I was wrong. Well, I would be troubled if she recommended Archer Division or something else though.

“Which course are Warta-san and Emilia-sama going to join?”
“Maya and I will enter the Swordsman Division.”
“….Swordsman Division?
“Yes. I’ve already submitted the document so I can’t change it.”
“But the graduation exam for Swordsman Division is….”
“I know. However I’ve decided.”

Is that so…. the Princess is going to perform the last rite of someone later. Though it will be an honor for the other person instead.

“Well, I can’t say anything else but please do your best.”
“Yes, I will do my best.”

The Princess Smiled and said so.



And then the last day of the 1st year come.

Since in the 2nd year the classes are divided by the Division, the dorm rooms are going to change to.
In other words, Sara, Radek, Princess Emilia, Warta-san and I will go to our respective division dorm.
Since we’re still in the same school, there will be many opportunities to meet but, as expected we can’t meet after school anymore. After all, because the classes are different there’s no meaning to study together after school anymore.

“Ano, Sara-san?”

That’s strange. She doesn’t say anything and she doesn’t hit me.

“What are you doing?”
“Aah Radek, Sara san is dead.”
“There’s no respond to anything I did at all.”
“I see, this is indeed serious.”
“Isn’t it?”

We discussed such thing near Sara. Usually 2 or 3 kick will fly already. Currently she’s still as meek as a cat.

Kotsun. (sfx)
And, Sara poked my forehead.

“Because today is the last day, I’ll forgive you with just this.”

Un…. I think a “stab” is a fit for a last hit in a combo.

“Because it’s the last time, it feels strange to do that much and doesn’t get hit.”

I’m not an M though. It’s just doesn’t feels right.


She clench her fist while murmuring so and poked me with it.



Nothing particular happened in the end and the last day ended. Sensei said [Well, hang in there] to us for the last speech. More or less.

“With this, it’s a good bye.”
“I think it’s too early for that. We won’t truly be separated before we all graduate.”
“That’s right.”

I had such conversation with Radek.
It will be a while since we can talk like this again. Somehow it’s…..

“Oh, Jozef, are you crying?”
“No I didn’t!”

Finally I hit him once more.

“Ara, what are you 2 doing together?”
“Nothing. We’re just talking.”

It’s unknown when we will be able to fight like this from now on.

“When our class divided it will feels lonely. It was for a short while but thanks.”
“I don’t remember doing anything to be thanked though?”
“Un Un. After all we’re friends.”
“That’s right.”

From now on we must advance while also making some connections for the Princess sake. Though there will only be a few, there will surely be quite a lot by the time we graduate.

“Radek-san, Walesa-san. Please take care of yourselves.”
“I understand. Ah, Also Emilia-sama.”
“Although it’s a bit late, please call me by my given name from now on….”
“Aah… then, Jozef-san, are you sure?”
“Yes. Thank you very much.”
“Even though you said that, there won’t be much opportunity to call you from now on…”

That’s so. I should’ve suggested it earlier.

“You should’ve said that earlier Walesa-kun. No, should I say Jozef-kun?”
“Whichever is fine Warta-san.”
“Won’t you call me Maya?”
“I don’t want to.”

Because it’s scary.

“Then, we will excuse our self with this.”
“Well, fine. Jozef Walesa-kun.”

When Maya Warta-san said so, she and the Princess waved their hands and went away.

“She hesitate to call just your given name and called you using your full name huh.”
“Is that so?”

Warta-san is quite a weirdo.

“….Then , should we return to the dorm and clean up?”
“That’s right.”



Thus we all advanced to the 2nd year.

The time when all the members standing shoulder to shoulder like this will be 4 years from now on, 636th year of the Continental Calendar.

Well that’s the end of the School Arch.
Wondering if I should stop or continue….

LOTCH 37 Emilia-sensei magic class.

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Today is the first time to teach the class. Because last week there was a problem with the Barons’ son, I wasn’t able to do it so today is my first time.

It was because Maya-san was depressed. Because Sara-san mediation, the relationship between me and Maya is somewhat restored. I’m happy but….
I wasn’t even angry with Maya. Everyone can fails. My life was also full of failures.
And Maya helped me at those times. Since I’m safe, I wouldn’t press the matter anymore.
What I hate was that Maya is trying to “Make connections for the future” for me. Why she didn’t tell me? She should at least discussed it with me.
That’s so thoughtless of Maya to do that. Our relationship became awkward that’s why I wanted to do something quickly… but I couldn’t grasp the right timing.

What to do now?



“E, etto, does everyone know who built the foundation of the magic theory used today?”
“Who was it?”

This should’ve been taught before though~. I wonder if they forgot.

“Georgios-Anatolicon. The first emperor of [Kils the 2nd Empire].”
“Radek-san is right. The origin was the 3rd son of the [Continental Empire] Emperor, he is also the first one to declare independence from [Continental Empire].

He was said to be a genius in leaderships, politics and war. But because he’s even better in magic and science we rarely heard about him being a leader of a nation. Well we might be just ignorant about it.
Just imagine as if Edison is being the president of USA. It’s different?

“There was a lot of interesting things said about him but we will omit it because it’s unrelated this time. The result of his research is [The fundamental magic theory], in other words, [why can a person use magic].”
“I see, so it’s like that.”

It was quite unusual that Sara understood that. ….Should I be explaining a little more plainly in my lessons?

“But is that really necessary? I don’t know the principle or theory at all but I can shoot magic properly right?”
“Well, that’s right. However unless this basic magic theory was created, Sara-san might not be able to use magic at all.”
“What do you mean?”
“Right. Originally, magic was believed to be the power of miracles given by God and only a limited people can use it.”

Well this is about the same thing with my previous life. It’s always Gods substitute or a prophet that have strange power, like parting the sea or making blind people see.

“Before the basic magic theory construction, the Empire gathers people with such miracle power and trained as magic soldiers. There is a theory that the [Continental Empire] monopolized the power of magic so they were able to unite the continent.

Of course the [Continental Empire] wasn’t the first to use magician for war. However, the [Continental Empire] first Emperor, Borys Romanow gathered magicians and created tactics to use the maximum potential of magic soldiers. This is the reason why Borys Romanow was said to be a genius.

“But, if they had known the potential of magic, why they didn’t research it faster?”
“No, the research wasn’t able to bear any fruits.”
“Because there’s no longer any war.”

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

Even the advancement of science wasn’t able to be separated from war in my previous life. For example, computer. It was originally something created to calculate the trajectory of a fired shells.
It seems even in this world magic research ceased or slowed down on the continent where there was no war.

“And the one born in that situation…”
“Is that Geor something?”
“That’s right. George-Romanow. He’s the 3rd child of the 32nd Emperor, Alexander Romanow, later called as Georgios Anatolicon.

Even though it was in such situation, George completed the basic magic theory and created [Kils the 2nd Empire].
Speaking from military POV, Georgios invented an educational method that allows magic to be used to some extent even if someone didn’t have magical talent. The [East Comtinental Empire] who only gathered magic talented people as magic soldiers and the [Kils the 2nd Empire] which most soldiers can use magic but weaker. It goes without saying which is stronger.

“So even today, the elementary magic class in Silesia Kingdom is based on Georgios basic magic theory and educational methods.”

When I though about it again, Georgios is a pretty great man. As an Emperor he seems to be complicated though.

“Thus from now one, I will teach you about the greatness of the basic magic theory!”
“Eh? What was it?”

“It was just a simple magic history up to now. I haven’t learn anything about the theory.

“Why do we have to learn it? I can shoot magic already though?”
“No, If you understood the mechanism of magic, you can develop new magic.”
“To get a new woman, you first need to understand your partner isn’t it!]

When a virgin said it, it’s somewhat sad. Speaking of which, Radek talks with Princess Emilia frankly without being afraid.

Emilia-sensei ignored Radeks joke(?) and continued the lessons.

“E, Etto, the activations of magic is generally compared to water.


Thus the lesson of basic magic theory continued until dusk. And Sara sunk. It was hard even from the 1st day isn’t it.



Haa, it was tiring. It was my 1st time to speak for that long in public, I was nervous. Apparently when I’m nervous I speak fast. Thanks to that, Sara-san sometimes dumbfounded. I have to fix this habit soon.

“Emilia-sama, do you have a few minutes to spare?”

After the class, Walesa-san talked to me. Well, what does he need?

“It’s alright.”
“Thank you. Etto, can you please clear the room of people?”
“? Isn’t it’s only me and Maya here though?”
“I would like to talk without Warta-san.”

What kind of thing he want to talk about. Well, I don’t think it will be something strange.

“Maya, can you wait outside of the classroom?”
“…By your will.”

Stiff as usual. Mu~.
After waiting for her to close the door, I turned to Walesa-san.

“so, what is it about?”
“Ee, it’s about Warta-san.”

….That was a bit unexpected.

“You haven’t reconciled yet?”
“There’s nothing to reconcile about, she and I aren’t in any discord.”

That’s a lie. I want to reconcile quickly.

“Emilia-sama might think so but, Warta-san didn’t.”
“She seems to be worrying a lot lately, like it was the last day of the world.”

….I didn’t notice at all. That reminds me, I haven’t got a good look at her face since then.

“Emilia-sama, can you somehow grant her a forgiveness?”
“Even though you say forgiveness, it’s not like I blame her for the failure either.”
“If that’s the case.”
“However, I don’t know what to do.”

It will be strange if I apologize and she will feel even more guilty if I do.

“It’s simple.”
“Is that so?”

If there’s such a simple method I would have though about it immediately though…

“Then, could you tell me that method?”



“So, what’s the simple method?”

The next day I was interrogated by Sara. With a kabedon.
It’s just my imagination that the wall behind me is creaking.
Apparently Sara though I told Her Highness to do some unthinkable things, umm, I’m scared with her way of looking at me. Her face is so near.

“No, umm, even if I say it. Can you please back down a bit?”
“If you tell me.”

It’s hard to tell like this!

“Aah, Um, well it’s not that difficult. In the first place Emilia-sama isn’t angry, Warta-san just need to understand it.”
“In other word?”

Somehow Sara-san is closing in so strongly today.

“That’s why, umm. I told her to just say [ Thank you for helping me].”

Are you doubting me?

“Because there is no subordinated that will not be pleased when praised straightforwardly like that.”

That’s why, I will appreciate it if Sara-san retreat a bit.


Ano~? Aren’t you going to say anything?

“Ano, what are you 2 doing?”

The goddess of salvation, Her Highness, has come.

“Aah, Emilia-sama. A very good morning to you.”
“…..Emilia, good morning.”

Behind Princess Emilia is Warta-san with a face full of smile. So easy to understand.

“Warta-san, Did something good happened?”
“No, nothing at all.”

That face doesn’t say nothing at all!

“Sara-san, though I don’t know what happened, Walesa-san is troubled, could you forgive him soon?”
“….It’s not like I was mad at all.”

I was finally freed at last. I was saved…. Oops before I forget.

“N, thanks. Sara.”
“…W-what was that about! I feel sick!”

The punches…. didn’t come. Instead my chest was only lightly tapped. Oi, if you going to do it, don’t do it half hearted like that.

“What happened?”

Finally Radek who doesn’t know anything came. I don’t understand either though.

LOTCH 36 Her Highness and The Guard

Some of you might know that I work as a programmer.
A long time ago I got a contract from a pretty big company to make their website.
Little that I know that the designing of the website will take a year and the design keep changing.
A few months ago the design finally completed and the programming for the website started.
Suddenly a few weeks ago the one in charge of the design quit his job and a new guy is assigned to it.
New guy doesn’t like some of the previous design and ask for a change on it.
The website is pretty much 90% done and I already paid half of it.
They threaten to not pay the other half of the payment for it.
Since the contract was from a long time ago when I was started working solo, there’s not much written about what will happen in such situation.
So I’m forced to change the design for the site.
Hence the busyness in past few weeks.
Now the design changes are done and I probably can return to my usual scheduled post.

It’s my birthday yay~.

However I can’t really be happy with this birthday. Even though it’s my birthday no one congratulate me, or rather no one know it’s my birthday.
Also it’s my 11th birthday but if my previous life is added, I’m over 30 years old. Instead of climbing to adulthood it’s more like climbing into middle-aged manhood.

Ah~ mo~,I want to drink liquor until I’m down. However, I can’t do that before I graduate from the military school. Rather, I don’t know if I can reach drinking age anyway. Should I’ve snatched some when I was escorting the princess?


The next day after my birthday.

Why is Her Highness Emilia was groaning in the classroom?

“Ano~….Emilia-denka(Her highness)? What are you doing?”
“Please don’t use denka~~…”

Ah, that was my mistake..
The Princess became sullen. Un un, she’s so lovely. So, what is it?


Emilia-denka lay down her face on the desk. Is this really the princess?
Recently I have the feeling that Emilia-denka charisma is decreasing day after day. Like her tension loosened, or like she’s been poisoned by someone’s atmosphere.

Un, I can’t get any information from the Princess at this state.
Looking around, Warta-san looks embarrassed. I see, it’s her fault.

“Emilia-de….sama, you don’t have to think too much about the blunder of the guard. You can just dismiss her.”

Warta-san complained but it’s definitely was her fault. You must reflect on it.

“Don’t worry Warta, there will be some severance pay. Please manage with it….”
“Emilia-sama to!? What are you saying!?”

Emilia-denka is getting carried away. It’s seems like it’s just my imagination but her tone was half serious.

“Oi Walesa-kun, don’t say anything strange! First of all I didn’t …..”
“If you didn’t do anything why did you have that looks?”

The looks that says “It’s my mistake, it’s troubling” isn’t it? Do you think you can fool my eyes?
Well if we leave it like that, she (The Princess) will be pitiful so let’s ask the circumstance from Warta-san.

“So, what happened?”

If you didn’t read this at lazypioneer dot wordpress dot com it’s been stolen.
It kind of dampened my motivation that my work has been stolen.

It was yesterday.
It was after the archery lesson from Sara.

Warta-san told Princess Emilia “There’s someone I want you to meet”. Princess Emilia wondered about it and decide to meet the person.

As you know, Warta-san is keeping a secret from Princess Emilia, she’s trying to make some connections for Her Highness for the future. And so, she tried to arrange a meeting with someone influential in this school. He seems to be a friend of the son of a Count who withdrew from school last year, he is the eldest son of a noble who will inherit an important position in the kingdom.

……Un, I can generally guess who is it from that. Somehow I’ve a bad feeling. What was it.


The meeting spot is in the back of the sorcery practice field, it’s a place where there won’t be much people and doesn’t attract attention.
And so, at that place is the person who was going to be introduced to the princess….and several other person who wasn’t called.
They seems to try to make “connection” with the princess forcibly. Well the other party was after all 2 girls in marriageable age and Warta-san hid the real identity of the princess, so they behave rashly. Pitiful.

Though Warta-san alone turned the table around, the princess trust has fallen to the ground.


Such thing was told to me by Warta-san, well the expression might changed in some places though. I see I see.

“Emilia-sama, let’s dissmiss this good-for-nothing immediately.”
“Wait wait wait wait wait!”

It’s the other party fault but, Warta-san who wasn’t able to assume the situation was also at fault. What were you thinking of, making a connection with someone whose friend even drop out of school.

“I will immediately write a letter to the royal palace for a new escort….but the procedure seems difficult isn’t it….”

Her highness is seriously considering changing guard. Such cruelty might be necessary for the future isn’t it.

“I-I will compensate for this failure someday! therefore, please don’t forsake me!”

Warta-san is also desperate. Well it can’t be helped. She might not be able to get paid anymore.

“So, who was the person you secretly met?”

I’ve the general idea but I don’t know his name or status.

“Ah, aa….. The eldest son of the Financial Administrator Baron Gruszka(Gurushuka), Piotr-Gruszka(Pyo-toru). He sounds like a good person, I thought he would be useful for Emilia-sama.”
“Aah…,E~to, what was his appearance like?”
“Aah? Appearance?”
“Yeah, it might be someone I know.”
“Is that so? His appearance is….That’s right, he looks like a handsome gentleman. If it’s only his appearance, he seems like a good person.”

Ah…I remembered him. It was the disappointing ikemen whose face was hit with a wood stick and belly kicked by Sara. Had he cured his face and returned to being handsome? Rather he didn’t repent at all, did he succeed tartar sauce senpai and become a delinquent boss himself? It’s a man who can’t be saved.

“If you had known him, you should’ve the one talking to him.”
“I think it will be counterproductive….”

Our relationship is more like an enemy. I think there will be a fight if we meet.
For the time being, I will advise Warta-san to give up on making connection with Gur somehow. That guy is someone who hang around tartar sauce senpai who is a pervert that tried to invade the girls dorm, she will probably change her mind if I told her that.

As for making connection for Emilia-denka…. please leave that to me. I will probably able to do it. However it’s not a guarantee.



I talked to the concerned party, Sara for the time being.

“So, how many times you want me to hit him?”

It seems a beating has been decided.

“Calm down. There will be a problem if you hit him.”

Because the opponent is a baron.

“However Jozef forced the son of a Count to drop out of school before.”
“No, that’s right but….”

I don’t want to do that more than once.

“Rather the source of the problem is the presence of Emilia don’t you think?”
“Eh? Emilia-sama?”
“After all Emilia status is high. If Emilia permitted it a son of a Baron will be beaten black and blue.”
“Well after all Emilia is a daughter of a duke in appearance…”+
“A Duke is higher than a Baron.”
“Aah, that’s right. then the problem is…. as expected it’s that.”
“It’s the matter of appearance.”

There will be a problem if there;s a rumor that a Dukes daughter is bullying a Barons son. On the stand of making connection and for future school life of Emilia-denka.
Currently the positon of the Barons son is bad but, if we react excessively, it will be his profit…. It’s difficult.

“For now, sop trying to make a connection with the Barons son. that guy will graduate in half a year anyway.”
“I somehow can’t consent to that.”
“I don’t consent either but, we can’t do anything about it. Also, I think the problem now is Emilia-sama relationship with her escort don’t you think?”
“Is that so?”
“Un. Their relationship seems awkward now.”

It will be a tiring problem to restore their relationship to before.


Editor’s Note:

Piotr  Gruszka (Pyo-toru Gurushka)  – literally Peter Pear in English. Some family names in Poland are from trees. What’s more if we translate it literally sometimes two different surnames will be traveling slated as one the same word. For example gruszka means pear in sense of fruit but grusza means pear tree and Google translate translated this as pear too.